Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Really Doing It This Time!

I may have already said this several times but I am really determined at this point to lose the last few pounds that I have until I reach my 50 pounds lost. I need to get my butt out of this plateau and the only way for me to do it is to be really strict again and exercise, exercise, exercise!

It sounds so simple but maybe that is because I am having a really good week with my hubby home. No stress at all. I wish it could always be like this. Right now the kids are in bed and we are both in bed relaxing. I am writing this post and he is reading a book. I honestly think that day trips are so much less stressful when you have kids so young. It's still a lot of work to pack lunches, dinners, clothes and all the extras but when you get home at night we all sleep in our own beds. I think that may be the best part. That and we are saving lots of money that we can use to pay off debt.

I know that it isn't going to be that simple. Once life gets stressful again and I am not sleeping well I know that I am a lot less motivated. I really need to work on relaxing at night so that I can sleep better. It really changes my whole outlook on life when I sleep. When I don't sleep well I wake up in the morning with a headache. It's not a good way to start your day. If any of you suffer with the same problem I have found a little trick. Whenever I feel a headache come on I take two Midol. I know they are meant for PMS but they work miracles for me. They turn a day that could be horrible into a completely normal day. I am so thankful I have something that works. I haven't taken any migraine medicine since I figured out this trick.

I am really going to stay motivated because once I get to 165 I know I can make it to 160 no problem. I always seem to get stuck every 10 pounds. Maybe it is just my bodies way of adjusting. At this point I think it is just me being lazy and enjoying food to much. :)

So now that I have said it I really have to stick to it. I am going to be below 166.6 in less then 2 weeks. This is going to take a lot of work but I know I can do it. I really want it. This means that next week when my hubby goes back to work I am going to spend three days a week at the gym working my butt off and loving it. I am so ready to get back. I really miss the sweaty time to myself.

Also, I am going to have to plan my meals better instead of throwing something together at the last minute. It is way to stressful that way. Another thing I am going to do is write down everything that goes in my mouth. When I was doing Weight Watchers online in the past it really worked. Maybe I just need to do it to get me over this plateau.


How do you get past your plateaus?


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Key To Enjoying A Picnic

Another busy day for me. My husband is off work this week and since we can't afford to go away on vacation this year we decided to do day trips. It has been a lot of fun! Actually it is just nice spending time with my husband.

An update on the picnic weekend. I did awesome! Ok, maybe not as awesome as I could have but I did really well. Day 1 picnic I didn't overeat at all. I ate more during lunch then I would have normally at home but way less then your normal picnic. That and I really tried to stay healthy and only rice pudding for dessert. I'm telling you. This is the key to enjoying a picnic. I can't believe I didn't figure this out years ago. I felt so great, because I wasn't stuffed and bloated, that I had so much confidence. I talked to anyone and everyone and really just enjoyed being me. It was great!

Day 2 Picnic was even better. I really didn't eat much at all. My plate was to full for a hot dog or chicken bbq when I got to it so I went without. It was a good choice. I picked at my plate of food (which was awesome) the whole time I talked to everyone. My Church family was so interested in my photo shoot and Magazine feature that I really didn't have much time to think about eating. I had a blast and I didn't even finish everything on my plate and no dessert. Now that's what I call being good at a picnic. Thanks so much for all of your support on the blog and on my pudget FaceBook account. You guys are great!

Off for another fun day with the family. We are eating lunch at home and then packing our dinner. That way we are eating healthy and saving money. It doesn't get much better then that!

Have a great day!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Picnic Time!!!

I'm getting ready to go to a family reunion! I am really praying that my appetite is small and that I can have a little self control today. I didn't sleep well so I am not making any guarantee's. :) Just kidding. I am going to try my best.

My goal for today is to not fill myself until I feel like a bloated pig. I hate that feeling. I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. The dreaded feeling of not being able to move after you eat in fear of getting sick. It's even more fun when you have a 2 year old to chase around. You would think that knowing this would prevent me from doing it again but of course it can't be that easy. Unfortunately as soon as I see Tandy Kakes I am done for. If you haven't ever had Tandy Kakes you are missing out. They are thin yellow cake with peanut butter on top and then a nice thick layer of hardened chocolate on top of the peanut butter. Ok, I really need to stop thinking about them or I am not going to be able to stop myself from eating them later. I am telling all of you right now that I promise not to eat any Tandy Kakes today. This way I am accountable to all of you. Make sure you check up on me later. :)

I am going to make today more about having fun with family and friends rather then the usual eating my way through the picnic. I definitely feel better after having a good conversation then I do after a good, fat, greasy burger.

Today I declare that picnics are no longer about eating. They are about socializing! Socializing is one thing that I love almost as much as eating! This is going to be my new motto whenever I go to a picnic. You are welcome to borrow it if you would like! :)

Tomorrow is our Church picnic so I am really going to need to remember my Motto the entire weekend. I am really hoping it will stick! Wish me luck with my self control. It is not something I am particularly good at. Weekend here I come!

Bring It On!!!!


How do you stay away from the picnic binge?


Thursday, June 24, 2010

And The Number Is.... Week 77 Weigh In

Somehow I completely missed two weigh in's. I would tell you what I weighed but honestly I can't remember. I know at one point I was up to 178 but I think some of that had to do with the time of the month.
Today when I weighed in I was happy to see that I am back down to 170.6. Now that things have calmed down a bit I have been able to start to focus more on my weight loss.

