Sunday, April 24, 2011

Can It Really Last This Long???

Maddie and MJ checking out their Easter baskets

Maddie's favorite treat from her basket - A Plum!

MJ was so excited about the big orange in her Easter basket.

My week started off pretty well. So I thought! Monday evening my two year old started throwing up. I wasn't surprised because my sister and her kids were at my house the day before they started with it. It was not a fun night!

I also started with it that same evening only mine was nausea and diarrhea. I figured I just got the mild version with lingering nausea. I have seriously been nauseated from Monday until now. Unfortunately I woke up yesterday to more then just nausea. I threw up and had diarrhea all day long. Finally around 8:30pm it stopped. Then I just had to deal with the nausea, body aches, fever and chills.

I decided to take some Tylenol with Codeine to hopefully knock me out for the night. I wasn't thinking straight and I didn't realize until about 20 minutes after I took it how smart of an idea it was. The Tylenol took away my body aches almost completely and broke my fever. I felt so much better! So from around 8:30p. until now I have been taking Tylenol with Codeine about every four hours because the fever, body aches and chills start to come back after about 3 and a half hours.

I am feeling so much better right now compared to yesterday. I have eaten four pieces of plain toast throughout the day and I also drank a cup of hot tea and water. I am really hoping to have my energy back by tomorrow. I am so sick of laying in bed. I haven't been out of bed in two day except to go to the bathroom.

Maddie all ready for Church on Easter Sunday

MJ all ready for Church on Easter Sunday

So today, Easter Day, I am sitting home in my bed eating toast for Easter dinner. Not exactly what I had in mind for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus but it will do. :) I am so thankful for my Jesus giving his life for my sins. I can't imagine what He must have felt during this time. It is so amazing that Jesus died on the cross so that we may be forgiven for our sins. I am so ever thankful! The best part is that He arose from His grave and lives and He will one day be back for us. What an amazing day that will be!!!

Even though I couldn't make it to Church this morning with my family I was still able to Celebrate that Jesus is Alive!

All week the girls and I have been reading books before bed about Jesus death on the cross and how he arose from the grave. Last night MJ (my two year old) and I were talking about how Jesus died on the cross and she said, "Mommy, that wasn't nice". Then I told her that Jesus died on the cross for us. So that we can be forgiven for our sins. She then said, "Mommy, that was so sweet.". I was just amazed that my two year old (almost three) may not understand the whole meaning but she understands the emotions behind Jesus Crucifixion and his Resurrection.

This morning, before we checked up on the presents from the Easter Bunny we sat in mine and my husband's bed and read a book called "An Easter Gift For Me" by Crystal Bowman. It is a beautiful book illustrated by Claudine Gevry. The illustrations are beautiful and the book is written equally as beautiful. The wording is just perfect for children to understand. It ends with this:

This story's amazing, and all of it's true.

He died on the cross for me and for you.

So if you love Jesus and follow his way.

then you will meet Jesus in Heaven someday.

I just felt like reading this book was a wonderful way to start our Celebration of Jesus and the fact that He is Alive and that he will be back for us.

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Easter with family and friends! I can't wait until my family gets home so that I can hear about all of the fun they had today. My husband and girls celebrated Easter at my sister and brother-in-law's house with my parents and other sister and her husband and of course all of my little nieces and nephews. I'm sure they are having a great time!

Happy Easter!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Ate My Weekend!

I had another one of my crazy busy weekends. In a good way. :) We spent Saturday at my in-laws where I ate way too much wonderful food. She made me ham and dandelion. On of my absolute favorite meals. It doesn't sound unhealthy but if you have ever had it you know that the dandelion is smothered in bacon and bacon grease. Yum!!!

After eating a huge meal, three pieces of cake and some Easter candy I got a horrible migraine. Maybe from the chocolate or maybe from allergies. I'm still not quite sure but it definitely made for a long hour and a half drive home.

I woke up Sunday morning migraine free but very tired. We had a wonderful morning at Church that definitely helped to brighten my spirits. After Church we went to OIP for some yummy pizza. I ate 4 pieces with tons of onions and mushrooms on top. I can't believe I ate that much. That's what happens when they give you the option of all you can eat.

I didn't do much of anything the rest of the day. It was very nice to relax. I was even too tired to eat dinner. This doesn't happen very often so I took advantage of it. ;) It's not like I really needed dinner after eating four pieces of pizza for lunch.

