Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Love Being In My Twenties!

For a few more hours anyway. :( Tomorrow is my 30th birthday and I just had to say that I am in my 20's one more time before I can never say it again.

On the bright side I feel better now then I ever have in my life. So it is kind of hard for me to complain about going to be 3o's. My husband had some exciting things planned for the weekend so I am actually looking forward to my Birthday instead of dreading it. It is so sweet. My husband and my daughter have been planning something for I don't even know how long. It is so sweet to watch him trust her with the secret. She is so serious about it. I just love that they love me so much and want to do something special for me. Know matter what it is.

Here is a picture of me on my last night in my 20's. I cut my own hair yesterday just for fun. It didn't turn out very well but I wasn't really that worried about it because I am going to get it cut (professionally) tomorrow. I'm excited to see Joy and get a new style and color. It's been awhile and I am ready for a change.

30's Here I Come!!!


Last night my husband and I had a really nice date night. Unfortunately I decided to go overboard on the eating. I ate appetizers, salad, steak, shrimp, potato's and of course dessert. When will I ever learn? I felt so sick all nigh from it but it was so so good.

Then today my sister took me for lunch at Applebee's I had a fork and knife steak sandwich, garlic fries and Asian taco's for an appetizer. I don't know what is wrong with me. I just can't stop. Since tomorrow is my actual birthday I'm not sure what it will bring. I am hoping I can control myself a little better then the past two days.


I almost forgot. I wanted to show you a picture of my new favorite lunch. 93/7 cheeseburger (2 % cheese) fried sweet potatoes (PAM) and green beans. I love, love cheeseburgers. Tomorrow I am trying them on a bagel thin for lunch. Yum!

What is your favorite lunch?

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Plan To Lose 10 More Pounds!

My interesting breakfast!

I go to my sisters house for breakfast very often. So a few weeks ago she made me a breakfast that I am hooked on. She fried up some turkey sausage patties (on sale at Weis markets a few weeks ago buy one get one free) and then fried 1 serving of egg beaters and put both on top of a bagel thin. The most important part is that she ate it dipped in sugar free syrup. It sounds a little gross but now I am hooked.

I was feeling very hungry when I woke up today so I decided to make my sisters famous breakfast sandwich. Only I used two turkey sausage patties, and 2 egg whites. It was such a good filling breakfast. It filled me up so fast that I couldn't eat the beautiful strawberries.


Yesterday I mentioned that I have a plan on how to lose my next 10 pounds. It actually involves my sister. What's better then a little sisterly competition. Anyone that knows my sister and I knows that we are very competitive. :)

If only I had pictures of us racing through the Huge blow up obstacle course bounce house thing a few weeks ago. Now that was fun and quite funny for everyone else watching I'm sure. :) After almost losing my pants I officially won the race. Only after pulling my sister down from the top and throwing her back into the big punching bags (that's when she pulled me by my ankles and almost pulled my pants off). Ah, sisterly love! I can't remember that last time I had that much fun.

Back to the plan.
My sister Heather and I have decided to have a little weight loss competition. We will be starting this Thursday, April 1st. The 1st one of us to lose 10 pounds on or before May 13th will win. If neither of us lose ten pounds by then the one who loses the most will win. You are probably wondering what the prize is. I am pretty excited about this part. Since Heather and I have both recently gotten into a size 12 we thought it would be fitting to go together and pick out a SIZE 10 outfit and a gift card to buy matching sandals in our size. I am so, so excited. The idea that I could wear a size ten just thrills me. I've never worn a size 10 in my life so you can see why this is so exciting.

We are going to split the cost of the outfit and gift card and the 1st person to lose 10 pounds will win the outfit and gift card for sandals. We wanted to do something that wouldn't cost us to much but would also give us a big incentive to win. I think the size 10 is really the best incentive for me. Wow! I'm still in shock that this is my next size down.

We are going shopping sometime this week or next so I will post the pictures as soon as I can. Each week my sister, Heather, and I will be writing a post about our progress and also giving some tips on what is helping and what is not. I really hope that seeing our perspectives on our weight loss journey will help all of you with your weight loss journey.

I can't wait until the end of the contest to post pictures of one of us wearing a size 10 outfit. So exciting!


