Thursday, May 24, 2012

Low Fat Snacks

I just read an article from Good Housekeeping on the best low calorie snacks and I thought you might all like to read it.  I think they have some great snack ideas.

Here are a few of my favorite low fat snacks that I have been enjoying lately.
- VitaTops (chocolate of course)
- Sugar Free/Fat Free Chocolate Pudding with a tsp of peanut butter
- Banana
- Apple
- Cashews
- Pirate's Booty
- String Cheese
- Watermelon
- Sliced Strawberries with Stevia
- Baby Carrots and hummus or dill dip
- Almonds
- Apple Pie Yogurt

What's your favorite Low-Fat Snack?


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Yum. I love those Vitatops.

fancy nancy said...

I love Larabars and also the Vitatops...however I can't be trusted with Vitatops...can't stop eating them!

Kate Witz said...

Thanks for sharing list of low fat snacks. Also view this effective and healthy food ideas, which are useful in weight loss.

gymtherightway said...

Banana always for me. Simple, practical, sweet and even makes you "full" for a while.

Tammie Grey said...

i'll go for bananas

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