Friday, July 29, 2011

I Took One For The Team!

Have you seen these? I been seeing them advertised on facebook for the past few weeks. I think they are a little pricey but I have been dieing to try them. I finally bit the bullet and took one for the team! :)

When I was shopping yesterday I spotted them and decided to give them a try. They were $3.69 for a box of 6 brownies. I bought the Chocolate Fudge and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies so that I could let all of you know if they are any good.

I decided to try the Peanut Butter Brownie first. Let me first tell you that I LOVE brownies!!! They are one of those foods that I can't seem to control myself around. I usually don't even make them because I fear that I will be up in the middle of the night devouring them.

Here is a picture of the peanut butter brownie. I placed a quarter next to it so that you can get a better idea of the size. The brownie is actually a decent size for 90 calories. The taste was amazing!

The Peanut Butter Brownie did seem a bit more dry then the Chocolate. I popped one in the microwave for a few seconds and it seemed more moist that way. The chocolate ones seemed perfect just the way they were. They are really yummy!

I would definitely buy them again. I just hope that next time I can find a coupon. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If you have a daughter between the age of 9 and 13 you will like this giveaway! Click here to check it out. It's a great Mom and Me Bundle!

New Recipe - HG's Happy Birthday Cake Shake

This looks awesome! It is Hungry Girl's new Happy Birthday Cake Shake! Click here to view the recipe. I wish I had all of the ingredients. I might have to make a quick stop at the grocery store today. :) Yum!

A Day Full Of Smoothies

I spent the morning at the Dentist's office. I broke a big piece of my tooth off eating cauliflower yesterday for lunch. So not fun!

Yeserday's lunch - I didn't make it to the yogurt. I lost my appetite after breaking my tooth.

My Dentist is awesome and she was able to save the tooth. It had a cavity in it which caused it to break. I am thanking God right now that it was able to be filled and that I didn't have to have a root canal. I have never had one before but I heard they are horrible.

The only problem I had was that my mouth wouldn't get numb. I had to have several shots before it finally was numb and still I felt a little pain every once in a while. It was so odd. I am so glad it is all over with and that I have such a sweet Dentist to fix my teeth. :)

Hopefully the numbness will go away soon so that I can run. I don't think I can run with this odd feeling in my mouth.

It looks like it is going to be a day full of smoothies for me!


Do any of you have a weird fear of having your teeth worked on? I actually almost had an anxiety attack yesterday when I broke my tooth. My Dentists are so wonderful and sweet so I hate to dread going to get my teeth worked on but I can't seem to control the anxiety I have. Is this normal? I really don't want my girls to see my anxiety because then they will be afraid to go for check-ups. Any suggestions on dealing with this anxiety?


Monday, July 25, 2011

I Have A Secret!

Last Wednesday I came home to a package on my porch. I don't know about you but I love coming home to a surprise package!

I was actually shocked by what I found inside! It was an Azure Dot Athletic Skirt by Running Skirts!

Over a year ago RunningSkirts asked me if I would be on their review committee. I just assumed they forgot about me until Wednesday that is. I was super excited to get this adorable skirt in the mail. I have heard so many great things about this company and I couldn't wait to try out one of their skirts!

The only problem is that when they asked my size I gave them the size that I was over a year ago. Unfortunately when my weight went up so did my skirt size. :(

I decided that I was going to give it a try anyway. Unfortunately thirty pounds does make a difference. Sorry about the missing head. My six year old daughter took the picture.

But when I put the skirt on I had a great idea. Why not use the (way too small) skirt to help motivate myself to lose weight.

So my little secret is that as of today I am adding a new feature to my blog. It will be called RunningSkirts Monday. Every Monday I will be adding a new post to this section that will include an updated picture of me in my Athletic Skirt by RunningSkirts and an update on my running progress.

I was so excited to give my skirt a try that I actually ran last Thursday, Friday and Today. I will post my stats below. Just remember that it has been awhile since I've run or exercised in any way for that matter. Of course I didn't run outside because there was no way I would go out in public running in a skirt that doesn't fit. I used the treadmill instead because I really wanted to try out my new skirt from RunningSkirts.

