Thursday, May 24, 2012

Low Fat Snacks

I just read an article from Good Housekeeping on the best low calorie snacks and I thought you might all like to read it.  I think they have some great snack ideas.

Here are a few of my favorite low fat snacks that I have been enjoying lately.
- VitaTops (chocolate of course)
- Sugar Free/Fat Free Chocolate Pudding with a tsp of peanut butter
- Banana
- Apple
- Cashews
- Pirate's Booty
- String Cheese
- Watermelon
- Sliced Strawberries with Stevia
- Baby Carrots and hummus or dill dip
- Almonds
- Apple Pie Yogurt

What's your favorite Low-Fat Snack?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Pound Cut

I really should be sleeping instead of writing this post but I really wanted to update all of you on how I'm doing.  I'm finally past all of my illnesses and I'm feeling great.  I have been going to the gym everyday before work and although it is hard to get out of bed at 5:45am it feels so good when I'm done exercising.  It's a wonderful way to start my day.

The past two days I have gone on the elliptical for an hour straight.  I burned about 500 caleries each time.  I think I am going to try to stick to the hour as long as time allows. 

I finally made it to my loss of 10 pounds this week and I was able to get my much needed hair cut. :)  I am now at 186 pounds!  It feels so good to be back down to this weight but it felt even better to get my hair cut and colored.  I will post pictures of my new cut once I take some with my camera.  The ones from my phone didn't turn out that well.

Not only am I working out everyday but I am also using MyFitnessPal to log everything that I eat.  The best part is that it all syncs to my fitbit site and allows me to compare what I ate to the amount of calories I burned.  It's been so helpful and simple.  You have to check it out!

Now I'm off to bed but I knew if I didn't share this news now I wouldn't ever get it posted.  Night all!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Top 50

I was just spending some time reading through some of my old blog posts and I came across this one.   I really think that this may be my best post ever!  You have to read my list of the Top 50 Things My Weight Loss Journey Taught Me.

It brought back such good memories and they are all such good reminders on why I won't give up on my weight loss.  I really have learned so much from my weight loss journey and even though I feel like a failure at moments I am still very proud of myself.  It's a must read!  I hope it encourages you to never give up as much as it has me. :)

Answered Prayers

I had the most productive day at work today.  I was really nervous about having to catch up on the two days that I missed while I had the stomach virus but to my surprise it turned out to be an amazing day. I was able to catch up on everything I was behind on plus some.  My prayers in bed and in the car this morning were definitely answered  and I'm so thankful for a God that is always taking care of me.

I felt a little sick this morning and then I started feeling shaky around noon.  I think it is because I hadn't had a real meal since Sunday night.  I made myself eat a banana and it seemed to help a bit and then around 1pm I had an English muffin and some strawberries for lunch.  That actually made me feel a hundred times better and by dinner I was eating a steak, baked potato and green beans.  It's funny how quickly our bodies bounce back from these nasty viruses. 

I feel great tonight and I actually plan on going to the gym in the morning.  I will see how I feel when I wake up but I think I should be fine.  I'm excited to get back into my exercise routine.  It's always so nice when it is new and exciting.  If only it could stay that way. :)

Now it's time for some sleep.  5:45 am comes way too quickly!  Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.  Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach Ready!

The gym membership has been such a blessing. I really forgot how nice it is to get away and exercise. I joined the gym last Tuesday and made it to the gym to exercise on Wed., Thur. and Fri. morning. I'm so thankful that my husband lets me have that time to exercise while he gets the girls ready and off to school each morning.

The weekend was very busy. No gym but I hope at some point to incorporate the gym into at least one day of the weekend. We ended up going out for dinner to celebrate4 my Birthday with my parents on Friday night. It was a month late but with our vacation and then me getting fifth disease things got pushed back. I had tortellini with Alfredo sauce which is a big no no. On Saturday we celebrating my nephew's 6th Birthday with a party at the bowling alley. It was so much fun! Then we spent the rest of the day at my sister's house checking out their new renovations and just hanging out with the family.

Sunday my husband and I went out for a wonderful breakfast before Church (my sister had the girls for the night). It was a beautiful Sunday morning! Followed by my oldest daughter and I taking my Mom out for Sushi. It was amazing! It was a wonderful Mother's Day spent with my family. I hope all of you had a great Mother's Day as well!

Unfortunately the weekend ended and I woke up for the gym around 5am Monday. Only plans changed slightly when I started with a stomach virus. I won't go into details but by 10am I was in the Emergency Room feeling like I was going to die. I hate the emeregy room especially since I have a $250 copay but it was so bad that I couldn't get out of bed anymore to make it to the bathroom and I knew I needed to get there before I had to call an ambulance.

That kind of put a downer on my day. I was at the ER for about 7 hours getting IV fluids, torodal (for pain), zofran and protonics (for nausea) and of course a little Tylenol for the fever. I'm home now still trying to recover. I'm honestly not sure how much more my body can take. It seems like one illness after the next. It's not good for my family and not at all good for my job.

I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to the catch up I will be playing. I finally felt like I was getting caught up from my last illness.

I highly doubt that I will make it to the gym tomorrow. If this fever would go away I'm sure I would feel a lot better. Hopefully by Thursday I will be back to the gym.

The beach is only 4 weeks away and I really want to be able to fit into my swimsuit. Are any of you getting ready for the beach? How are you preparing to fit into your swimsuit? Or am I the only crazy one that bought a swimsuit one size too small? ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Did It!

