Monday, January 24, 2011

Pizza For Breakfast!

Do any of you enjoy pizza for breakfast as much as I do? Okay, I will admit it. I enjoy pizza anytime of the day, 7 days a week. I just never get sick of it.

Luckily pizza fits into my diet when eaten in moderation. I am quite happy eating two pieces of pizza at a time. It fills me up and still fits into my PointsPlus for Weight Watchers. It makes me so happy.

I had two pieces of pizza for breakfast this morning. Granted it was a late breakfast (11am). I am feeling kind of blah today and it was the only thing that sounded good. It was better then eating all of the other leftovers I have in the fridge from our coaches appreciation dinner. Wow, we really had some good food. All of the parents were so generous to make wonderful food for our coaches. We had such a selection. It was so much fun. Unfortunately some of the leftovers made it home to my fridge. I won't eat potato salad, I won't eat potato salad, I won't eat potato salad. :) It was really good potato salad. :)

Today's a new day and I am excited to find out what it will bring. I have a resume that I need to mail out and I also get to watch my niece and nephew a little bit today. My girls will be so excited to spend time with their cousins. I'm excited to see them too.

I have a pork tenderloin in the fridge that I need to throw in the crock pot. I also bought some squash and zucchini to pan fry along with a some baked potatoes. I just need to get some energy to do it.

I'm not sure if want to weigh in this week. Stress is usually bad for my weight but since I was so busy this weekend I burned more calories then I ate. I hope! Today I am back to tracking my calories and getting things back in order around the house. It will be nice to have things a little more organized. Having my house clean and organized always seems to help my weight loss. It gives me more time to organize and track my meals.

Now that my belly is stuffed with pizza I am going to get a shower and get the rest of the house organized. :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Not Sure I Earned It

I had another great weigh in this week. Although I am not quite sure I deserved it. I had a very stressful week last week and I am definitely a stress eater. I really do try to fight the urge to eat when I am stressed and it is looking like I am getting better at it but I not completely past it. I'm not sure I will ever be completely over being a stress eater.

Even though my week was very stressful I managed to lose 1 1/2 pounds. I was very excited to hear this when I weighed in. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the meeting. My youngest daughter is very sick again with a head cold. I took her to the doctor yesterday and her lungs sound good. We just have to wait it out. Her fever is gone today and she seems a little happier but a lot more snotty. It isn't fun having a sick kid.

I am now at 186 3/4 pounds. I am definitely getting closer and closer to the 170's. I still can't believe I let myself gain weight back. Sometimes I look at the numbers on my sidebar and I get so mad. It all happened so quickly that I guess I didn't realize how much I had gained until it was too late. It's still very frustrating. I sure a lot of you know how I feel. Why is it that we work so hard to lose the weight and then let ourselves gain it back just so we have to go through the misery all over again? I wish I had the answer or should I say solution to this problem.

I have started this week off the right way. Yesterday I went over my points just a bit by eating a little too much Pirate's Booty as a late night snack. I just love that stuff. The best part is that it is on sale this week at my local grocery store. I am usually good about only eating a serving at a time but I sat in bed watching a movie and snacking and it was just so relaxing that I didn't stop until the bag was gone. It was a nice treat but not something I would do very often. I think I went into my weakly points by about 6. Not bad at all. Especially since I gained 8 exercise points yesterday. Yay!!!

Can you tell I am excited about the week to come. I have so many new food ideas. New items and recipes to try. I am going to do my best to find the time this week to write more so that I can tell you all about it. It's going to be a great week!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Lost 2 Pounds!!!

I really wanted to post this sooner but I haven't had a free moment all week. As usual my life is crazy but I made my weight loss a priority in my schedule this week.

I weighed in on Wednesday night at my Weight Watchers meeting an lost two pounds since last week. Of course I was hoping for 7 but that was kind of ridiculous. I really can't complain. I lost two pounds and didn't feel hungry at all the whole week. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it was completely easy. I had to make the right choices while on the run and eating fast food and I had to do a lot of prep work so that I had healthy choices and meals at all times during the week. The hardest part was the preparation not the controlling what and how much I ate.

