Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Disappointed

I had a bit of a disappointing day. Today is my husband's Birthday. We had a great day celebrating but I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to buy him the present that I wanted to. I really wanted to buy him tickets to a Philadelphia Phillie's game. Of course they are all sold out and the only way (if I'm reading it correctly) to buy them is to purchase them from someone that already bought them and is now selling them to make a profit. That just seem so greedy and wrong. Oh well. I told my husband about it and he doesn't want me to purchase them that way. I hope at some point soon I will figure out a way to get them for him. It's been years since we have gone to a game together and now that I'm working I would really love to buy them.

That was just one of my disappointments for the day. I also had a disappointing doctor's appointment today. I went to my Doctor's to discuss my neck pain and migraines. He saw me for all of a minute and then ordered me a muscle relaxer. Not exactly what I was looking for. :( I'm not saying he is wrong in his thinking but I just wish he would have acknowledged my concerns about my neck instead of just blaming it on my Fibromyalgia and sending me home with more meds. I seriously sat in the office wanting to cry. All I wanted was for someone to listen to me and try to figure out why my pain is so bad and I feel like I got brushed off and that my Doctor was too busy to care. Although I am disappointed in the way my appointment went I am going to give the muscle relaxers a try. I prayed before my appointment that I would get some help and some answers today and I am going to leave it in God's hands.

On an better note I got to meet some really great kids today at an event that we hold at our mall. It's called Classroom in the Mall. We have a Chamber Foundation that puts this event together for local high school students to come to the mall and gain some knowledge on how a mall is run and also work with some of the stores to do some really creative activities. I had a great time talking to them about my life and my career. It's always so much fun to tell the younger generation things that you wish you would have been told when you were their age. I also got to judge the Marketing campaigns that they came up with for products they created. They were all so cute and so creative. It really was a lot of fun spending the day with them.

Tonight I had a major accomplishment. Something that I haven't done in a long time. The girls and I took my husband to Applebee's for his Birthday tonight. Applebee's is one of our favorite restaurants but we don't eat there very much because we can't seem to get out of there without our bill being between $60.00 and $80.00. Although we have never been disappointed with their food. We usually go for a special occasion or a birthday treat. My accomplishment was that I was able to control myself and order one of their Weight Watchers meals. And even better I only ate half of it. I know. It felt so good to have a little control. I hope I can continue to have this type of self control. It will definitely speed up my weight loss.

Now it's time for me to get to sleep. Morning comes way too quickly and I have been dragging all week. I hope the two muscle relaxers I took don't keep me from being able to get up tomorrow morning.


Genelle said...

Hi Jessica,

Have you considered chiropractic for your neck? Sometimes I get issues with my neck that give me terrible headaches and the chiropractor has always been able to help me.

Also, I ran across a blog last week that made me think of you. The woman who writes it has fibromyalgia and she has been pain free for a long time. (I can't remember anymore exactly how long.) And she talks about what she did to get there. Thought maybe you might find something encouraging or helpful in it. Hope it helps!

safire said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. Way to go with staying on track!

Mrs Swan said...

Sweet Dreams! I hope the relaxers help but I would set 2-3 alarms juuust in case. Happy birthday to the hubby!!

MizFit said...

HUGE NSV at applebee's woman!!
congrats :-)


AngieG2000 said...

Sorry that your doctor appointment didn't get well. Hope you feel better soon.

Monika said...

Even if you could not get the perfect gift for your husband, I am sure that the best gift for him are your children and you ;-)

Congatulations on a good choice in the restaurant!

Best regards,

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Hey, Jen, are you on Facebook? There's a naturopath I went to in Colorado Springs. He posts a lot of info on facebook and one of his notes is on Fibromyalgia. He has a supplement regimen that is supposed to help. I also agree with seeing a chiro since I've had issues with neck pain and migraines. But some chiros are better than others. I LOVE the one I have here in San Antonio now.

If you aren't on facebook, email me at and I will email you a copy of the note. If you are, look up Dave Frahm.

Journo June aka MamaBear said...

P.S. Have had similar experiences with MDs just giving me meds to mask symptoms instead of looking for the CAUSE! That's why I'll go to a naturopath and chiropractor before I'll go to the MD. Migraines are so debilitating! Will pray you get some answers and REAL help!

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