Next week is going to be an interesting week for me. My husband has the week off so we are going to be doing some day trips. I'm not sure what we are going to be doing but we are excited to spend some time together. I just have to be careful with what I eat. We will be packing our lunch everywhere we go in order to save money. I bought some 98% fat free turkey and chicken lunch meat, light cheese sticks, Sugar free pudding, Ritz Sour Cream and Onion Chips. If I stick to that I will be fine. I just need to stay away from the sweets. :)

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: No exercise at the gym or at home. I wish I would have had time but I am still catching up on the housework and grocery shopping. Plus I just started potty training my 2 year old. It's been a busy week. I hope to get in some exercise next week during our day trips. It will be so nice to have my hubby home for a few days.

2. Water: I drank so much water I can barely believe it. I knew that I needed to flush my system out after the way I had been eating. I think it helped.

3. Late night eating: None at all!!!!

4. Snacking: I've been doing good with my fudge pops from aldi and string cheese.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I actually have been doing good with my veggies. Not so much with my fruits. I just didn't have the money to buy watermelon and cantaloupe and I am picky with which fruits I will eat. I actually just bought both of them today. I can't wait to eat them. Yum!

Still Struggling

I'm still struggling to get my weight back into the 160's. This plateau is a really tough one for me to get past. My body seems to be quite content at this weight. Maybe it is just that I like to eat to much and I don't want to eat any less. :)

I have a feeling that this is all in my head. I need to get myself motivated again to push past this plateau. Sometimes it just seems so easy to just stay here at this weight. I am so much happier with the way I look and feel but then I realize that I don't want to stay at this weight. I want to lose more.

It's going to be super hard to lose the next 20 pounds but I know I can do it. I know the less you way the harder it is to lose and the slower you lose. I am really not looking forward to that. What I do know is that I am determined to do it and I am going to continue to enjoy the journey until I get there.

It is so nice to be happy with myself while I am losing weight. I remember in the beginning of my journey I used to cry because it felt so hard and it felt like I was losing so slowly. I was so unhappy with myself and with the way I looked. Now I am a completely different person. I have confidence. I am comfortable with myself. I like the way I look. I like who I am and most of all I am happy with myself.

Even though your journey may seem slow moving don't give up. It is so worth it in the end. No matter how long it takes. My daughter just reminded me of this today. She was looking at my pictures as they scrolled across my laptop screen. She saw one of me after I had lost 10 pounds. She said to me, "Mommy, why did you cry after Daddy took that picture of you". I can't believe she remembered that day. It was so hard to explain to her what I was feeling back then. Honestly part of me didn't want to remember that day and the way I felt. It almost made me cry thinking about it. I felt so ugly, fat, unhealthy and so many other things. I felt like no one wanted to look at me. That day when I saw the picture my husband had taken I was so devastated. I felt like I had worked so hard to lose those 10 pounds and I couldn't even notice it. I still look the same. I still looked and felt awful. Today when my daughter reminded me of that day I almost cried because it all seems like yesterday that I felt like that. Now I feel great. I feel like a completely new person. I feel healthy and pretty and confident. These are things that I never thought I would ever feel again. Especially after I lost 10 pounds and couldn't notice it.

This is the picture I cried over.

So if you are out there and feel down about your weight loss. Don't give up. Trust me, time flies. A year from now you will be healthier and happier even if today you don't think that is ever possible. Just don't give up on yourself. You deserve to be happy and healthy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eden Home

A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in a product testing campaign for Eden Home. They gave me a gift certificate to order any children's product that I would like. How awesome is that!?!

Eden Home sells Organic Bedding, Organic Clothing and other All Natural Products. When I first went on to the site I was amazed at the great variety of Organic products they offer. I really loved the Organic Home and Organic Bedding products. I would love to have Organic bedding!

Since the product testing campaign was for children's products I of course decided to find an outfit for one of my daughters. It was so hard to choose the outfit and which one to buy for. The clothes are all so cute and soft looking. I love the feeling of Organic Children's clothing.

Check out this little girl's Reversible Hoodie. It was my second choice. I absolutely love it. Another one of my favorites was the "Mr. Croc" Hoodie. It would be perfect for my nephew.

You are probably wondering what I did choose to order. I actually chose an adorable Organic Dress and matching Organic girls Crop Leggins. This has to be one of the cutest outfits I have ever seen.

When the outfit came in the mail it came in the most perfect package. It was very elegantly packaged. It made me feel good to open a package that wasn't in cardboard and bubble wrap. Check out the pictures of what it looked like when I received it.

I hated to open the beautiful packaging but I couldn't wait to see what was inside. Check out this beautiful Organic outfit. I am so in love with it!

My daughter loves it as much as I do. It is so soft! These pictures were taken even after we washed it and it still looks and feels just as nice as the day we received it. I am very happy with the quality of Eden Home's products. Click here to visit Eden Home's site and check out all of the beautiful products they sell.

Also, make sure to click the link below to learn how to win an Organic Baby Shower! Contest runs until June 30, 2010.

How I Eat Healthy On A Budget

Lately I have had many people ask me how I eat healthy on a budget. So in today's post I decided to share a little on this topic.

1. I never go to the grocery store with out knowing what I have at home in my fridge, freezer and cupboards. Right now we don't have much but as you will see from my dinner posted below that you can almost always throw something together with what you have around the house.