What type of incentives do you use to help motivate yourself to lose weight?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

And The Number Is...Week 64 Weigh In

This week was much less stressful then the last. My husband is doing much better which of course takes a lot of stress off of me. Thank you again for all of your prayers.

I enjoyed getting caught back up with my housework this week. I never thought I would say that but now that I have it all so organized I don't want things to change. Later on this week I will share with you how organizing my house has made it much easier for me to concentrate on my weight loss and save me money.

I also spent a lot of quality time with my girls. One of my favorite things to do. My husband and my girls are my life. I love when we can just relax and have fun. Yesterday I took my oldest daughter swimming. We had so much fun having some mommy and daughter time. I will admit that it was hard for me to be in my bathing suit in front of everyone. I felt very self-conscious at first. It's like I felt like I would have 45 pounds ago. I'm hoping at some point this will go away and I will realize that I don't look like that anymore. I did get over it after I was in the water and really enjoyed myself. I will never allow the way I feel about myself to affect my children. This is why I am working so hard to be healthy. It was so funny because when I got out of the pool and went into the bathroom to get changed I looked into the full length mirror. I was shocked to see what I saw. I actually looked good. I'm not saying that I look awesome in a bathing suit but I was shocked that the picture in my head was totally off. I really did look great compared to that picture in my head. I really need my mind to catch up with me. It would make my life so much easier.

When I stepped on the scale this week I was very pleased to see 169. This is my lowest weight so far (by .4). That's a 2.4 lb loss for the week. I am excited to be back down into the 160's. I really can't wait to be in the 150's! I have a plan for that. I will share that with you tomorrow.

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: no gym, the shred or running. I plan to do all of these this week.

2. Water: Yes - I did great with water.

3. Late night eating: I finally got past this one again.

4. Snacking: Snacked on fruits and veggies (and FF dip) this week.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I ate lots of fruits and veggies this week. Cantaloupe, grapes and strawberries.

What do I need to work on for next week:

I need to get back to the gym and to running. I have missed it so much. I really want to get my body to the 150's and I know exercise is the only way. That and it makes me feel strong when I exercise. I love the after exercise High!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Feel Good!

I am posting some pictures today just for fun because they totally explain how I feel right now!

I feel:


Does it get much better then this?!!! I feel GOOD!

This is me and I am lovin it!!!

I know this post is odd and out of the blue but I just want to show all of you how much my life has changed this past year and 3 months. In January of 2009 I would have never said any of the words listed above because I didn't feel that way or even dare to think that way back then. Not because I shouldn't have but because I was not happy with the way I looked and the way I felt. I know that I am not perfect today (as you can clearly see above ;) ) but I am so, so happy. It is like taking control of my health and my eating has given me a whole new look at life. I feel happy and confident. I know that I am no super model but I feel beautiful inside and out. And I am so thankful to God for that.

I can't take credit for feeling the way I do. You may ask why. The answer is because God made me who I am today. God has been with me throughout this whole journey. Holding my hand the whole way. That is what makes my journey so amazing! Not only did I lose weight but I have become closer to God though out my journey. When it felt to hard to do this I knew that I had God helping me through. When I felt the urge to skip a meal to lose a pound I knew it wasn't the right thing to do because God has commanded us to not harm our bodies. God gave me this body and I am going to keep it healthy and strong and take care of it the way He wants me to. This is the true reason I am happy. Thank You God!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

And The Number Is...Week 62 & 63 Weigh In

It been a rough few weeks. My husband has been having more health problems and that is why I haven't been around for a while. It has just been a little crazy around here. After an interesting ride to the hospital in an ambulance my husband had to stay overnight in the cardiac care unit. It was a stressful few days of testing and appointments. The Doctor's finally put him some new medicines and we are praying that they help and that we won't have any more trips in the ambulance.

As for eating I have been doing fairly well. Don't get me wrong. I had my fair share of stress eating but I have been trying hard to make up for it by eating healthy on the days that I could. Last Thursday when I weighed in I weighed 171.8. Up by .8 of a pound. This past Friday when I weighed myself I weighed 171.2. Which is down .6. So over all not to bad considering the craziness.

