Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bye, Bye Beachbody!

I've decieded after 6 weeks of drinking the Shakeology shakes that I am no longer going to be a Beachbody Coach or drink the Shakeology.

You are probably wondering why. The shakes taste great but they just aren't doing what I expected them to do. I expected some noticable changes and I just don't see enough of them to justify spending so much each month.

I do enjoy the shakes and if they weren't so expensive I probalby would continue drinking them. Not because they make me feel good or because they have helped me lose weight but because they are a tastey, easy breakfast that is supposed to be healthy.

I have to tell you that I was honestly a little disappointed in the product. With all of their claims I really was hoping for some awesome results. Maybe it was just me and I was looking for too much.

I was hoping for two things from this product. One of them was increased energy. I definitely didn't find that. Number two was weight loss. I have lost 8 pounds since I started drinking the shakes and they may have helped in this area but honestly I have been working really hard with watching my portions, the types of foods I eat and exercising almost daily. I really think that has more to do with the weight loss than the shakes. It's sad to say but I can't say I feel any different today than when I started the shakes 6 weeks ago.

I'm not trying to bad mouth their product. It really does seem to work/help so many people and I think that is wonderful. I just wish I was one of them. :)

I decided last week that I couldn't justify spending that kind of money without seeing some major results so that is why I decided to stop using the product and resign as a Beachbody Coach. I actually paid about $140.00 last month on the product and my coach site and upkeep. That just seemed crazy to me.

Now I am going through the process of canceling my account and resigning as a coach. Easier said than done. It seems like it might be a little tricky to do so. After having trouble finding any information on how to do so I googled it and found hundreds of people that have had trouble getting their accounts canceled. I'm praying I don't have the same trouble. I'm still waiting on a response from their customer service. They said they would get back to me last Thursday but I'm still waiting. I'm praying that they are an honest company and that it all works out.


fancy nancy said...

Good luck with it all! It is expensive and if you can lose weight by making good choices then that works!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks Nancy! I made a little progress today. They canceled two of the accounts for me. Just waiting for them to respond on the last account and I should be set.

Anonymous said...

They were pretty good about cancelling for me too. I stopped the shakes because they just seemed to make me hungrier!

Anonymous said...

They were pretty good about cancelling for me too. I stopped the shakes because they just seemed to make me hungrier!

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