Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My BeachBody Reviews So Far...

I'm finally getting back on to write about my BeachBody experience so far. I started drinking the Shakeology Shakes a week ago Thursday. So far I have lost three pounds. I'm not saying the shakes made me lose the weight by themselves. I have been eating healthy and making sure to drink lots and lots of water.

I fell in love with the Shakeology shake from the first time I tried them. My favorites so far are blending the shakeology with 1 cup of cold coffee, Stevia, almond extract and ice and the second favorite is the chocolate shakeology, 1 cup of almond breeze, 1 banana, stevia and ice. I've been alternating between the two. They are addictingly good. Which is a good thing since they are costing me about $3.00 a day.

I can't say I have noticed too much of a change from the shakeology except for the fact that I am full until lunch when I drink one. I am hoping to notice some other changes as I continue to dring the Shakeology shakes. To learn more about the changes I am hoping to notice click here and view all of the benefits of Shakeology.

Right now I am having trouble with my neck. It has been very painful for me to function the past two weeks. I have had a constant migraine since last Mon. or Tues. I am very thankful for Maxolt (migraine meds). After the migraine and pain not easing up I finally decided to call the Doctor. I go on Thursday to get checked out. I have a feeling it has something to do with the permanent damage I suffered in my neck about 9 years ago in a car accident. I was hit from behind while driving 40 miles an hour and had severe whiplash and damage to several discs in my neck.

I have been chalking up my neck pain to my Fibromyalgia but lately it has been so bad that I am hoping it isn't Fibromyalgia related and that the Doctors can do something to help me.

If you have ever had a migraine you know how hard it is to focus or function. I am honestly having trouble getting through my days. Working, cooking, cleaning and getting the kids to bed have been very hard for me this past week. My husband has been so helpful with the girls. That is the only reason I am still able to function at all. I keep telling myself only two more days until I see the Doctor and then hopefully I can get some answers. Unfortunately I am having trouble finding the energy to do anything but the absolute necessities. Exercise has pretty much flown out the window.

I really do want to exercise but the migraines are just killing me. I did exercise once last Monday and again on Sunday morning. I got the BeachBody Body Gospel exercise set. It's not exactly what I was expecting but it is a really good workout. I am sweating and out of breath but I am able to do everything in the video which makes me feel good. I have only done three of the exercise sessions so far and I really do love them. Two of them are a little slower and focus on stretching more. I feel so good when I am done with them. I would highly recommend this set. I'm really excited to do some of the other dvds it came with.

So all in all I am very pleased with the BeachBody products so far. I'm looking forward to feeling better and actually being able to give my weight loss and exercise the effort it requires. Then I can really test out the BeachBody Products. Hopefully soon!. :)

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