2. Always try Aldi first. I am at the point now that I know what Aldi carries and what they don't but always make a list and then check off the items you can get at Aldi first. This step is very helpful.

3. Make a list! This is the most helpful thing that I have found when you are on a budget. I make a list of all of the ingredients in my recipes (minus what I already have in the house). Then I go through the list and count up approximately how much it will cost me to make sure I don't go over my budget. If I think I am over I will cross off items that I can do without. Then I separate my list by store (Aldi, Walmart, Giant, Weis). As I go through the store I cross off the items that I have found. It makes life so much easier when you have a list. I don't know about you but if I walk into Walmart without a list I am lucky if I walk out without spending $100. It is so easy to get off track without a list.

4. Coupons are another one of my favorites. You can read my post on coupons here. I love this post. It is nice to read about my beginning learning experiences of buying healthy food on a budget.

5. Eating Leftovers. Before I started this weight loss journey I thought nothing of throwing out leftovers every night. They weren't my thing so I didn't eat them. Now I am a whole new person. You do what you have to do to get by. So now I eat leftovers. Usually we wait a day so we don't get sick of them or sometimes I can take what we had and turn it into a completely different meal. Sometimes I will add rice or potatoes or Smart Taste pasta and make a little casserole or even take the meat and just add a new side dish. Eating leftovers isn't so bad if you get a little creative!

6. Being creative with the food you have in the house. On nights like tonight I find this trick very helpful. It's been a busy week with the beach and the photo shoot so I really didn't do much planning. It has also been financially hard because of going to the beach. It wasn't an expensive vacation at all but with gas, tolls and parking meters it all adds up. So this week we have just been eating what we have in the house. It definitely make my job harder but sometimes being creative is a lot of fun. Last nights dinner was reduced fat pancakes, scrambled eggs and turkey sausage links. Cooking breakfast for dinner can always be inexpensive and healthy and the kids love it. Tonight I threw together a Shepard's pie in a not so traditional way. I used the ingredients that I had in the house. I will post some pictures below to show you how I made it. I find the "eating from what you have" method to be one of my favorites. As long as I have some sort of meat in the freezer I can throw something together. It comes in very handy when you are having a hard week financially.

1 lb of beef found in the freezer (fried w/ a little salt and pepper)

2 cans of green beens from the cupboard (drained)

1 can of carrots from the cupboard (drained)

5 slices of Weight Watcher's pepper jack 2% cheese slices and 2 (2%) American cheese slices found in fridge

6 servings of instant potatoes (milk, water and salt) - no butter because I was out of it

The finished product was incredible. It had so much flavor from the Weight Watcher's pepper jack cheese. The whole family loved it! Another recipe success. :)


Here are some other great tips that I wrote about in an earlier post. It is always good for me to reread this post and remind myself of all of the great ideas I used in the past. I hope they help you too!

10 Ways To Save Money While Losing Weight

from: March 3, 2009
Jessica Brown - Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget

Lately I have been struggling with eating healthy on a budget. I guess I thought it was going to be a little easier then it is. Sometimes it is really hard to buy all of the fruits, vegetables and lean meats that I need and still stay within my budget. It seems like everything is getting so expensive. So, today I decided to do some research on eating healthy while spending less. Here are some of the ideas I have found and already use or plan to use in the future.

1. Bulking up with beans. This is a new one for me. I am not really familiar with beans. Don’t get me wrong I love beans and I use them every once in a while. I love chili and ham and bean soup but that is about as far as my bean knowledge takes me. I have decided to start looking for some new recipes with beans. Not only are they cheap but they are low fat and full of fiber. Which means it will make you feel fuller longer.

2. Eat at home instead of going out to eat. This is something that I am becoming accustomed to. I do love to go out to eat but with my budget I just can’t afford to do it often. Not only is it cheaper to eat at home but it is also easier to eat healthy and know exactly how many calories you are putting in your mouth.

3. Drink lots of water. It’s FREE! This sounds like a given but I know plenty of people that drink 3 or more diet soda’s a day. It probably doesn’t sound that expensive but the cost of soda for your family can really add up every month. I drink a ton of water every day because I really think it helps flush everything out and I seem to feel a little fuller. In the long run I think it helps me to lose weight. I know some people would argue that but for me it works.

4. Exercise at home. Gym memberships can cost you hundreds of dollars a year which can quickly eat away at your budget. Other ways to get the exercise in without a gym membership are to buy a few exercise DVD’s (my favorite - Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred), borrow some from a friend or the local library or take a nice walk or bike ride. There are so many great ways to get free or almost free exercise.

5. Resist buying the 100 Calorie Packs. Instead make your own. Buy the same item in a box and package yourself or bake yourself a few batches of low fat snacks and put them in bags and write the calories or WW Points on the bag with a Black Sharpie. This may take a little more time and effort but it could save you a ton or money.

6. Clip coupons to save a ton. Check out my previous post on clipping coupons.

7. Buy the store brand. If you don’t have a coupon you can always buy the store brand of that product. Usually the store brand has the same taste and quality at a fraction of the price. I normally only buy store brand if I don’t have a coupon or I have tried the store brand and didn’t like it as much as the name brand.

8. Looking for clothes for those in-between sizes. Check out your local thrift store. I can usually find some really nice clothing that has been gently used at a great price. My local thrift store also has a lot of junk so sometimes I have to dig to find what I want but it usually worth the time spent. I haven’t been there in a few months but last time I was there I purchased several Layne Bryant clothes for a few dollars a piece.