So for me right now I need to keep working hard to fit all of this preparation and planning into my crazy busy schedule. I work three nights a week coaching basketball and teaching gymnastics and then every Saturday for several hours while the kids have their basketball games. These are my hard nights and days because if I don't plan properly myself and my family will not have a healthy meal to eat.

This week I planned out healthy meals for each night. I also bought salad mix twice this week. I ate mine with apples, fat free feta cheese and light ranch. I also snacked on wheat thin sticks, string cheese, watermelon (my favorite!) and grape salad. I have to say that the week flew by and before I new it I lost two pounds.

This week was definitely a great week. I am now at 188 1/4 lbs. I still have a long way to go but I am excited to be going in the right direction. I hope that I lose the same if not more this week.

I am starting to think about the spring and buying an Easter dress and getting family pictures taken. I would love to be down another 20 pounds before then. In order for this to happen I need to get back into exercising. It has been a while since I have really done this. I know what I need to do I just need to make myself do it. Finding the time is always the problem.

Later today I want to come up with a reasonable exercise plan for myself. Something that I can really stick to. My work schedule is going to be changing soon and hopefully it will make things easier for me. I will be coaching Floor Hockey because our basketball session is almost over. I am totally excited for floor hockey. I have never played it before but I am so excited to learn a new sport. It is a nice way to get some exercise in.

I hope all of you had a great week. Losing weight is not easy but we can do it. We just need to find a way to stay motivated and find some time for ourselves.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Excited About Weigh In

I have been trying to find time to post all week and just have been so busy that it wasn't possible. Now I am exhausted and laying on the couch because that's about all I can do right now.

I have made it halfway through my first week since my Weight Watcher's meeting. I have to say that it is going pretty well. I have used all of my Points every day and have used almost half of my extra points for the week. Not bad I guess. Of course I would like to not eat any of my extra points but that just isn't going to happen right now.

I have had an easier time adjusting to the new PointsPlus program then I thought I would. It is slightly different but it hasn't been an overwhelming change. I have seen a few changes in points that I'm not necessarily happy with. Bagel thins have gone up quite a bit which is a big one for me. I can now eat two pieces of light bread for the same amount of points as a bagel thin.

On a brighter note I am really excited that fruits and non-starchy veggies don't have any points. This means that I can add banana to my smoothies and not worry about the points. This morning I had a smoothie with 1 cup of Almond Breeze, 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of Splenda, 2 tsp. of peanut butter and 2 tbsp of fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding mix. It was a great start to my crazy morning for just a few points. It's the perfect breakfast.

I have been eating pretty much the same way I used to when I lost my first 50 pounds. I have eaten lots of chicken. I love chicken and it was on sale last week so it all worked out. I pounded it out and then sprinkled different seasonings on each breast and grilled them. They all turned out so good. My family couldn't decide which one we liked best. We also had sweet potatoes, chicken sausage, lots of veggies, hot roast beef sandwiches and my new favorite, grape salad.

I have been snacking on almonds, yogurt, watermelon, grapes, and wheat thin sticks. I am having a problem finding low point snacks. I think I have always had this problem. Healthy snacks can be so expensive sometimes. It has been hard to because I need convenient snacks because I have been working so much lately. Any suggestions?

I hope I can just get through this week without going over my points. I think the first two weeks are always the hardest. I need to focus on drinking enough water and getting in some more exercise. I'm excited about this Wedneday's weigh in. I know that once I see a loss on the scale it will keep me motivated to keep losing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Mom Made Me Do It!

Guess what I just did. I went to my first Weight Watcher's meeting since 2005. I can't believe I did it. I actually had no plans at all of going until my Mom called me at 6:15pm and asked me to go with her. I debated over the fact of whether or not I was ready to step out an admit my failures in person or not. I decided to go for it. I know I am not the only woman who has lost weight and gained a few pounds back so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go to a real meeting.