Here are my treadmill running stats for my past three runs:

7/21/11 - 36 min - walk 3mph/run 4mph - 5/5/5/5/5/5/5 - 268 cal. - 1.94 miles

7/22/11 - 35 mom - walk 3mph/run 4.3mph - 5/10/5/7/5 - 284 cal. -2.02 miles

7/25/11 - 40 min. - walk 3mph/run 4.3mph - 5/10/5/10/10 - 332 cal. - 2.33 miles

I think it's a good start. I was actually surprised that I could run for more then 90 seconds at a time. I wasn't expecting to be able to run for ten minutes at a time. I really think my new Athletic Skirt helped. I know that 4.3 mph might not sound much like running to some of you but for my short legs it's as fast as they will move right now. Hopefully I can pick up the pace soon. :)

I hope you are all as excited about my RunningSkirts Monday updates as I am. It is going to be great to see the way my body changes in my Skirt each week! I hope that it will help encourage all of you as much as I think it will help encourage me.

If you have never heard of RunningSkirts before be sure to click on the link and check them out. They truly are amazing! If you have heard of them make sure you check out the new Spring/Summer collection. You will love it!

I really wasn't convinced until I tried to run in my skirt. Not only are they adorable but they are so comfortable. They have no chafe flat seams and they have a longer inseam for thigh protection and a fit that does not ride up. Really, they don't ride up at all! I was very impressed. I have never worn such comfortable athletic wear before this. I am convinced that the clothing you exercise in can definitely effect your performance. Now that I have tried my new Athletic Skirt from RunningSkirts I don't want to go back to wearing anything else. I can't wait to try some of the other adorable products they make.

Thanks RunningSkirts! I love my new Athletic Skirt!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Beginning - Take 2 - Day 1 Picture Update

Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget - Take 2
Day 1 - 196 pounds - July 23, 2011

I finally did it! I finally got up the nerve to post a "Take 2" before picture. It is such a relief for me to finally do it and move on.

The post I wrote on discouragement and the comments I received really have helped me to move forward with my life and my weight loss journey. I can't even tell you how relieved I am to finally be able to get past the feeling of failure and move on.

I did a little redesigning on my blog. You will notice that I moved my old picture updates to the bottom and posted my "new journey" pictures on the top right. I still have some new ideas for my blog design but for now these are the changes that I needed to do in order to move forward.

When I weighed myself today I weighed in at 196 pounds. I plan do to the same picture updates as i have in the past. I will post a new picture in my sidebar with every 10 pounds that I lose. I remember in the past that this helped me to stay motivated to lose. I hope it will do the same for me this time.

I hope you all enjoy the changes on my blog and will follow me on my new weight loss journey!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Crazy Smoothie

I let my daughter choose the ingredients for our smoothie this morning. Here is what she came up with.

Maddie's Crazy Smoothie:

1 cup Almond Breeze
12 baby carrots
3/4 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 cup raw cauliflower
1 frozen banana
2 tbsp fat free, sugar free choc. pudding mix
1/4 cup Stevia
1 tsp Matcha Green Tea

Place all ingredients in VitaMix or blender and mix until smooth. Enjoy!

I will admit it does sound slightly disgusting but it turned out tasting great! The kid knows how to make a great smoothie. :)

Thank You!

I woke up this morning to so many wonderful emails, FB messages, and comments on my post yesterday on discouragement. I can't even tell you how much it meant to me that so many of you took the time to write me such sweet and encouraging messages.

I am so blessed to have all of my readers in my life. I wouldn't be able to make it through this journey without you and all of your prayers. Today you have encouraged me more then you will ever know and I just wanted to say thank you.

As I read my comments I realized that I am not alone. So many of you are going through or have gone through the same thing. It can be discouraging but we need to remember that with God all things are possible!

Thank you, Boglesby, for your words of encouragement and especially for this reminder:

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Phil 4:13

Here is to a new beginning!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have been thinking about writing this post for days but this summer has been so busy I just haven't been able to find the time.

The past few weeks have been very discouraging for me. About 5 or 6 weeks ago I went off of my Fibromyalgia medicine. I am thrilled at how great I feel not being on the medicine. My mind is clear and body feels awesome! God is awesome and I am so grateful to feel this way.