9. Buy your fresh fruits and veggies when they are in season or on sale. I like to go to my local farmer's market in the summer and buy fresh fruits and veggies at a fraction of the price that the grocery stores charge. Not only does it taste better because it is so fresh but it is a really fun experience for my kids. My oldest daughter loves to visit the farmers market and pick out her own fruit and veggies. Last year she ate 6 plums before we even made it to the car. The girl loves fruit!
When it is not farmer's market season I buy my fruits and veggies when they are on sale. I look at the flyers from my two local grocery stores and choose the ones that are at a great price. With the price of fruit today I really can’t afford it unless it is on sale.

10. Buy lean meets when they are on sale and stock up. In theory this is a great idea. Buy meets when they are on sale and then freeze them in smaller portions. When I first started my weight loss journey and my budget I found this very hard because I lived off of my budget week to week. What I started doing is passing up on some of the great buys. I decided to pick one meat a week that was at a great price and stock up on it. It may sound silly but it really worked for me because of the limited amount of money I had available each week. It took a few weeks but I eventually ended up with a freezer full of meat. Unfortunately after I filled my freezer I took a break from buying meat for a few weeks to save money. So now my freezer is about out of meat. Looks like I am going to have to start stocking up on meats again.


Please leave a comment below with your favorite tip to eat healthy on a budget. I love sharing ideas!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini Vacay On A Budget

I almost forgot to share with you about our little vacation last week. My Sister and Brother-in-law invited us to spend a few days with them during there vacation in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Unfortunately my husband couldn't get off of work so it was just me and the girls. I was so excited to have the opportunity to go to the beach this summer. It was completely unexpected and so sweet of my sister and brother-in-law to share there hotel suite with us.

After a very easy 4 hour drive to Wildwood we spent the day on the beach. My girls loved the water and I loved the warm air and sand. It seemed like as soon as I saw the Ocean I felt a wave of relaxation come over me. It was amazing. I think I would love to live at the beach! :)

Me and the girls!

My most memorable moment of the trip was when my Brother-in-law, Matt, lost his kite. Fortunately it caught on ropes from a nearby hotel pool area. Unfortunately the pool was closed and the gates were locked. Can you guess what we did next? We jumped over a cement wall that was almost as high as my shoulders. It was so empowering to be able to jump up onto a cement wall using my arm strength and back down the other side. I was so excited that I could actually do it. Then we were able to save the kite and hop back over the wall back to the beach. It was such a thrill! I know you probably think I am crazy but it was such fun. :) Thanks for the adventure, Matt!

You can see the white banister looking thing. There is actually a cement wall behind it that we jumped over. So much fun!

Then at night we walked the beach looking for some shells for the girls. It was a beautiful night and we were so excited to see dolphins in the nearby water. It was amazing to see them so close. They are amazingly beautiful creatures. Seeing them was another first for me. Such and exciting trip!

Uncle Matt and the girls.

My girls on the beach.

Makayla picking up a dead horseshoe crab. Yuck!

Then something bad happened. Something very bad. My Brother-In-Law bought 13 soft pretzels and mustard to dip them in. Guess who ate more then a half dozen of these enormous beasts? Me of course! Why can't I resist things like this? I don't know about you but the soft pretzels you get at the beach are one of a kind. I just think they are one of the best foods I have ever tasted. Thanks for the treat Matt! I really did enjoy them.

I know it sounds bad that I ate at least 6 soft pretzels but my sister, Kristin, was awesome at packing our lunches and cooking our dinners. During the day I had sandwiches on bagel thins and for dinner I had Chili one night and grilled chicken salads the second night. Thanks Kristin for helping me stay on track for the week!

On day two at the beach we played in the water and the sand for a few hours and then went inside to eat lunch. It was way to windy to eat on a sandy beach. It was really nice that the hotel was right on the beach. We didn't have a far walk to get back. After lunch I got to watch my absolutely adorable nephew while Kristin and Matt took my oldest daughter to the swimming pool. She enjoyed it so much that I ended up taking both of the girls down to swim in the pool later on. It was a great pool.

Uncle Matt and Maddie building a drip castle.

Getting ready for some pool time!

My adorable nephew!

After the pool we went on a walk for about an hour. It was a beautiful evening and great neighborhood to walk in. I just love that area. It was so nice to get some exercise other then chasing the girls on the beach. :)

Of course after the walk came the Boardwalk. My Mom gave my daughters money to spend and my oldest decided to get a hair braid. She is so funny! She looks adorable with it in. I have decided that I love the boardwalk. It is like a huge carnival every night. It was so much fun that I didn't want to leave.

Maddie with her hair braid.

Kristin, myself and the kids at the boardwalk.

On Day three of our trip we visited the beach one last time and then checked out of the hotel. We decided to spend the day in Cape May, NJ. Wow, this place is so perfect. One of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. I would have loved to have stayed all day but instead we browsed the shops, ate lunch and then headed home. We knew it was going to be a long ride home so we decided to leave early. We were right. With traffic and stops it took us almost 6 hours to get home.

Me and "Jeanne"

Last time at the beach!

Lunch in Cape May
Buying our matching rings in Cape May. It's amazing how happy a cheap ring can make a little girl.