I made it to the gym before work today!  I woke up at 5:45AM, picked up bagels and cream cheese for all of my girls teachers and then headed to the gym.  45 minutes on the elliptical wasn't as bad as it seems.  I survived anyway. :)

After the first 15 my legs turned to jelly and I didn't think I could go on but somehow I did. I'm so glad I pushed myself because I felt so good when I was done.  I forgot how good it feels to exercise at the gym.

I was able eat well also.  I'm praying for no binging tonight from the prednisone.  I'm heading to bed right now so that I can make it to the gym tomorrow morning before an early morning meeting. 

Nighty Night!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Crazy Life - I Joined The Gym

It's been over a month since I wrote last.  I can't believe how time flies.  I actually went on a mini vacation not long after my last post.  Erin, one of my very sweet readers sent me some Phillies tickets and we made a little mini vacay out of it.  We stayed in Lancaster, PA for 2 days and Philly for 2 days.  It was wonderful to get away for a few days, just the two of us.

Here are a few pics from our getaway:
 Writing in the guest book at our Bed and Breakfast.  Loved that place!
 My husband and I
 I don't want to leave our hot tub. :)

 My husband

 At the Phillies Game. We froze our butts off but loved every second of it. :)

After we got home my oldest daughter came down with fifth disease.  It's not dangerous to children.  Just a little uncomfortable with a rash all over her body.  Unfortunately we realized a few weeks later that the "flu" that the doctor thought I had (and wouldn't go away) was actually Fifth Disease.  Most adults had it as child and are then immune throughout the rest of their life.  I guess I am one of the lucky ones that didn't have it as a child.

The bad part is that it can be 100 times worse as an adult.  It started with flu symptoms (fever, chills, body aches, fatigue, headache, head cold) but wouldn't go away for about 2 weeks.  After being put on antibiotics all of my joints started swelling and throbbing.  I went to the Rheumatologist who tested me for Fifth's Disease and a few days later I got my positive result.  It's crazy.  I am now on 30 mg of prednisone a day for the swelling and pain and am having no luck.  It looks like tomorrow I will be starting with Tramodal which really worries me because of my body's way of becoming addicted to meds.

Unfortunately this disease (virus) just has to work it's course.  It could take weeks, months or years.  I'm of course trusting God to heal me and praying that is only lasts a few weeks.  One horrible part to this disease is that the prednisone is increasing my appetite.  I lost 10 pounds and now I gained 6 of it back in the last month.  I  feel like I am going crazy!

Today, I decided that Fifth Disease is not going to rule my life.  I need to fight the food cravings with something so I signed up for a membership at my old gym.  I am so thrilled!  I really hope my body can handle it while I am trying to recover from this virus.  I'm going to start slow . 

I can't wait to get back on track.  It is going to be so wonderful to be back in the gym.  I really hope it's going to make a huge difference in the way I look and feel. Especially since I am going to be going to the beach in a few short week. :)

I need to get to sleep now.  I have the alarm set for 5:45am.  It's going to be an early morning.  Thanks to everyone that has been sending me encouraging messages and emails this past month.  It really made me feel good to know that so many of you care. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

February 2012 Update Pictures

Here are some before pictures that I took about 6 weeks ago. I have been holding off on posting them for obvious reasons. ;)

I'm excited that when I lose 2 more pounds I can take some more pictures and compare. I always love the comparison shots!

In these pictures I weighed in a 196. As of today I am down to 188. I hope that by the end of the week I will be down 10 pounds. It will feel great and I really need a hair cut. :)

I don't know why it is so hard to post these pictures. I know that this is what I look like. Everyone that knows me knows that this is what I look like. So what is my problem?

Maybe it's the perfectionist in me that is so bothered by these pictures. These pictures prove that I made a mistake and gained 30 pounds back of the 50 that I lost. I guess I just hate having to admit that I failed at something.

So now that I got that embarrassing moment over I can move forward and focus on the changes I will see in my 10 pound loss comparison shot.

Bye, Bye Beachbody!

I've decieded after 6 weeks of drinking the Shakeology shakes that I am no longer going to be a Beachbody Coach or drink the Shakeology.

You are probably wondering why. The shakes taste great but they just aren't doing what I expected them to do. I expected some noticable changes and I just don't see enough of them to justify spending so much each month.

I do enjoy the shakes and if they weren't so expensive I probalby would continue drinking them. Not because they make me feel good or because they have helped me lose weight but because they are a tastey, easy breakfast that is supposed to be healthy.

I have to tell you that I was honestly a little disappointed in the product. With all of their claims I really was hoping for some awesome results. Maybe it was just me and I was looking for too much.

I was hoping for two things from this product. One of them was increased energy. I definitely didn't find that. Number two was weight loss. I have lost 8 pounds since I started drinking the shakes and they may have helped in this area but honestly I have been working really hard with watching my portions, the types of foods I eat and exercising almost daily. I really think that has more to do with the weight loss than the shakes. It's sad to say but I can't say I feel any different today than when I started the shakes 6 weeks ago.

I'm not trying to bad mouth their product. It really does seem to work/help so many people and I think that is wonderful. I just wish I was one of them. :)

I decided last week that I couldn't justify spending that kind of money without seeing some major results so that is why I decided to stop using the product and resign as a Beachbody Coach. I actually paid about $140.00 last month on the product and my coach site and upkeep. That just seemed crazy to me.

Now I am going through the process of canceling my account and resigning as a coach. Easier said than done. It seems like it might be a little tricky to do so. After having trouble finding any information on how to do so I googled it and found hundreds of people that have had trouble getting their accounts canceled. I'm praying I don't have the same trouble. I'm still waiting on a response from their customer service. They said they would get back to me last Thursday but I'm still waiting. I'm praying that they are an honest company and that it all works out.

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