Now this all sounds great but this process has not been as easy as it seems. The withdrawal from my Cymbalta lasted several weeks while I weened myself off and then another two weeks after I was completely of the medicine. If you would like to read more about my withdrawal you can click here. Not only did I have horrible withdrawal symptoms but it also caused me to gain 10 pound during three weeks of my withdrawal. As if that's not bad enough I had already gained 20 pounds during approximately the 9 months I was on Cymbalta.

Now I'm sure you can see why I sit here today typing that I am discouraged. I don't even know if the word discouraged can explain all of what I feel. I worked so hard to lose 50 pounds and then to gain 30 pounds back in 9 months just makes me sick. I went from feeling absolutely wonderful last summer to feeling so horrible about myself this summer.

In my mind I know that the cause of most of my weight gain was the Cymbalta. Now of course I know that the medicine didn't make me gain weight but it did mess with my mind and take away all of my happiness and ambitions. I had no motivation for so long. It was a horrible feeling and I think I just ate because I thought it might make me feel better. Logically I know that if I wouldn't have been on the medicine then I probably would not be writing this post but unfortunately it is impossible to change the past.

I need to get past this discouragement and move forward. It's been a lot harder then I thought it would be. I thought that now that I am off the medicine the weight would come off easily. I was completely wrong. It's actually even harder then it was before to lose the weight.

I think a lot of it has to do with my mind accepting what has happened the past 10+ months. My life has completely changed. The 30 pounds I have gained have made me feel absolutely horrible. I am mortified every time I look in the mirror. I still remember what I looked like last year at this time when I had my photo shoot with Woman's World Magazine, when I was on the front page of the newspaper, and on the news. I just want to cry every time I think about what I let happen to my body. It's very depressing when I think about what I accomplished and how happy I was at that time.

This is why I titled this post "Discouragement". I am having such trouble mentally getting past what has happened. I am so discouraged by it that I don't know how to start over. Every time I see myself in the mirror or in pictures I feel so much worse about myself and instead of encouraging me to lose the weight again it discourages me and I lose my motivation.

I think that I need to start over. I need to stop comparing myself to who I was thirty pounds ago. I need to get past the embarrassment. I need to stop feeling like a failure. Only then can I move on and start my weight loss journey again.

The hard part:

How do I do that? I'm really not sure. I guess the first step is acknowledging that this is why I am having a problem with losing weight. Then I need to stop looking at my past and focus on my future. I really feel like this is my biggest problem. I love the past few years and how hard I worked to achieve what I did but part of me thinks that if I could forget it and start fresh it would be so much easier.

I think it is just going to be one step at a time. Once I get past this bump in the road it will be so much easier to move on and start my weight loss journey all over again.


I am thinking about redesigning my blog. I don't want to erase my past weight loss success on my blog but I do want to show everyone what I am going through right now. I think this means moving my old pictures to the bottom and starting with new ones and also starting my weigh in updates again. I am thinking about erasing all of my previous weigh in (not the posts but the numbers on the sidebar) and starting over again.


I want to thank all of my wonderful readers for being so supportive of me through all of this. You have really helped me want to keep moving forward and I am so grateful for all of you!


Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can start fresh. Also, what do you think about my idea of changing the look of my blog?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check This One Out!

I just bought today's deal for Got Matcha?. I never heard of it before but since it was a saving of over a $100 I thought I would look into it. This is what I found out.

Got Matcha's site says "Matcha Green Tea is only now beginning to be recognized as one of the most powerful superfoods on the market today far exceeding every other superfood, including acai and blueberries, in ORAC (oxidation reduction) ratings. "

I also found these benefits on the Match Tea site:
Matcha gives you 3 to 6 hours of sustained energy.
• Matcha enhances your focus and concentration.
• Matcha's health benefits are truly remarkable.

Matcha - a tea for both mind and body.
Got Matcha?

$29 for Got Matcha? Organic Tea, Membership & E-Book ($178.95 Value). This is an awesome deal! This deal is almost over, so click here and check it out now. I am so excited to get my tea in the mail!

P.S. You'll receive $10 for signing up!

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Luau Time!

This was my crazy weekend!