I am so proud of myself for driving that far from home all by myself. I am not good with directions so this was a big accomplishment for me. Now I feel like I can drive anywhere. As long as I have my GPS. ;)

Thanks Kristin and Matt for a great inexpensive and fun vacation! You guys are great!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Most Exciting News!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure a lot of you have been wondering where I have been this past week. The good news is that I haven't fallen off the weight loss wagon. I have just been extremely busy.

You ask why??? A few weeks ago I received a phone call from Woman's World Magazine. Woman's World is a Weekly National Magazine with millions of readers. They actually called me because they wanted to write a feature story on me and my blog. Can you believe it?! I was so excited but I had to be interviewed and then wait to see if the story was approved which I was told could take several months.

Two weeks later (as of last Tuesday) I got the call. The call telling me that I am going to be featured in Woman's World Magazine Issue 34. The cover date will read: August 23, 2010. It will be on sale 8/19 - 8/25/10. All I can say is "God is Good!". He is awesome! God obviously had his hand in this one. It is amazing to see what God has planned for my life. It's so exciting when you give your life to God and give him complete control. You just never know what kinds of great things God has planned. I've realized that I can't control everything that happens in my life but if I give it to God I do know that his Will is perfect and that he has exciting things planned for me. I decided a long time ago that I want to live my life by God's Will and not my own Will.

I really think I am still in shock. This all happened so suddenly. I actually had my Photo Shoot today! It was amazing! I could not have asked for it to be any better. My photographer, M.J. Mahon, did an awesome job taking picture of me and my family. She took more then 400 pictures. She was so much fun to work with. We really had a blast! I think I could get used to this modeling thing. :)

So now you can see why I haven't been around this past week. Between interviews and my photo shoot and I also went on vacation a few days with my sister and brother-in-law. It has been a crazy week and I am so ready for it to calm down a bit.

I hope you are all doing great! I missed hearing from you this past week and I could barely wait to tell all of you about the photo shoot but I wanted to wait until it was done before I announced anything. Have a great week and I hope to get back on schedule a little more in the next few days. I have tons of new ideas to share so I hope you are ready. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please Vote

Please vote for my girls. I entered them in a contest and the children with the most votes will win a photo shoot. How cool is that?!?!

Thanks so much for all of your help. :)

Click on these two links below and click on the "Like" button below the pictures. You will have to click the "like" button on the main page of Princess Fancy Pants before you can click "like" on the girls pictures. :)

All of your votes are very appreciated!



Thanks again!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Not A Super Hero!

I feel like it has been forever since I have written a post. I guess it really has only been a few days but it has been so crazy around my house that it just feels like time is flying by.

My crazy week began by actually going to the gym. I went Tuesday and Wednesday and I really enjoyed getting back into things. I had planned to go three days but I also planned a huge yard sale so it just didn't work out. I ended up preparing for the yard sale instead of going to the gym.

I actually made out pretty well at the yard sale. It was two days and I made almost $400. It was a lot of work and I am so glad it is over.

I'm sure you would like to know what I ate this past week. Well, for starters after my daughters soccer game on Thur. I ate a whole Chicken Cheese steak in the Garden. Not the low fat ones but the real one's with homemade bread. Yikes! That's what I get for not taking the time to eat all day.

Then onto Fri. I ate 8 pieces of Dominos pizza. I'm not sure if it was out of Yard sale boredom or because I had PMS. Either way it was really bad. After 11 hours of preparation, yard sale and clean up I was completely exhausted. We ended up going out for dinner again. This time I had chicken fingers, fries, coleslaw, a salad and part of my daughters hot fudge brownie sundae. Wow, I really needed some sleep at that point. Who in there right mind orders that much food when they are watching their weight. Crazy!

Saturday was the last day of the yard sale and lets just say probably my worst day of eating. I started out with three regular hot dogs for lunch and then when dinner time came around we decided to get a sitter and go out with my sister, brother-in-law, and a friend and her husband. It was the first time in a long time that we had a night away from the kids. It was WONDERFUL! I almost forgot how nice it is to go out with friends without kids. We went to the Drive-In and watched Karate Kid. It was really good. But before the Drive-In we made a stop at the gas station for some snacks. We bought tons of snacks including lots and lots of candy bars, chips, combo's, meat sticks and soda. After we got there our husbands went to the concession stand and bought more food. So I ended up eating a huge pickle, some chili cheese fries, half a burger, a few onion rings, chips and cheese, King size almond joy, peanut m&m's, and I'm sure some other stuff.

I know this post is slightly embarrassing and you are probably wondering why I am sharing this with you. I am sharing it so that you know that I am human just like everyone else. Even after losing almost 50 pounds I still fall off of the wagon just as much as everyone else but the important part is to realize it and get back on. We all have our moments of weakness and this weekend was mine. Now it is time to write the weigh in post. I will be back with that one tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Frozen Fun The Pudget Way!

It's that time of year. The time when it is starting to get hot and we are all looking for some budget friendly snacks to cool us off. I found a few that I want to share with you.

Aldi - Fit & Active Chocolate Fudge Low Fat Ice Cream Bars

These Fudge Pops are HUGE! $2.99 for a box of 6. Definitely cheaper then Weight Watchers and they taste just as good. I can't say enough good about these ice cream bars. They definitely take care of my chocolate cravings and fill up my belly. :) I love, love, love them!