I kept myself on track by making egg salad, tuna salad and chicken salad through out the week. They are inexpensive, easy to make and taste Delicious on Bagel Thins (especially the everything one's). It makes for a quick, easy meal along with some grapes, watermelon (thanks Heather) or pears. These 1 P bagel thins are really helping me stay on track. For breakfast I have been eating scrambled egg substitute and a 1 P turkey sausage on a bagel thin. It's a great 3 P breakfast. Sometimes I skip the eggs and put 2 turkey sausages on if I am not in the mood for eggs. I hope I never get sick of the bagel thins because they are so good and such a great price. I found them for $2.50 at walmart this past week.

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: no gym, the shred or running. If I get rid of this stomach bug I will be going back to the gym tomorrow. It's been way to long.

2. Water: Yes - I did ok with water.

3. Late night eating: Unfortunately the past 4 nights I have gotten up to eat a snack in the middle of the night. I hope it is just stress and it will stop soon.

4. Snacking: Snacking was my problem this week. Luckily I don't have unhealthy snacks in the house so I over snacked but at least it was healthy.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I ate lots of fruits and veggies this week.

What do I need to work on for next week:

I need to get back to the gym and try to start running again. After not running for so long it isn't looking good for my 1/2 marathon. I think I am ready to get back to it. I am just afraid that I won't be able to do it anymore.

I'm sorry for not keeping you all updated. So many of you sent me sweet emails and messages. It means so much to me that you care. Thank you for caring and thank you for your prayers. I hope you all had a great couple of weeks.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Hungry, Hungry Day

Wow, what a hungry day I had yesterday. I felt like I was starving all day. It was awful. I haven't had one of those days in a few months. I actually inhaled Kraft Mac & Cheese for dinner last night. I haven't had it in years but I was so hungry that it didn't even matter that I don't really like it.

At least today was a better day. Lunch was a tuna fish sandwich on wheat bread and sun chips. Sun Chips are so addicting. I guess that is why I only buy them like once a year. Dinner was a fat free hot dog on a wheat roll, peas and baked french fries. Nothing fancy but it was easy to make and it tasted good.

Also for a snack today I had Weight Watchers Lemon Iced cupcakes. Weight Watchers sent them to me to try and review. I have to tell you that I absolutely loved them. Maybe a little to much. They have this awesome cream type pudding in the middle that makes them so refreshing. I was very pleased with them. Unfortunately the box is gone already. I gave two to my sister to try, my daughter had one (and begged for more) and I ate three. But for 1 point a piece I can't get upset with myself for eating three. They are really, really good!

Have you guys tried the Thomas Bagel Thins? They are awesome!!! I have been having them for lunch the past few days with chicken salad. I really want to try them with egg salad and tuna salad. I think they are so much better then Arnold's Sandwich thins. They taste just like a bagel and really who can resist a bagel with less calories but the same great taste. You have to try them. The best part is that you get 10 in a pack for about $3.99 and they freeze great. I just pull on out of the freezer about 10 minutes before I am ready to eat and it is perfect by the time I make my sandwich. They have several different flavors. I know they have plain and everything but I'm not sure what else. I love the everything and my sister is addicted to the plain. You really should try them!


What type of low fat sandwich do you think sounds good on a bagel thin?


Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Winners Of The Pudget 30 Day Challenge Are...

Today is the day. The day that I announce the winners of the Pudget 30 Day Challenge. Like I have said so many times. I am so proud of all of you that participated. You all did great and I am so impressed by your results after the challenge of doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for 30 Days. I am so excited to share them with all of you.

And the Out Of Town First Prize winner is Beth B.!!!! Congrats Beth. She actually did the shred every day for 30 days and lost 5.4 Pounds. Beth is an awesome woman and I am so glad she won the "My favorite things prize pack". She is such a strong woman. I have really gotten to know her the passed 30 days and I am so impressed with her strength and her determination. She is going through so much right now and she has two small children yet she still worked hard and gave her all in this contest. I really can't tell you how impressed I am and how much I admire her. She really does deserve this prize. Congrats again Beth! I can't wait to go shopping for you. :)

Check out Beth's before and after pictures. She looks great. I can really see a difference in her middle and her legs.