I forgot to write my weigh in for last Friday. I had planned on writing it Friday afternoon but then I got distracted by something and completely forgot. I weighed in last Thursday at 187 pounds. I was thrilled to be down 1.6 pounds this week. Unfortunately after this past weekend I am really going to have to fight to keep it off. :(

I am back on track today. I am having a great breakfast. I altered on of Hungry Girls recipes and this is what I came up with.

Mushroom Breakfast Casserole:

2 light hot dog buns (torn into bite size pieces

approx 1/2 cup of sauteed mushrooms

3/4 cup of egg beaters

onion powder



preheat oven to 35o degrees. mix all ingredients together and place in a baking dish sprayed with Pam. Bake for approx 20 minutes. Enjoy!

I am eating it right now and it is so good! I didn't figure out the points yet but I think it is about 3-4 points for half the casserole. Not bad.

I need to get back on track with my water this week. I didn't drink much at all this weekend. I definitely feel better when I drink more. That and I think it will help me get my weight back down after my crazy weekend. I really need to be more careful over the weekends. I relax on my eating way too much and it messes me up for the entire week.

Friday, April 15, 2011


This was my lunch today. Doesn't it look delish?! It tasted even better then it looks. It was just a good combination which surprised me. Tuna salad (light mayo)on a sandwich thin (store brand - 2 points), 23 almonds (4 points) and a lot of red grapes ($.99 a pound on sale at Giant). I am stuffed!

Yesterday at the grocery store I purchased some Truvia. I got confused and thought I was looking for Truvia by I was really looking for Stevia. So now I have two little boxes of Truvia that I am not exactly sure about. I used it in my coffee and in my smoothie this morning. It was great. It definitely tasted more like sugar then Splenda. It was a change for me but not a bad change.

What concerns me is that it seems to be a product made from Stevia. I think it may even be a similar process to Splenda being made from sugar. I need to research it a little more to find out for sure how I feel about it. I guess I just feel safer if it is the real thing.

I was able to purchase Agave Nectar. It is actually Blue Agave Nectar. A friend of mine knows a woman who sells it. It is $4.50 for a 23oz bottle. I am purchasing two bottle to try. I will get it sometime next week. I am very interested in trying it and also seeing how many points I will use of it in a day. Then I can decide if it is worth using my points on.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the Truvia/Stevia products.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Big Decision... I Can't Believe I Am Writing This...

I just listened to one of the most interesting shows. I was over at Brittany's blog, Deliciously Healthy and she wrote a great post about using artificial sweeteners. She also posted two video's that I am going to post below. I am going to be completely honest. When I first started to watch the videos I thought to myself that I love Splenda so much that nothing could change my mind about using it. Watch these two video's and let me know what you think. The first video talks about why artificial sweeteners are not good for your health.

Interesting? It definitely got me thinking but it didn't convince me that I wanted to stop using artificial sweeteners. Now watch this one!

I'm convinced! After listening to this video I have decided to quit using artificial sweeteners. I can't believe I just wrote that. If you know me you know that I love my Splenda. Probably more then most people but after watching these video's I have made up my mind that I am not going to use it anymore. It's not good for me and it's not good for my husband and children.

I didn't realize that we have natural options for low calorie sweeteners.

1. Agave Nectar

2. Stevia

3. Xylitol

I have seen Stevia at the grocery store but never tried it.. I think I may have read about Agave Nectar in the past but I never really considered it. I definitely never heard of Xylitol. I'm not sure which one I am going to try first but I will definitely keep you updated.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think about these videos? Have you changed your thinking on artificial sweeteners or are you sticking with them? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New Food Find!

It's another dreary day. I hate days like this. My Fibromyalgia seems to be worse and the lack of sun makes my mood just as dreary as the weather. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee. :)

Last night I wrote about making BBQ pork chops, Jasmine rice and green beans. It was the best meal I have made in months. My BBQ sauce turned out amazing! I just used ketchup, a little vinegar, a little mustard and some Splenda (store brand). I put the pork chops in a baking dish, topped them with the BBQ sauce and then with some sauteed mushrooms and onions that I had frozen from a few weeks ago. The flavor was great!

