Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank You!

I woke up this morning to so many wonderful emails, FB messages, and comments on my post yesterday on discouragement. I can't even tell you how much it meant to me that so many of you took the time to write me such sweet and encouraging messages.

I am so blessed to have all of my readers in my life. I wouldn't be able to make it through this journey without you and all of your prayers. Today you have encouraged me more then you will ever know and I just wanted to say thank you.

As I read my comments I realized that I am not alone. So many of you are going through or have gone through the same thing. It can be discouraging but we need to remember that with God all things are possible!

Thank you, Boglesby, for your words of encouragement and especially for this reminder:

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Phil 4:13

Here is to a new beginning!!!


Andrea said...

You are so treasured. Love the verse!!

Andrea said...

You are so treasured! Love the verse.

Beth O said...

I am very blessed to have found your post! It's always wonderful to have someone to relate to and feel encouraged by along the way. You are taking amazing steps! :)


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