Beth's Before Picture: Beth's After Picture:

And the Out Of Town 2nd Place Winner is Beth M. Congrats Beth!!! You just won $10 in E-Tupperware gift certificates from Tupperware Manager, Nyky Crabb. Beth did an awesome job through out this contest. She really worked hard and did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 24 of the 30 Days. She even worked through a lot of soreness. I think that is awesome. She also lost 7 Pounds. Check out her before and after pictures. I can really notice a difference in Beth's stomach and sides. Great job Beth!!!

Beth M.'s before picture: Beth M.'s after picture:

And an Honorable mention goes to Jen S. I couldn't give out the prizes for this contest and not give this awesome woman something. Jen did the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 18 Days and lost 18.5 pounds. Isn't that awesome?!! I am so proud of her and I just had to give her a prize for all of her effort. So the third place winner will receive a copy of a great new cookbook that I will be reviewing in the next few weeks. It is called Family Feasts For $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn. Congrats Jen and I hope you like the cookbook and your new body. You look great!

And now to the In Town Winners. The 1st Place winner is Heather. Heather is actually my sister. She did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred 25 days and lost a totol of 7 lbs. I am so proud of her. She was so dedicated to this challenge even with suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. Great job Heather! You look awesome. Check out Heather's before and after pictures. She has always carried her weight in her stomach but look at her now. That is where I notice the biggest difference. Congrats Heather! Enjoy your awesome makeover from Joy at All About You Hair Salon in Bloomsburg and your $75 in Tupperware from Tupperware Manager Nyky Crabb! I am feeling so jealous. :)

Heather's Before Pics: Heather's after pics:

And last but not least is the In Town 2nd Place Winner. Congrats Sabrina!!! You just won a mini makeover from Joy at All About You Hair Salon in Bloomsburg! Sabrina is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She has such a good heart and I really enjoyed getting to know her better over the last 30 days. Sabrina and I have so much in common. We struggle with stress eating and eating to much pizza. :) We are trying to fight it together. Sabrina is so tough. She did level three for 23 days. I told her that she is nuts. I could only handle it for one day but she did it 23. Now that is a strong girl. She also lost 3.8 pounds. You did great Sabrina and I am so happy that you won the mini makeover. I hope you enjoy it.

Check out Sabrina's before and after pictures. She doesn't like them but I see a huge difference and I think she looks wonderful!

Sabrina's Before Pic: Sabrina's After Pic:

Congrats to all of you ladies! I hope you all enjoy your prizes. You deserve them. And a big thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. So many of you stuck it out and completed the challenge. I would have loved to mention all of you and give you all prizes because you all worked so hard. I am proud of every single one of you. You all did a great job! Thanks so much to everyone that participated. It was so much fun getting to know all of you. I hope we can do a new challenge sometime soon.

And of course a big Thank You to our Sponsors! Thank you Joy from All About You Hair Salon (in Bloomsburg) for providing makeovers to two wonderful girls. They are going to have so much fun. Joy is my hairdresser and I love her. She is so sweet and caring. She really changed my life the day she cut my hair short. She really is a talented woman and the best hair dresser I know. Thanks for being so generous Joy!

Also, a big Thank you to Nyky Crabb Tupperware Manager. Nyky was kind enough to give away two great prizes for this contest. The 1st place in town winner will be given $75 in Tupperware and the 2nd place out of town winner will be given a Tupperware E-gift certificate. Thank you also for being so generous with your prizes. Click here to check out Nyky's Tupperware site. She sells an awesome water bottle and they just changed the color of it to lime green. I love mine so much I want to get another one.

Thank you again to everyone who was involved with this contest. It was fun and I hope to do another one soon. Feel free to send me any ideas you have. :)

And The Number Is...Week 61 Weigh In

I know I am a little late on this post but it has been a busy week at my house. I was feeling so good this past week that I decided to organize, rearrange and scrub down my entire house. I think I can officially say that my Fibromyalgia Medicine (Cymbalta) is working. Yeah!!! I have energy again.

It was a rough 6 weeks on the meds before the nasty side effect went away but it was worth sticking it out. I thank God that my head is clear again, my energy is back, the nausea is gone, my pain is definitely better and I feel like myself again. It is just a wonderful feeling to have energy again. You don't realize how nice it is to be able to clean your house until you are to tired to do it.