I spent the morning decorating cupcakes with my Mom and a friend for my

Brother-In-Law's surprise 40th Birthday Party.

My Grandmother with my girls at the Hawaiian Luau

My husband and I all decked out for the occasion. :)

My Sister, Brother-In-Law, my nieces and nephew all ready to party!

So much fun but so tiring!

I didn't even keep track of my calories on Sat. and Sunday because I was so tired. That and I am sure I ate way more then I should have and I don't think I could have remembered everything by last night.

Saturday I had a great Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Smoothie. I haven't had one in a while and it was amazing!

For lunch I had two pieces of Domino's Pizza (one cheese, one pepperoni) while we decorated cupcakes and set up for the party.

.....And this was my dinner! Luau time!

For dessert I had half of a chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. I really did ok with my eating on Saturday. Especially since I was running around like crazy helping my sister set up the party.

The problem started early Sunday morning and I do mean early. I couldn't fall asleep because my feet and legs hurt so bad so I finally got up around 1 am and ate 2 slices of pizza and a pack of peanut butter cups. Of course I felt sick after this and didn't sleep very well.

Yesterday, at Church, my Sister and Brother-in-Law dedicated my beautiful niece to the Lord. We celebrated with lunch at the Chinese restaurant nearby. The food was great but my stomach wasn't feeling well before I ate and especially after. :(

I ate a cupcake later in the day and then for dinner I had leftovers from my brother-in-law's party.

I should have stopped eating after lunch when my stomach was so upset. Unfortunately I didn't listen to my body and suffered with a horrible upset stomach all night and into this morning.

I seem to be ok this afternoon. I am hoping it was just from eating too much this weekend and not a stomach bug.

Today is a new day and I'm not going to worry about what I ate this weekend. All I can do is move forward and try harder.

Now I am off to clean the house, do some laundry and get ready for a day at the beach tomorrow. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Free Melissa & Doug Toys!!!!

I am even more excited about this one! Tomorrow we can all get free Melissa and Doug Toys!

Here is how it works. Click this link and sign up for your new account with HomeSav. Then tomorrow morning go back to the site, sign in, add the $10 Melissa and Doug toy of your choice to your cart and use your free $10 credit. It's that easy!

I will be ordering mine tomorrow. I hope you all join me on this great deal! :)

Another Great Deal!!!

I found another great site that is offering a $10 gift card towards your first purchase! I used mine last week and bought a new swimsuit. I am so excited to get it!!!

Although, if I would have known I would have waited until today to use it. Today they have an adorable dress and the cutest pair of shoes and it would have only cost me a few dollars out of pocket.

That's why I'm telling you. :) Maybe you will be able to head over and snag these great deals and get your ten dollars off!

Here are the cute shoes that they are selling right now for $13! After you use your $10 gift card and pay $2 flat rate shipping you can get these shoes for $5.00!!! That is an awesome deal!

This is the cute shirtdress they are selling! It is $15 and when you pay $2 flat rate shipping and use your $10 gift card you can get this adorable dress for $7!

I'm so excited that some of you may be able to get these great deals! Click this link to take you to the $10 gift card.

Update: I was just told that your purchase must equal $20 or more to use the $10 gift card. You could either get two pairs of shoes, a dress and a pair of shoes or you could even wait for a different deal later in the week. ;)

Friday, July 8, 2011

$10 Credit & Free Cell Phone Covers

Today on SaveMore, you can get $12.00 off cell phone accessories for only $6.00 (National Deal). Phone accessories include Apple, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Palm, Samsung & more. Plus, free shipping will be applied to your order.

If you haven’t used your $10.00 credit, you will be able to get this for free. Just head over to SaveMore and sign up to get the $10.00 credit and this great deal.

I just got mine!!! Even if you don't need one it may make a great (FREE) stocking stuffer!

