Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Life Easier

My new plan:

If you read my post from last week you have seen that I am facing some major road blocks in my road to success.

I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to make things easier now that I am working. Now that I am not home during the day I am finding it a lot harder to plan meals, cook, clean ... The list goes on and on.

Although the last 11 days off work flew by I was able to put together a game plan.

Step 1: Plan, Cook, and Eat Healthy Meals

It took me a while to figure it out but if it works for me it will all be worthwhile. I first went to my blog and searched all of my old recipes. These recipes have worked for me in the past so I am hoping they will work for me once again. Plus I wouldn't have posted them if I didn't like them which means less experimenting. I'm not saying I won't try new recipes but for now this was the easiest way to go.

I printed out all of the recipes and then laminated each one individually. See pic below.

Then I made a meal planning calendar for the whole month of January using the recipes. You can click here to see my calendar.

After I made the calendar I printed and laminated it and then started the grocery list. My husband was so helpful and took my huge list to the grocery store and picked everything up for me. It was such a huge help because I was able to get cleaning and laundry done while he was gone. Here are pictures of my list.

After my husband got home I put everything away and then started on some chicken salad for my lunches this week. This weeks lunches (for me) will consist of chicken salad on a bagel thin, fat free pringles, fat free rice pudding and strawberries.

I decided to make a chicken salad recipe that I have used in the past. According to my blog I really enjoyed it. ;) So I am giving it a try.

It's chicken salad with, fat free plain vanilla yogurt and craisins. I might even add some chopped pecans into it tomorrow. Let's just say that I can't wait for lunch tomorrow!

Tomorrow's dinner will be Crockpot Balsamic Chicken. I will post the recipe tomorrow if it is any good. It is a super simple meal and I can't wait to try it out. My husband picked up some crockpot liners for me today at the store. I have never used them before so I am very excited to see how they work. I'm hoping they are as easy as they say. No clean-up sounds perfect.

I have all of my ingredients out on the counter (except the cold ingredients) and ready to be placed in the crockpot before I leave the house tomorrow. I even asked my husband to pick up paper products so that I won't have to wash as many dishes each night. This should save a little time too. I know it's not good for the environment so I hope to only do this until I get a better handle on things.

It will be so nice to come home to a warm dinner with very little clean up. :)

Step 2: I've got my Fitbit on 24/7

I will tell you a little more about this awesome device in another post but for now I will tell you that I am enjoying it immensely and I can tell it's really going to help me with my weight loss and becoming more active and healthy.

It's such a cool little device. As soon as I have more time I will tell you about all of it's cool features and graphs. It is so easy to use and so accurate. I love logging my food into it and seeing how many calories I ate compared to how many I burned. It's super neat!

I plan to wear this daily and continue to check my activity level throughout the day to encourage me to stay on track. They even have and iPhone app!!!

Step 3: Increase my time in God's Word

I have to say that I am embarrassed to write about how I have been lacking in this area in my life lately. I seem to be so busy with everything else in my life and I forget to spend time reading God's word.

How am I going to grow as a Christian if I don't spend time reading from the Bible? I realized along with many other things that I need to set aside specific time to spend with God and reading His word.

I first had to figure out the plan and now that I have it down I will be starting my special time with God tomorrow morning at 6:30am. :) Yes, with a smile!

I know it's going to be hard to get up earlier then usual every morning but I need to do it and with God's help I know that this will work. I am very excited to have my alone time with God. If you have children you know how hard this can be.

I purchased a new devotional to read each morning. It's called "Daily Seeds From Women Who Walk In Faith" by Schmidt, Melinda, Lustrea, Anita, Neff, Lori. I was going to order from Amazon until I realized that it was almost $10 cheaper to get it on my Kindle. So Kindle it is! I'm very excited to start reading it.

Wish me luck with my early start tomorrow!


That's about all I have come up with so far on my plan to success. I am praying that I can handle it all and that these few changes will take some stress off of my shoulders and free up some time so that I have time for the more important things like my family.

What have you found successful when it comes to simplifying your life?


Miz said...

all three conspired to make me successful too even though it is still a daily choice.
you can do this.


Kimmy Scott said...

I think you're definitely on the right track. Being organized & planning ahead can only help you, especially when you have a whole life full of responsibility to take care of. Good Luck!! Can't wait to hear how it works for you, and all about your Fitbit :)

AngieG2000 said...

I love this post, Jessica! You are really inspiring me. When I need to simplify my life, I find myself trying to say "No" more so that I have more time for myself. Getting my husband to chip in more helps immensely, too. Happy 2012!

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