Now you can see why it took me almost a week to get everything scrubbed down, organized and get my life back in order. I am thrilled with the results. I feel so organized and I feel like the stress of having a cluttered house has just disappeared. It felt great to get rid of all of the baby stuff and everything else we don't use. That and no more toys in my living room or dining room. All toys are now in the girls bedroom and playroom upstairs. The new rule is that we fill a small cloth tote every morning and they can bring what they can fit in it down stairs to play with. Whey they want something else they take the old back up and get new. At the end of the night we take everything back upstairs and put it away before bed. It feels wonderful to have my living room back. It feel so big again. It has been almost 6 years since it has looked like this.

Now that I am done telling you about all of my reorganizing I can tell you about this weeks weigh in. On Thursday when I weighed my weight was 171. I was up 1.6 pounds. To be honest I was kind of happy. I ate so much birthday cake and party food that I thought I should have gained 5-7 pounds. Thank goodness I was wrong. So now you can see why I am not very upset about the 1.6 gain. I hope to have it all back off by Thursday. :)

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: no gym, shred or running.

2. Water: Yes

3. Late night eating: way to much cake.

4. Snacking: cake again

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I ate lots of fruits and veggies this week.

What do I need to work on for next week:

I got the ok to run again. I'm not so sure how excited I am about that. It has been nice not to have to find the time to run but I do miss it a little. A very little. :) I definitely need to start exercising again. I think that if I don't I am going to have trouble keeping my weight down.

Make sure to check back later today when I announce the winners of the Pudget 30 Day Shred Contest!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 30 Of The Pudget 30 Day Challenge

Congrats to all of the contestants! You did it. You survived the Pudget 30 Day Challenge. :) I am so proud of all of you who stuck with it and finished this challenge. You all worked so hard and I'm sure have some great results to prove it. This challenge was one of the hardest things I have ever done and I couldn't even do the end of the challenge because of my running injury. It is so hard to do the same exercise every day for thirty days.

I honestly didn't think it was going to be as difficult as it was. The exercise wasn't the hard part. The hard part was making myself exercise. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way.

If you participated in the Pudget 30 Day Challenge please email me your final weight and pictures by tomorrow (Wednesday, March 3, 2010) night at 11:59. I will then figure out the points and announce the winners on Monday, March 8th, 2010. I can't wait to find out who will be the winners of all of the great prizes!

I just wanted to say that I am so proud of all of you who participated and I wanted to thank you all for doing the 30 Day Shred with me for 30 Days. It was hard but we survived and we look better because of it. :) Great job everyone!!!


Today's Awesome Meals:

For lunch today my sister made me the best meal I think I have ever had. It is called Creamy Orzo Risotto with Butternut Squash. It is a Weight Watchers Recipe and it was amazing. Actually amazing doesn't even cut it. It was more then amazing! I love it. The best part is that she sent all of the leftovers home with me. :) That makes me a happy girl.

It was a very filling 5 P meal. I can't wait to have it for lunch tomorrow. The butternut squash tasted like a very "sweet" sweet potato. I put salt on mine to bring out the flavor a little more. Yum!

Creamy Orzo Risotto with Butternut Squash

P's - 5
Servings - 4
Prep. Time - 15 min.
Cooking Time - 25 min.
Level of Difficulty - easy


1 spray cooking spray
2 cups butternut squash, cut into small cubes
1/2 tsp. olive oil
1/8 tsp table salt, or to taste
1/2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 cup uncooked orzo
1 1/2 cups water
1 cup canned chicken broth
1 tsp thyme, fresh, or 8 whole sprigs (sprigs preferred)
2 Tbsp fat-free half and half
1/3 cup grated Parmesan Cheese, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano ( My sister used grated 2% Parmigian cheese)
1/8 tsp table salt, or to taste
1/8 tsp black pepper, freshly ground, or to taste


Preheat oven to 425 Degrees F. Coat a small rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, toss squash with oil and salt; spread in a single layer on prepared baking sheet, leaving space between squash cubes. Roast, stirring halfway through, until squash is tender and lightly browned, about 20 to 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat; add orzo. Stir constantly until orzo begins to smell toasty, about 3 minutes. Add water, broth and thyme sprigs; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low; simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until liquid is nearly absorbed, about 15 minutes.