I used the extra sauce to top my Jasmine rice. Yummy! The sauce was so sweet and it tasted amazing on top of my rice. I am now a big fan of Jasmine rice. I can't believe I never tried it before. If you have never tried it before you should give it a try. It smells so sweet and has a great texture. I like it better then plain white rice.

I think today's lunch will be leftover pork chop, rice and a small salad. I love leftovers!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Finally Did It!

I finally got back on the treadmill. The worst part was making myself get on. The best part was the feeling when I was done! The in between wasn't so bad either. I actually enjoyed the thirty minutes to myself. I listened to some Christian music on Pandora and the time passed really quickly.

Isn't it always that making yourself actually exercise is far worse then the exercise itself? Why do we make it so difficult on ourselves?

I feel much more confident with exercising now that I got my first day of exercising behind me. It wasn't that bad and I feel much better right now then before I exercised. I feel more awake and like I have more energy. I also don't feel as miserable as I did the past few hours. I think the rainy weather today was not helping my mood. I even took a little nap this afternoon and it didn't help.

Now if only I can remember how good I feel at this moment the next time I don't feel like exercising. :)


It's almost time for dinner. Boneless pork chops in homemade (healthy - 0pt) sweet BBQ sauce, jasmine rice, and green beans. I've never had jasmine rice before so I am excited to try it. It smells so sweet.

What's on your menu for dinner tonight?

A Great Breakfast Recipe!

I forgot to mention this in my earlier post. The past two mornings I have had a really great breakfast. I am hooked!

I got the idea from Hungry Girl's new 300 Under 300 Cookbook. She has a recipe for a hot dog egg scramble. Yesterday when I was looking for something to eat I realized that I had turkey hot dogs in the fridge and some egg beaters. That's when I came up with my own egg scramble and it is huge for only 3 points.

Pudget Hot Diggity Dog Breakfast Scramble:

by: Jessica at Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget

1 turkey dog or fat free hot dog chopped ( I cut it lengthwise and then chop into bite size pieces)
1/2 cup of southwestern egg beaters
1/8 cup of chopped onion
1/4 cup of 2% shredded cheddar cheese cooking spray

cooking instructions:
Spray small pan with cooking spray (I prefer Olive oil spray). Add chopped onion and chopped hot dog. Fry in pan for approximately 2 minutes until onions are soft. Spray pan again with cooking spray and add egg beaters. Stir until eggs are cooked. Top with cheese and let cheese melt for a few seconds and then serve on plate. Enjoy!


This breakfast is so good and so filling. I ate it yesterday and it kept me going for hours without any hunger. I noticed that the new Hungry Girl 300 under 300 Cookbook has many recipes that use fat free hot dogs. She has casseroles and and all kinds or great sounding recipes that I can't wait to try. They all sound so easy. I love fat free hot dogs so I am going to enjoy trying Hungry Girls new hot dog recipes.


What is your favorite Hot Dog recipe?


The Scale Is Not Moving

I am very excited to have gotten my new clothes in the mail yesterday. My Mom and Dad bought me a gift card to Fashion Bug for my Birthday and I ordered online just to make my life easier. That and they had a great sale and free shipping.

I ended up getting a new pair of jean capri's that I love. I had to order them in a size 14 which I don't love. :( I also ordered a few tanks, a cute short sleeve hoodie and a nice summer casual dress. Everything I ordered fits great. I am very pleased with the clothes and Fashion Bug's fast shipping.

Yesterday I ended up making the stir fry for dinner. It was a bag of beef stir-fry and I added an extra bag of thin green beans and some frozen cut up chicken. I like the extra veggies and buy adding that and the meat it seems to stretch the meal a little. This way my husband had enough for lunch today. :)

I know I said no excuses about exercise yesterday but of course I managed to not fit it in for the day. I ended up cleaning out my van and scrubbing my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. That counts as exercise. Right?!

Today is a new day! I am going to exercise today. I noticed that I am eating really well and staying within my points but the scale is barely moving. I am drinking lots of water so I think I really just need to get some exercise in and then hopefully the scale will start moving.

I was always so used to the scale moving quickly when I stayed within my points. Now it seems to be moving so slow. Maybe it is my metabolism. Maybe I am not as active now that my kids are getting out of the toddler stage. Please let me know if you have any tips.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Addicted!