Daily "Lose It" Post - Catch Up

Here are my Daily Logs from the last week. I'm still not sure how I lost weight but I'm not complaining. :)

Daily Report for July 2, 2011

Summary Food Calories 2,174
Exercise Calories 643
Net Calories 1,531
+/- Calories 176
Weight 196.4

Daily Log
Breakfast 424
Crackers, Cheddar, Goldfish 55 Pieces 140
Candy, Rolo, Caramels In Milk Chocolate 10 Each 284
Lunch 1,020
Shrimp, Mixed Species, Stmd, Lrg 12 Each 65
Chicken, Breast, Grilled 3 Ounces 93
Pork, Tenderloin, Rstd 3 Ounces 125
Beans, Baked, w/ Brown Sugar & Bacon ¼ Cup 75
Corn, Yellow, Sweet, Cob, Ckd, Drained 2 Each 148
Butter, Salted 2 Tablespoons 204
Salad, Pasta, Ranch, w/ Bacon, Classic ⅓ Cup 75
Cake, Chocolate, w/ Chocolate Icing, 1/8th Of 18 Oz 1 Piece 235
Dinner 494
Salad, Pasta, Ranch, w/ Bacon, Classic ½ Cup 113
Buns, Hamburger 1 Each 120
Beef, Ground, Hamburger Patty, Brld, 15% Fat 3 Ounces 212
Cheese, Cheddar, Low Fat, Slice 1 Each 48
Snacks 235
Cake, Chocolate, w/ Chocolate Icing, 1/8th Of 18 Oz 1 Piece 235
Exercise 643
Walking 180 min 643

Daily Report for July 3, 2011

Food Calories 1,910
Exercise Calories -
Net Calories 1,910
+/- Calories 555
Weight -

Daily Log
Breakfast 240
Cereal, Lucky Charms 1 ½ Cups 240
Lunch 449
Frank, Beef 2 Each 280
Buns, Hot Dog/Frankfurter, Rducd Cal 2 Each 169
Dinner 407
Chicken, Breast, Grilled 3 Ounces 93
Rice Pilaf, Garden Vegetable, w/ Seasoning ½ Cup 303
Beans, Green, Fresh ⅓ Cup 11
Snacks 814
Cereal, Corn Pops 2 Cups 234
Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Truffle 1 Cup 580

Daily Report for July 4, 2011

Food Calories 2,812
Exercise Calories 655
Net Calories 2,157
+/- Calories 802
Weight -

Daily Log
Breakfast 200
Cereal, Cheerios, Multi Grain 1 Cup 150
Creamer, Cinnamon Van Creme, Liquid, Fat Free 2 Tablespoons 50
Dinner 1,398
Dip, Buffalo Cheddar 3 Ounces 180
Chips, Corn 2 Ounces 320
Crackers, Butter, Original 6 Each 94
Dip, Crab & Spinach, Restaurant Recipe 6 Tablespoons 180
Soup, Noodle, Chicken Flvr, Ramen 42 Grams 190
Chicken, Wings, Hot, Buffalo Style 3 Pieces 165
Baked Beans, w/ Pork, Cnd 1 Cup 268
Snacks 1,215
Cake, Carrot 1 Each 820
Cookies, Sugar, Home Style 4 Each 395
Exercise 655
Volleyball 60 min 655

Daily Report for July 5, 2011

Food Calories 2,444
Exercise Calories -
Net Calories 2,444
+/- Calories 1,089
Weight -

Daily Log
Creamer, Non-Dairy, French Vanilla Flvr 1 Tablespoon 35
Cheesecake 1 Each 940
Lunch 720
Anytime Selections, Cheeseburger, Mini 2 Each 400
Chips, Potato, Sour Cream 'n Onion 2 Ounces 320
Dinner 469
Chicken, Breast, Grilled 4 Ounces 124
Cheese, Provolone, Rducd Fat, Slice 2 Slices 153
Salad Dressing, Ranch, Light 5 Tablespoons 192
Snacks 280
Ice Cream, Brownie Mud Pie 1 Cup 280

Daily Report for July 6, 2011

Food Calories 260
Exercise Calories -
Net Calories 260
+/- Calories -1,095

Daily Log
Breakfast 80
Yogurt, Plain, Nonfat 6 Ounces 80
Lunch 180
Bistro Selections, Home Style Beef Pot Roast 1 Each 180

Daily Report for July 7, 2011

Food Calories 1,669
Exercise Calories -
Net Calories 1,669
+/- Calories 65
Weight 196.2