Remove thyme sprigs; stir in half-and-half, cheese and roasted squash. Season well with salt and pepper; serve. Yields about 3/4 cup per serving.

A medium-sized, 2 pound squash will yield approximately 3 1/2 cups of diced squash cubes.
Peel the outside of a whole butternut squash with a sturdy vegetable peeler. Trim the ends and cut it in half lengthwise. Use an ice cream scoop or melon baller to easily scoop seeds and membrane from each half.
Precut butternut squash is widely available in supermarkets and is a great shortcut for time-pressed cooks. Be sure to trim down the pieces to small, even-sized cubes or slices before roasting to allow for better browning.


Tonight's Dinner:

Tonight I created a Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I have been thinking about doing it for weeks and finally got up the nerve to try it. The whole family loved it. I was surprised at how good it tasted. It will definitely be a meal I will make again. I served it with tomato soup and sliced peaches. Yummy!

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2 slices of low calorie wheat bread
1 slice of pineapple in own juice
1 1/2 slices of 2% American Cheese
1-2 oz prepackaged 98% fat free ham
Spray butter

Spray 1 side of each piece of bread with spray butter. Lay one side down on the pan (like you are making a grilled cheese) and top with 1 slice of cheese, 1 slice of pineapple, 1 to 2 ounces of prepackaged ham, 1/2 slice of cheese and then the other slice of bread (butter side up). Grill until both sides are brown and cheese is melted.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Did I Do That?

Do you ever find yourself thinking this after a binge? That was me yesterday. I found myself feeling very disappointed after eating three big pieces of Cherry Cheese Pie that my Mother-in-law made and two large pieces of yellow cake with chocolate icing. I just kept thinking "Why did I do that?" and "Why couldn't I stop eating?".

The Cherry Cheese Pie was awesome! My Mother-In-Law makes the best pie I have ever tasted. I usually only allow myself a bite or two but yesterday I ate three pieces and didn't even feel full. I was a little shocked by this because I haven't eaten like this in a long time but as soon as I stood up it hit me. Then I realized what I had done. I felt awful for the rest of the night. My stomach felt like it was so bloated and going to explode. I forgot how nasty that feeling can be.

You would think that the stomach ache would have stopped me from doing any more damage but of course it can't be that easy. I'm telling you that "all or nothing" thinking just never truly goes away. Last night was proof that I am always going to have to fight it. Since I ate tons of pie I should have just started my day over by having a light dinner and letting it go. What did I do? I ate a light dinner and two big pieces of yellow cake with chocolate icing. I figured that I had ruined the day already so why not. I hate when I allow myself to think like that.

Now you know why I can not allow cakes, cookies or any other pastry in my house. I loose all self control. It is an awful feeling. Since today is my husband's Birthday I had to allow it but that doesn't mean that I had to eat it.

I've decided that today is a new day and I am going to get back on track. Which means I will not touch the leftover cake on my counter. Would it be mean to throw it away? What should I do with it so that I don't eat it? It will take my husband a week to finish it off and I will be lucky if I can resist it for one day with it sitting in the middle of my counter. What can I do with it so that my husband can still enjoy it but I won't be tempted to eat it?


I am SO HAPPY to announce that tomorrow is the last day of the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge"! I can't believe how fast these 30 days have gone by. I am so proud of all of you who have participated and I can't wait to figure out who will be the winner of these awesome prizes!!!

In-town (or willing to travel):

1st Place - A "Makeover" at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA). This includes a Cut, Color, Wax and Makeup Application. plus,
A Gift Pack worth over $75 in Tupperware from Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

2nd Place - A Cut and Makeup Application or Wax at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA).

Out-of town:

1st Place
- A Gift Basket of my favorite weight loss foods and products.

2nd Place - $1.00 in Tupperware E-Gift Certificates for every pound lost during the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge (minimum of $10.00). Given by Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

I can't wait to see every one's results. Please email me your final weight on Wed., March 3rd along with your updated pictures. Then I can start figuring out the points and the WINNERS!!! I hope you are all as excited as I am. :) Good luck finishing the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge"!


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