100 Calories/1 g. fat/5 g. fiber

Aldi - Swirl Stix

My girls love these. They cost $1.98 for a box of 12 (6 assorted flavors). The flavors include cotton candy, banana split, rainbow, very berry, orange dream and applelicious. Great flavors and a great price. I actually bought the Philly Swirl version of these at Wal-mart for the same price. They all taste just as good. I brought them to a picnic and the kids and adults loved them.

48 calories/0 fat/ 0 fiber

My Absolute Favorite!!!

Philly Swirl - Sweet 16

Only 16 Calories per bar!!! Can you believe this!?! Not only are they low in calories but they are low in price. I bought them for $2.00 at my local grocery store today. I am so excited to have found these. They are so creamy and cold. It is the perfect combination of ice cream and Popsicle. It even gets better. They even have 1 gram of fiber!

These pops come 10 to a box for $2.00. They are sweetened with Splenda and come in three assorted flavors. The flavors are Raspberry and Vanilla, Cherry and Vanilla (my fav.) and Orange and Vanilla.

These are a must try!

16 Calories/0 fat/ 1 g. fiber

PhillySwirl - Fudge Swirl Stix

Three Fudge Flavored Swirls with Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel Low Fat Ice Cream. If you haven't tried these you really have to. They are awesome. I tried the Fudge Caramel and loved it. I really can't wait to try the Fudge & Chocolate Swirl. They look the best!

These Fudge Stix aren't huge but they take care of the chocolate craving for only 57 calories and 0 grams of fat. Not bad at all. I paid $2.00 for them at my local grocery store. I think they cost $1.98 at Walmart.

57 Calories/0 fat/0 fiber

All of these Popsicles and fudgesicles are wonderful and you can't beat the price. They are a fantastic treat for all of us to enjoy this summer without breaking the bank. I hope you enjoy them the Pudget way!

I Love The Gym!!!

I actually made it to the gym today and it felt so good! I forgot how good it feels to work out with no kids around. I really forgot how much I enjoyed going to the gym.

I went on the elliptical for 30 minutes doing the Weight Loss program and cool-down. I think I burned 265 calories doing it. I have to tell you that it was so awful during the first 10-12 minutes that I just wanted to cry and give up. Luckily I had my sister along with me so we just laughed it off and encouraged each other to keep going. I'm sure if she wasn't there I would have never lasted as long as I did. It's funny because by the end I actually could have kept going.

After the elliptical we went on the Cybex (spelling?) machine. I almost wet myself (sorry :)) because my sister had it going so fast that she couldn't stop it and she looked like she was going to fall off. I still can't stop laughing thinking about it. She actually was going so fast with no resistance that she thought the machine was making it go by itself and she didn't know how to stop because her arms were going with the handles and of course I couldn't stop laughing long enough to push the stop button. Not that it would of helped since we figured out that she was actually just making it go to fast herself. It was so funny! We only lasted 5 minutes and about 30 calories on this machine. It was tiring. It was really cool because it felt like a combination of skiing and running at the same time. I might try this one before the elliptical next time.

Then we made our way to the bikes. We rode them for about 15 minutes and only burned maybe 40 calories and decided it was a waste of our time. :) So that was the workout for the day. I am definitely going back tomorrow. It should be fun!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day Trips On A Budget

As you all know I am a stay at home Mom on a tight budget. I have come to realize that many Mom's feel that they can't leave the house because they don't think they can afford to. I just wanted to share with you a few things that myself and a bunch of my stay at home Mom friends have come up with to do with our kids this summer on a budget.

Today we got a group together and went to an amusement park not to far from our house. We all know that amusement parks are expensive especially the food. So what we did was take the kids to the park's swimming pool for the day. We spent the whole day at the pool and had a blast. We packed a picnic lunch and snacks for ourselves and the kids. My girls and I were able to enjoy the entire day at the park for $14.00. We had such a blast. Check out some of the pictures!

We also have other things we would like to do with the kids this summer. Just some fun little day trips.

1. The Crayola Factory - Easton, PA - Price is very reasonable and you can pack a lunch and eat it in their cafateria.
2. A Day at the park - Picnic Lunch
3 Treasure Castle Playhouse - Williamsport, PA - Sounds really cool and $9 per kid for the whole day.
4. Bloomsburg Children's Museum - Bloomsburg, PA - great price and would be perfect to have a picnic in the park after.
5. Rickets Glenn State Park - Lake Jean - Free sand beach on the lake. It is beautiful! It's the same place that I went camping at last year. We can bring a picnic lunch and hang out on the beach all day. It's great.

Look for places like these in your area. Many State Parks have free sand beaches. Also, local pools make for a nice fun day for the kids. I'm sure if you do a little research of your surrounding towns you will be able to find many affordable day trip ideas.
Please let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Back To The Gym ....

Tomorrow I start back at the gym. I called and arranged for the childcare so now I have to go. Can you tell how excited I am? I think I am just overly tired but if I don't start tomorrow I will never start.

I am excited to get past my plateau and I know all it is going to take is some time at the gym. It really isn't that bad. I actually love the gym. It is just getting out of bed and getting my kids there that is the problem. Sometimes I am ready for a nap before I even get there. :)

So tomorrow starts my new goal of going to the gym 3 times a week every week. It is going to be so nice getting back into the routine of exercising. I did it so much last summer and my girls and I really enjoyed it.

I encourage all of you, if you have fallen off of the exercise wagon, to get back into the routine of exercising. It is amazing what it can do not only for your weight loss but for your mood.