I knew the number that I would see on the scale was not going to be pretty. Not only did I have to wear clothes to be weighed (yes, they make you do that. ;) ), but the meeting is also at night meaning that I already ate all of my meals for the day. Not only that but it is that time of the month for me. I was right! The number on the scale was not pretty but pretty much what I expected it to be. I was 181 on my scale a few days ago when I weighed myself without clothes in the morning and tonight at the meeting I weighed 190 and a 1/4. Wow, I can't believe I am posting that number on here.

Since I posted my official Weight Watcher's weight I have decided to use this weight from now on instead of my morning weight. It will just make my life a little easier this way. :) So as of today I weigh 190 and 1/4 pounds. No wonder my size 12's are feeling a little tight. I can't really say that I am in a size 14 because I don't have any to try on but I am pretty sure my old 14's might fit me. I am still wearing the two pair of size 12 jeans that fit me, my size large exercise/work clothes and a few new size large sweaters and leggins.

Now that it is all out here for everyone to read I am ready to move forward. I am excited about going to the actual Weight Watcher's meeting. I have gone to the meeting in the past (years ago) and had great success. Now that I am working part-time I have decided that I can afford the extra it will cost me each week. The meeting are a little pricey but if you can afford the extra money they are definitely worth it.

I am very excited to start tracking my food, my weight and my exercise on a regular basis again. This week my main goal is to keep track of every bite of food that I put in my mouth. The new points system is going to take a little getting used to but I think it is going to be fun. Especially since I get to do it with my Mom. :) We always seem to do well when we do it together. Maybe it's that competitive gene in us. :)

Do any of you go to the weekly Weight Watcher's meetings? Do you enjoy them?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Getting Excited To Lose Weight in 2011

I think the hardest part of losing weight is keeping it exciting. If you don't keep your weight loss journey exciting you won't be able to stick with it. Whether it is buying special foods, making new recipes, setting goals, taking pictures of yourself, setting rewards, or finding new motivations frequently. You need to keep it exciting and fun. I seemed to have forgotten this important step the past few months and I think that is a lot of my problem.

Now that I have figured out one of my main problems I need to find a way to fix it.

How will I keep it exciting???

I like to use a combination of things to make weight loss exciting. I can't really afford to set rewards for myself so that is one I don't use. I like to always have a motivation. For instance I am having family pictures taken before Easter this year. It doesn't give me much time but I want to look awesome for them. So for now my main motivation is to look good in our family pictures.

I also like to find new foods in the grocery store. I just received this months Weight Watcher's magazine so I plan to look through it and find something new to try. Also, I love to cook new foods. I don't have as much time to cook now that I am working but when I do have time I love new recipes. I will be sure to post them as I make them.

Here are a few other steps I will be taking to get myself back into weight loss mode!

The Pudget Steps to Getting Back on Track:

1. As of today I am back to journaling my food on My first step to getting back on track is planning my menu for the next week. Money is still a little tight from Christmas so the only way I am going to cook healthy for my family is to plan a menu, make a grocery list and stick to it. I may need to do a little cooking ahead today. I'm hoping to make a list and then see if my husband will do the grocery shopping for me. :) Every little bit helps!
2. I am also going to get out my planner (calender) and schedule in my exercise for the week. I already spoke to the Fitness Director at the YMCA that I work with and we came up with a good plan to get my body back into shape. I will be doing 5 days a week of cardio and two days a week of strength training. I will be doing Zumba two days a weeks as my cardio and the other three days I will be on the machines. Either the elliptical, treadmill, the bike or some others that I haven't tried. Each session will be for 1 hour. The strength training days I will be using the machines to start. I haven't tried them out yet so I am a little nervous about this part. The Fitness Director told me that he will show me how they work. Hopefully I can remember how to do them correctly.
3. My third step for today is to start drinking lots of water again. I still drink water at my house 98% of the time but I am not drinking as much as I should. I need to make a conscious effort to drink at least 3 of my Tupperware water bottles a day. I think that would equal between 70-80 ounces a day.
What steps are you taking to get back on track?


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