Daily Log
Breakfast 240
Morning Express, Sandwich, Stuffed, Breakfast 1 Each 240
Lunch 279
Bread, Wheat, Rducd Calorie, Slice 3 Slices 137
Cheese, Cheddar, Low Fat, Slice 2 Each 97
Watermelon, Diced, Fresh 1 Cup 46
Dinner 544
Pizza, Cheese, Reg Crust, 14", Fast Food 2 Slices 544
Snacks 606
Ice Cream, McFlurry, w/ M&Ms, Snack Size 1 Each 430
Cereal, Corn Pops 1 ½ Cups 176

Lose The Fluff Weight Loss Challenge

Please go over to The Peanuts Gang and join in on the Challenge. Samantha at The Peanuts Gang is hosting a great 30 Day Weight loss challenge. It's called Lose The Fluff Weight Loss Challenge. Click here to head over to her blog and see what it's all about!

Adding Calories To My Diet

I can't believe it is Friday already! I have had such a wonderful and crazy past two weeks with my family and friends. Then of course I had to do a little catching up around the house. Laundry, dishes, vacuum, dusting, mopping and so much more. Fun, fun!

I also groomed both of the dogs. I started doing this myself a few months ago and I am saving a ton of money and the dogs look great. I am very pleased that I can do this myself rather then spending $30 a piece on them at the groomer.

Yesterday I did something that I have never done before. I cut my daughters hair. I figured that if it turned out too bad I could take them to a hair salon and get it cut. I have to say that it didn't turn out too bad. MJ's was easy because her hair is curly and hides any imperfections. Which is a good thing because she wouldn't sit still. :) Maddie on the other hand has poker straight hair. It was very hard to get all of the hair the same length. I played with it quite a bit and it turned out cute. She is happy with it and that's what really matters. Here are some pictures of there new hair cuts.

My niece also celebrated her 100 days last week. Her father is Korean and this is something that they celebrate in Korea. I had to share the picture because she is so adorable. :)

We celebrated the 4th of July at my sister and brother-in-law's house. We had so much fun! I got to play volleyball so that made my day. :) I love volleyball but I haven't gotten to play much since college.

This is a picture of the girls on the 4th of July before the picnic.

I forgot how crazy, busy summer is. It seems like every weekend is packed with parties and picnics. This weekend is going to be another busy one. I am really looking forward to it. I will post pictures of it next week.

"Lose It"

I have still been tracking my calories. It is so easy to do on the "Lose It" app. on my phone. I did end up upping my calories yesterday. 1300 seemed to be so few calories. I went over my calories (big time) every day and still lost weight. I decided that it might be easier for me to stay within my calorie range if it was more reasonable.

I changed the setting in the "Lose It" app. to losing 1 1/2 pounds per week instead of two. This gave me about 300 more calories a day. I wouldn't be surprised if I still lost two pounds per week even eating this many calories. I will post the calories that I ate last week and you can see how many I ate and you will be surprised that I still lost weight.

As of Monday, July 4th I had lost 1.8 pounds for the week. I was down to 196.2 and I started at 198. I was definitely happy with that for my first week. Especially since I had such a busy week with family and friends. I ate way more then I should have but I was more careful and kept track of all of my calories. I'm sure this is what saved me from gaining this week. I also know that I was very active this week. I'm sure I wouldn't have lost if I wouldn't have been so active.

As of today I am at 196.4. I really hope to be down to 194 by Monday. I would love to continue this two pounds loss for at least a few more weeks. I know it doesn't seem like much to lose but it all ads up.

Today I am making it my main goal to get some exercise in. I'm not sure what I will do but I am going to do something. I really need to get my butt moving. :) It's the only way I am going to lose this weight. The hardest part is getting started. I really want to find something that I enjoy. I will let you know what I decide on.

My next post will have my "Lose It" logs from this week. Be sure to check it out.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Fat Jessica" My Story From The Beginning

I just found this post that I wrote last September before I started gaining some of my weight back. I love this post and I just wanted to share it with you in case you missed it the first time. Enjoy!

A really good friend of mine sent me a message last night asking how she can read my story from the beginning. She said she needed some motivation and she wanted to start by reading about "Fat Jessica" first. Please don't take offense to this because she did not mean it rude in any way. She just really wanted to read about my struggles and successes when I started my weight loss journey at 216.6 pounds.