Wish me luck tomorrow! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pudget Crock pot Chicken On A Budget

I know I have written about this before but it is such a good idea that I thought I would share it again for all of my new readers or any of my old readers that missed it.

We all know that chicken is very expensive. We also know that chicken is very healthy for us. So how can we eat chicken while on a tight budget? By making chicken the Pudget way!

Pudget Crock pot Chicken On A Budget:

1 large package of chicken- bone-in or bone-out
Seasoned Salt

Spray crock pot with cooking spray. Place all chicken in crock pot and sprinkle with seasoned salt and pepper. Cook on low all day or cook on high for a few hours until fully cooked. Timing depends on amount of chicken.

Once chicken is cooked place on cutting board and allow to become slightly cool. Then cut, shred or cube chicken (depending on the recipes you will be using) and place in individual freezer or storage bags (from Aldi) depending on when you are going to be using it. Mark bags with recipe name, cookbook and page number. Place in freezer or fridge until ready to use.

Budget Friendly Chicken Meals:
- These are all recipes that you can use with your crock pot chicken.

1. Chicken Fajitas -Shredded Chicken and all other Fajita ingredients. Shop at Aldi for your fajitas. They have everything you need at a great price.

2. Chicken BBQ Sandwiches on Bagel Thins (put a little bbq sauce in w/shredded chicken)

3. Better then McDonald's Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

4 Plain Grilled Chicken - Serve with baked potato and veggie for a quick and inexpensive meal.

5. Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Bagel Thins - Mix your cubed or shredded chicken with light or fat free mayo and serve on Bagel Thins. Optional: add sliced grapes and pecans or walnuts.

6. Chicken on your green salad - Serve with light or fat free dressing and 2% shredded cheese.

7. Chicken Quasadilas -Find ingredients at Aldi.

8. Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo - Alfredo Noodles - Whole Wheat or high in fiber if possible, Low fat Alfredo sauce in the jar and cubed chicken.

9. Jessica's White Chicken Chili

10. Chicken Spaghetti - Just like regular spaghetti only add cooked chicken to the sauce instead of hamburger.

11. Chinese Chicken and Broccoli - Recipe will be posted later this week.

I'm sure you have many other recipes that you can add to this list. Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below. I will add recipes and pictures throughout the week when I use my crock pot of chicken.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Picnic Dip On A Budget

I just found a recipe in this month's All You magazine and thought that it sounded great. It is called Fruit dip but I think it would be wonderful to take to a picnic with some pretzels and whatever kind of fruit you can find at a good price. Actually I might even leave out the fruit altogether and just take it to at party/picnic with just the pretzels. This will help save some money. We all know how expensive fruit can be.

Fruit Dip
All You Magazine - Weight Watchers' Cream Cheese Advertisement
Servings: About 12
(Makes 23 tbsp)
Serving Size 2 tbsp
1 Point Per Serving

1 - 8 oz. bar Weight Watchers' Reduced Fat Cream Cheese Spread (room temperature)
1/4 Cup Marshmallow Fluff
3 tbsp. Sugar-free seedless raspberry preserves

Combine all ingredients. Blend thoroughly. Serve with fresh fruit.

PUDGET Substitutions:
1. Purchase Aldi or Walmart brand reduced fat cream cheese for approximately $1.00

2. Purchase Marshmallow Fluff from Aldi or Walmart.

3. Sugar-free seedless raspberry preserves can be very pricey. Check your local Walmart or Aldi. I'm not sure if they sell this product. If not you can always buy Sugar-free strawberry preserves. Strawberry preserves are usually priced less then raspberry.

4. Double or triple this recipe. I think you will need a larger amount for a picnic and why not since you have all of the ingredients. Just pick up an extra one or two blocks of reduced fat cream cheese and you are set.

5. Serve with pretzels instead of fruit to save a lot of money.

I think I am going to try making this for my friends 30th Birthday party tomorrow. I will let you know how much it costs me and how well it goes over.

2010 Swim Suit Shots

This post was supposed to be a comparison of me last year in a swim suit to this year in a swim suit. Unfortunately when I tried to put the two side by side it really wasn't possible to compare because the one picture was taken so far back.

Anyway, if you want see last years swim suit picture you can click here. That picture was taken in July of 2009 and I weighed 183 pounds.

I decided that since I did it last year I should be brave enough to do it again this year. So here goes. These are pictures that my sister took of me yesterday in my swim suit. Yesterday I weighed in at 172.2.

My sister made me pose like this. :)

I don't know about you but I hate seeing myself in a swim suit. I just feel like all of my imperfections are being flaunted to the world. I am really hoping it is just my perception and that it really isn't as bad as I think it looks.

I think I am so self conscious about wearing a bathing suit in front of people because swim suits are always so form fitting. I guess maybe I should have bought one that was a little wider around my belly. Then it would have hung nicer. But I just loved the color and it was the only swimsuit in the whole store that color. I love being unique so of course I had to get it.

I just keep telling myself that if I lose another 10 pounds I will feel completely comfortable in it. Now it just comes down to losing those 10 pounds.
How do you feel about yourself in a bathing suit and how do you deal with it?

For The First Time Ever .....

I can wear a size 10!!! After 1 1/2 years of being on my weight loss journey I have finally made it down to a size 10. I can't believe it. It was so worth the wait and all of the hard work.

I still can't believe that for the first time in my life I can wear size 10 clothing. It just sounds to crazy. I guess it's because I have never been this size in my entire life. It's way more exciting then I ever dreamed of!