To coffee that is! I just thought I would share that since I am drinking my coffee as I type. :) I haven't always loved coffee. My Mimi told me a long time ago that it was an acquired taste. I think she was right. After years and years of trying it over and over again at some point I decided that I love it.

Although I have loved it for many years I only used to drink it on occasion. You ask why? Because I can't make a good cup of coffee even if my life depended on it. I'm completely serious. No matter how hard I have tried I just can't do it.

That is until I received a Keurig for Christmas. I swear that they made this thing for people like me. The ones that can't make a good cup of coffee. :) I can now make a good cup of coffee every morning and yes I am addicted. I love the stuff! The best part is that I now have so many different flavors to choose from.

Okay, enough talking about coffee. :) Right now I am debating starting my day off with a spinach smoothie or some scrambled egg beaters. I have some of the southern style egg beaters in the fridge. I scrambled them with mushrooms and onions for dinner Friday night. They were so good. I wish I had some mushrooms left.

For lunch today I will be having chicken salad with Broccosprouts. I threw some chicken breasts in the crock pot to shred up on Saturday. I love having healthy chicken salad or tuna salad in my fridge for lunches throughout the week. It makes my life so much easier.

I still haven't decided on dinner for tonight. I think maybe stir fry. It's so easy and healthy. What is your "go to" meal?

I'm going to exercise today when MJ is down for her nap. I think I may just walk on the treadmill for a while. Either that or we might go for a nice walk. It depends on if I can get out of the house before the thunderstorms start. It kind of stinks. Today is going to be such a warm day. It's supposed to be in the 70's but they are calling for thunderstorms this afternoon. Either way I am going to exercise today! No excuses!!! Who's with me???

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Enjoying The Warm Weather!

Friday night I came down with a little stomach bug. It was very mild but enough to wear me out. For the first time in a long time I had very little appetite. I ate two cheese sticks and some chocolate Teddy Grahams and did not feel hungry. Luckily I woke up this morning feeling so much better. I am not fully recovered from the bug but I feel so much better then I did yesterday. I'm very thankful because today is such a beautiful day. I spent part of the afternoon playing a little baseball with my girls. I'm surprised at how much coordination my girls have when it comes to playing baseball. Maddie has a pretty wicked arm and MJ can really make good contact with the ball. It was a lot of fun but we decided to save playing baseball for the park since Maddie hit two balls over the fence and into the neighbors yard. :) We just got back a few minutes ago from a walk. My husband and I took the girls and all three dogs. We probably looked like the circus came to town. :) We had fun and we all got a good workout. It was nice to be outside and get a little exercise. Unfortunately I overdid it a bid and now I am feeling a little sick again. I just had some Lucky Charms for dinner. I know it's not healthy but it was the only thing that sounded good. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to my normal self. I'm praying no one else in my family gets this little bug. This week is my week to get back into exercising. I haven't come up with an exact plan but I am thinking maybe something on the treadmill. Right now I don't feel like doing anything at all but after a good nights sleep I hope I have a lot of energy for the week.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Exercise! What's That?

It has been a great week. Although if you read my last post I did eat way too much cake on my Birthday. I decided that it was my Birthday and I was going to eat as much cake as I wanted and then be done. Unfortunately, I ate the cake on my Birthday and the next day because I was stressed. Then I gave the rest of the cake to my sister so that it wouldn't be a temptation anymore.

The great news is that I didn't ruin my week by eating so much cake. I counted the points and got myself back on track. Last weekend I weighed 193. Probably from all of the cake and homemade pizza but today I weighed in at 188.8. It's kind of weird but it is the exact weight that I was at last week when I weighed in.

I was so happy to see that number on the scale this morning. Yesterday I weighed 191 and I told my sister that I have been doing so good yet the number on the scale wasn't showing it. So this morning when I stepped on the scale I was very happy. I really did work hard and count my points every day in order to get my weight back down after the Birthday cake binge.

My favorite snack this week are my zero point grapes. I got them on sale this week and they are the best black grapes I have ever eaten. The only bad part is that I ate them all and now I am craving them. I think we might have to take a trip to the store today for some more black grapes. :)

We also had some great cantaloupes this week. I love cantaloupe and these were some of the best I have had at this time of year. I love that fruit is now zero points on Weight Watchers. I definitely eat a lot more fruit now that Weight Watchers has changed their plan to the new Points Plus System.