I think she has a really great point. Some of you who have recently started following me don't know about my struggles and successes when I was 50 pounds heavier. I feel that the beginning of my journey is an important part of my Story. The beginning is when I struggled the most. In the beginning of my journey I binged more, cried about my weight, couldn't exercise, felt horrible about myself and was depressed. I'm sure a lot of you either are going through that right now or have gone through that.

A never seen before picture of me from the beginning. (Dec. 2008)

Me a year and a half later after losing 50 pounds.

When you see my posts today you don't see any of that but let me tell you that a year and a half ago that was my life. I felt so horrible about myself that I didn't want to be seen and really had a hard time leaving the house or looking people in the eye. All I could think was that they where thinking about how fat I got. I will never forget how horrible that feeling was. Now I can look at it and realize that no one was really thinking that but back then it seemed so real. If any of you have ever experienced or are experiencing this please read my Story from the beginning.

You can't set your standards as high as someone that has already lost 5o pounds. It will just depress you if you aren't at that point in your life. If you aren't where I am or where someone else is don't worry about it. We all had to start somewhere. Yes, I can go to bootcamp and enjoy it now but a year and a half ago it would have been so much harder. A year and a half ago I would eat 6-8 slices of pizza for dinner but now I eat 1-2. You need to go at your own pace and don't expect to feel the same or be able to do the same things as someone else. Just remember that we all have a story behind our weight loss. There is no magic pill. I wish I could say there is but honestly it is a lot of hard work, a lot of struggles, lifestyle changes and trusting God to be with you all of the way.

Christmas 2008 - You can see on my face how unhappy I was. I hate this picture because I remember not being able to enjoy Christmas the way I should have been.

50 pounds lost picture

Without God by my side I would not be where I am today. I give God all of the Glory and all of the Honor for my weight loss and my Blog success. He is an awesome God who has been with me every step of the way. Without Him I would not be who I am today. God is awesome and He loves us all the same. It doesn't matter who you are or what you have done in the past. God will forgive you for all of your sins and all you have to do is ask Him into your heart and ask for forgiveness.

Please don't take any of what I just said as me trying to sound better then anyone else. I am not. I am a sinner just like everyone else but I accepted God as my personal saviour and asked forgiveness for my sins and He has forgiven me. With Him I never feel alone during my weight loss journey or my life. God wants us to keep our bodies healthy and I know that He will help me to do so. If you want God in your life and need someone to talk to, please send me and email.

Please read my journey from the beginning. You can click here to start. After each post and comments you can click on "Newer Posts" to take you to the next one. I really hope that by reading my journey from the beginning that all of you can realize how similar our weight loss journey's are. I pray that you are motivated by what God has helped me accomplish and that you will see how I struggled along the way and how God helped me to slowly change my lifestyle. There is no quick fix so take your time and do it the right way.

Enjoy my Journey!!!

And The Winner Is....

Fiber One 80 Calorie Prize Pack Giveaway

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lucky Charm Binge

I love this picture. MJ and the dogs taking a nap yesterday. :)

I really had an odd day yesterday. I was hungry, then not hungry, then I was hungry but nothing sounded good. I hate days like this. It is so hard to eat healthy on days like this. I did ok but I was frustrated with myself for eating so many cups of Lucky Charms.

I usually don't eat cereal but every once in a while I get a craving for Lucky Charms. My husband and girls love them so I usually keep them in the house for them.

I think I messed up by not having any protein with my dinner. Nothing sounded good so I just ate roasted butternut squash. Which of course was amazing. It you have never tried it you really should. I just peel, slice and dice it, toss it in a little EVOO, sprinkle with salt and roast for about 30 - 40 minutes on 425 degrees, flipping half way through. It's amazing. They almost taste like sweet potato fries. I love them!

Unfortunately my body didn't seem satisfied with just that an hour or two later. That's when I went for the Lucky Charms. I should have eaten some meat with my squash and I'm sure it would have prevented the Lucky Charm binge. :) I will try to remember that for next time.