My next goal is to be completely in a size 10. Right now I am in some size 10's and some size 12's. Which I am ok with. Baby steps, right? :) I'm just thrilled that the only two size 10 shorts I tried on fit me.

I wanted to share some pictures of me in my size 10 shorts and medium dress. That's right. I can now wear medium clothing. It feels so weird to go from size 18 bottoms to size 10 bottoms and size XXL shirts to size Medium shirts. Honestly, it almost doesn't seem real. I still have trouble seeing myself as a size 10 and I am still in shock that they fit when I try them on. :)

Me in my size 10 Camo outfit. I just loved it because it is so not me. But it is so fun to wear. I would have never worn Camo when I was a size 18. It just feels good to have the confidence now to wear what I want and have fun with it.

My husband snapped this when I wasn't looking. I thought I would share. I know that not many people would post a picture like this but wow what a difference from when I was 47 pounds heavier. I have to say that I like my curves. I hope that when I meet my goal weight I still have them.

And onto my size medium dress. All of my life I have wanted to wear a dress like this and just have never had the confidence to do so. I love it! It is such a fun dress. I have only worn it once but I think I prefer it with the straps. I guess it depends on where I am wearing it.

And The Number Is.... Week 74 Weigh In

I'm not sure about you but the Holiday Weekend was such a killer for my weight loss. I don't know what got into me. I acted like I could eat anything I wanted and I know that I really can't. Not without gaining weight anyway. I think the better I feel about myself the more likely I am to overeat in public. I don't know why but I do remember last summer I was so much stricter.

I stepped on the scale yesterday and my weight was 171.8. That is a 2.2 pound gain for the week. Yikes!!! I wish I could blame it on water weight or something but I can't. I just ate way to much food.

I really need to find a way to not gain 2 pounds every time I have a picnic. If I don't stop it now I will never get this extra weight off.

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: Not really. The week and weekend were so crazy that I didn't even make time for it. That's my own fault. Things will be changing next week. I will share more about that in a later post.

2. Water: I drank a lot of water.

3. Late night eating: No late night eating.

4. Snacking: I ate lots of snacks at the picnic but when I wasn't at the picnics I didn't snack much at all if any.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: Need to eat more this week.

What do I need to work on for next week: Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surprising Food Find

I have to tell all of you that I am shocked at what I just discovered. Steak-uum sliced steak are only 3 P's a piece! That is 100 calories and 9 grams of fat. Not bad! I was so exited when I sat down to a cheese steak in the garden at dinner for only 5 P's. Seriously, this is amazing! I actually ate one with lettuce and cheese and one with just cheese. I should have only had one but they were so good! It's funny because I always thought the frozen sliced steaks were really unhealthy. I am so glad I decided to check. I also ate two ears of corn on the cob with my cheese steaks.

Check out this morning's breakfast!

Pudget Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie with strawberry's from my parent's garden. Yum!!!

And for lunch my sister made me the Outside In Cheeseburger Patties from the Hungry Girl 1-2-3 Cookbook. The only difference is that she used the light French Onion Laughing Cow cheese because that is what she had. It was still great. This recipe is definitely one of my favorites.

It seems like I have gotten myself back on track so far this week. I hope I can continue this throughout the rest of the week. Otherwise my weight is going to be up from my crazy food filled weekend. :)


What is your most surprising Food Find? I would love to get a list started to give everyone some new ideas. Leave your answer in the comments section. I will start us off.


Did I Really Eat That Much Food???

What a wonderful Holiday weekend! We had a great time celebrating the Men and Woman that serve our Country. They make so many sacrifices to make our Country what it is today. I am so grateful for everything they have done and continue to do to protect us and our Country.

I had way too much fun this weekend! Friday I spent the evening with one of my best friends in the World. We had a spur of the moment get together and had so much fun. We ate dinner around 11pm and I didn't get home until almost 2am. It was so much fun getting together with one of my College roommates and just catching up on life. Unfortunately I ate so much food. I had a small blizzard at Dairy Queen and then two chicken cheese steaks and strawberry shortcake for dessert at Tara's house. What was I thinking? I know not to eat that much. I think I just got so caught up in the fun of feeling great and being with a great friend that I didn't think about what I put in my mouth.

Then on Sat. I had another picnic. I had BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, and tons of sides. I ate more then I should have but not as bad as Friday night. Luckily I made an Apple Spice cake for dessert. I ate two pieces and boy was it good. I also made dirt dessert (not very healthy) but the kids loved it.

Aunt Diana and I - She is the best Aunt in the entire world!

My Girls before Church on Sunday.

Maddie picking Strawberries

The worst part of my weekend was when I ate 3 donuts in one sitting. (Thanks Becky!) ;) I was so tired and thought that I could stop at one. I was definitely wrong. After 3 donuts I decided to go to bed. I should have done that before I ate the donuts. Again - not thinking straight.

We had another picnic on Monday and when they say that a picture is worth a thousand they were so right. Check out this picture. It pretty much tells you exactly how well I ate.

Those really aren't all of my plates. But it does make a funny picture! :)

My Husband looks so thrilled in this picture.

Making S'mores over the fire. Can you believe I only ate one?!

Chasing my daughter out of the neighbors yard.

We really did have a wonderful Holiday weekend despite my eating. I guess I am just going to put it behind me and get back on track.


How did you do this Holiday Weekend?


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