I also got more broccosprouts and have been eating them on my sandwiches. Light wheat bread, tuna salad (made with light mayo) and brocosprouts are my favorite for the week. I just can't get enough of the broccosprouts. I have also kept beautiful salad of baby greens and cucumbers in my fridge all week. It has been very helpful. I love baby greens and I just pull the bowl out of the fridge and have it with almost every meal. It's a great filler and I really have been enjoying it with reduced fat blue cheese on top. Yummy!

My biggest secret that I know has helped me this week is drinking lots of water. I have been drinking so much that I am actually feeling full on water at times. :) I know that it is helping me feel fuller and helping to keep me hydrated and feeling good. My Tupperware Water Bottle has been helping me with this of course.

The only place I seem to be lacking is Exercise. I know that I have to do it yet I keep putting it off. I have a treadmill, a bike (with pull behind trailer for MJ), Zumba for the Wii, Wii Fit, Jillian Micheals, Gym in a Bag and so much more. Why can't I get myself to exercise???? I used to love it. Now I just can't seem to make myself do it. When my daughter is napping I grab my Kindle and read my really great, Liz Curtis Higgs, books. I need to start saving the reading for at night and exercise when I can. Her books are just so good that I can't put them down.

If you are looking for some good books to read you should try the "Thorn In My Heart" series. The best series I have ever read. I have now moved onto the "Here Burns My Candle" series and I am loving it. Liz Curtis Higgs is one of the sweetest and most amazing woman I have ever met and her books are just as amazing as she is. She is such an inspiration to me and so are her books. I have learned so much from her and from all of the books she has written. She is an amazing woman.

Sorry to go on about the books I am reading. They are just so good that I don't want anyone to miss out on them. I actually just bought all of the "Thorn In My Heart" series for my mother-in-law for her Birthday. I was excited to find them all on sale yesterday on

I am very excited for the week to come. I know that I now have the Weight Watchers plan down and I am making sure to count all of my points daily. Even the one's that I don't want to count. I am content eating lots of fruit and veggies and I am ready to start exercising.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where to start? Any suggestions on a new type of exercise plan? Something exciting? What type of exercise are you enjoying right now? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cake, Cake and Much More Cake!

What a difference it can make when you actually get good sleep! I have been taking two Tylenol pm every night for the past two weeks and I can't even tell you how great I feel.

I felt so tired for so long that I didn't even realize how bad it had actually become. One Tylenol pm just didn't seem to cut it anymore and I was shocked that two Tylenol pm doesn't make me drowsy in the morning.

It has made such a huge difference in my day to day life. I can now get up, bathe, get dressed, get my hair and make-up done all before taking my daughter to school. For the past few months I was seriously so tired from lack of sleep that I would take her to school in my sweats. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this but it just isn't me.

I am so, so incredibly happy to feel like me again. Now that I am sleeping again I am happier, my house is cleaner and I have so much more energy to focus on the things that I need to. I have noticed that I have been binging so much less then I did the last few months. Thank you Tylenol pm for turning my life around. :)

This week has been great! I celebrated my 31st Birthday last Friday and it was wonderful. My parents bought me a $100 gift card to Fashion Bug. I was so excited! I bought myself several shirts, a dress and a pair of capri's with the gift card. I bought them online since they were all on clearance and they had free shipping. I should get them on Monday. So exciting! My oldest sister bought me Chai Latte and Glazed Chocolate donut K-cups, some Pampered Chef goodies and this:

She pre-ordered it for me. I love it! I can't wait to share with you some of the great recipes. I have been working my way through it and making notes on which recipes I want to make. It is her best cookbook so far. I love all of her cookbooks but this one actually has 300 recipes. You won't believe how big this cookbook is. I still haven't gotten through all of the recipes but the ones I have looked at are amazing. They are such good and easy ideas. I can't wait to try them!

I also got a beautiful new shirt from my Aunt. She has the best taste and always gets me beautiful clothes for my Birthday. :) My in-laws sent me money and I was able to use it to take my whole family out for lunch after Church on Sunday and to the movies to see the movie "Hop". It was such a cute movie. I can't wait until it comes out in the stores. I would definitely like to watch it with the girls again.

Did I mention that two of my best friends took me for a pedicure and manicure at the "Polished" nail salon. It was wonderful. We spent over three hours just relaxing and having some girl time. I really needed it. I can't wait to do it again!