Today I am going to a 4th of July picnic. I am going to try to remember to take a pic of everything I eat to post tomorrow. I hope that it will help me to not overeat. It should be a fun day. Maybe I can even get a little exercise in during the picnic.

I bought a really cool game at Giant Foods a few weeks ago. I saw this game in a magazine but it cost $30 so I didn't buy it. I was excited to find a very similar version at Giant foods for $5.99! The paddles remind me of ping pong paddles only they are not as heavy and the ball is very rubbery. You play it like badminton only without the net. It seems like a lot of fun and really great exercise. I can't wait to try it out! :)

Calorie Summary
Daily calorie budget 1,350
Food calories consumed 1,496
Exercise calories burned 0
Net calories for the day 1,496

+/- for the day 146 over budget
Goals Summary lbs.
Goal Weight 150.0

Start Weight 198.0
Today's Weight 195.6
Lost So Far 2.4

Daily Summary for Fri, Jul 1st

Daily Log Calories
Lunch 447
Buns, Hamburger, Rducd Cal 1 Each 84
Beef, Ground, Hamburger Patty, Brld, 15% Fat 3 Ounces 212
Cracker, Snack, Honey, Bkd 16 Each 150

Dinner 1049
Squash, Butternut, Fresh, Cubes 4 Cups 252
Oil, Olive, Extra Virgin 2 Tablespoons 240
Cereal, Lucky Charms 3 Cups 480
Cheese, Provolone, Rducd Fat, Slice 1 Slice 77

Friday, July 1, 2011

Daily "Lose It" Post

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I ate way too much yesterday! I hope all of the walking I did evens everything out. :)

Food Calories 2,744
Exercise Calories 643
Net Calories 2,101
+/- Calories 751
Weight 195.6

Daily Report for June 30, 2011

Daily Log
Breakfast 227
Cherries, Sweet, Fresh 1 Cup 97
Yogurt, Plain, Nonfat 6 Ounces 80
Creamer, Cinnamon Van Creme, Liquid, Fat Free 2 Tablespoons 50
Lunch 1,009
Pizza, Cheese, Pan, Lrg, 14" ¼ Each 736
Ice Cream, Vanilla 1 Cup 273
Dinner 730
Chicken, Finger 2 Ounces 110
Corn on the Cob, With Butter 2 Each 380
Bread, Corn, Mix 2 Ounces 240
Snacks 778
Snack, Mozzarella Sticks, Original 2 Ounces 300
Waffles, Flip Flop, Brown Sugar Cinnamon 3 Pieces 285
Candy, Caramels 5 Each 193
Exercise 643
Walking 180 min 643

I Love Knoebels!

Cousins at Knoebels - MJ is sleeping next to the clown. :)

I spent all day yesterday at my favorite Amusement Park, Knoebels! My Aunt is visiting from New York and it was so great to spend a day at the park with so many of my family. It was so nice because my husband was even able to take the day off work to go with us.

My family!

I started off my day with yogurt and cherries but I definitely didn't end my day as healthy as I started. By the time I got to the park around 11:30 I was starving. I ate two of the best pieces of white broccoli pizza that I have ever had. I love Knoebels pizza!

My sisters and I!

After lunch I had a dip of butter brickle ice cream. It was awesome! Then the kids rode tons of rides. They had so much fun and were so well behaved.

MJ and I driving the cars!

I love riding the rides with my kids. In a few years they probably won't want to ride with me so I am going to take advantage of it as long as I can. :)

Mom, Aunt Diana,

Kristin, Me, Heather

I then ate a fried cheese on a stick. It was good but I won't get one again. It wasn't worth the calories. I also had sugar waffles. They were awesome! I get them every time I visit Knoebels. My Mom got me hooked on them a few years ago and now I can't stay away. :(

My family on the train before we left. We took up a whole train car. :)

For dinner I ordered a meal but my kids decided they wanted it too. I didn't get much of it but that was probably a good thing after everything else I ate yesterday. :) I had 3 or 4 bites of fried chicken, two ears of corn and a piece of corn bread.

It was such a wonderful day with my family that we didn't want to leave. Thanks Aunt Diana and Mom for making it such a wonderful day for all of us!

We didn't want to leave! :(

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