I look drugged in this picture. Maybe it was from relaxing in a massage chair for about two hours. :)

My beautiful manicure!

My girls and my hubby got me these beautiful flowers and also the cutest wind chime that I hung on my porch.

And my favorite present of all was my Birthday cake from my Dad. He picked it out himself and I couldn't have done it better myself. It was the best cake I have ever had in my life. It was from Giant and it was a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and then a little hard chocolate drizzle around the edges. It was amazing! My dad knows me well. :)


I'm sure you can tell by looking at this cake that I ate way too much of it. I ate about six large pieces. It was incredible! I hope I never have the temptation of this kind of cake until my next Birthday. ;)

Other then eating too much homemade pizza, that my girls made for me (with fresh mushrooms!), and too much cake I had a good week. I will write more later today to tell you all about the new foods and new ideas I have come up with. Check back later today and I hope you also had a wonderful week!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I think I have finally gotten myself back on track. For good this time. :) I have been having a great week. I have gotten the hang of the new Weight Watchers' Points Plus program and I am enjoying it. Last week I thought that 30 points was not enough. Every day last week I went over my points. It seemed so hard. This week is a completely different story. It has been so much easier. I think this picture helped. My cousin took this picture at my Aunt Curley's 75th Birthday party this past weekend. I was shocked at how I looked. I knew that I gained a lot of weight but I guess I was in denial at how it has really made me look. To go from looking like the picture below to this is really hard for me to mentally handle. It took me a good day to not be so upset with myself. I felt like such a failure. I think I am finally past the denial phase. It has taken me over 6 months to gain 20+ pounds back and yet it seemed like it all happened so suddenly. At first it was just 5 pounds. No biggy, right? Then 10. Still no big deal. Then 15 and then 20 and all of the sudden I look like I do in the picture above. It is crazy what a difference 20 pounds can make.

Anyway, I finally came to the point I needed to. Admitting that I messed up and I really do look as bad as I feel. I don't like the way I look in the picture from the party because I can see in my eyes that I lost my confidence and I remember that I didn't feel pretty that night.

I am finally admitting that I did exactly what I said I wouldn't do. I said in the past that I felt so good that I would never go back and that is exactly what I did. I gained some of the weight back. Not just some of my weight but almost half of the weight I lost I have found again. I know this sounds crazy but I feel inside as if I gained it all back. The way I feel now is the way I felt when I weighed 216.6 pounds. I felt like a failure then and I do again now.

I want to get rid of this awful feeling. I want to feel good about myself again and I am ready and willing to do what it takes to make my body healthy again.

I have really been able to stick to my Weight Watchers Points this week. I am still doing Weight Watchers online and I am loving it. I weighed myself earlier this week. I think it was Monday or Tuesday and I weighed 191.8. Yes, that did scare me. Seeing the 190's on the scale again really was an eye opener. This morning I weighed myself and I weighed 188.8. That is a 3 pound loss. More then I have lost in a very long time. I am completely thrilled. It was a perfect Birthday present to myself. Yes, I am an April Fool's baby and I turned 31 years old today. Wow, I feel old. I think once I get some of this extra weight off I will feel much younger.

Here are some pictures of what I have been eating the last few days. I hadn't meant to post them all at once but I didn't have a chance to do it sooner.

Beef Stir-fry - 5 point per 1 1/2 cups

Chocolate Peanut Butter Power Smoothie - 3 points

A wonderful salad that I ate with my stir-fry above - 3 points

Mango Cheesecake Ice made in my Vita Mix - 2 Points

Mango Cheesecake Ice - It's a little green but it was amazing. :)

My fridge is restocked with all of the healthy food that I need.

Weight Watchers Microwave Meal - Turkey Stuffing and Gravy. I added the broccoli to fill me up. I love broccoli. :) The meal was great!

Last nights dinner. Chicken stir-fry - 1 1/2 cups for 5 points. Plus a nice salad for 3 points and amazing cantaloupe (buy on get on free - yummy) for zero points. I ate 3 or four slices.

Another Weight Watchers meal with the green beans added by me. It was very good. I love their Salisbury Steak!


I have to tell you that this 3 pound loss has me psyched! I haven't been this excited in a long time. It has gotten me motivated to continue. It has helped me realize that I really can do this again.

Let the new journey begin!!!

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