Monday, June 27, 2011

I Found A Really Cool App!

I'm so excited! I found an app for my phone last week. It's call "Lose It" and it's free. I started using it today and although I swore I would never count calories I am really enjoying it.

I always thought counting calories was too complicated but with this app. it is simple and fun. I put in my weight, my height, my goal weight and how many pounds I want to lose a week (I put two)and then it told me that I can eat 1366 calories a day and be at my goal weight by December 2011.

It is really neat because I can track my calories, my weight loss, exercise, and it counts down my calories throughout the day! It also notifies me on my phone at the same time every day after my meal time to remind me to enter my calories. I also get reports emailed to me every day of the week to tell me about my progress. So far it seems awesome and super easy. Tje email reminders seem like a great way to stay motivated.

Do you use an App on you phone to track your calories? Why do you or why don't you like to count calories?


Anonymous said...

Great post - I have a Blackberry & have looked at APPS but I wasn't sure what to get...I'll have to check this out!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read Gary Taubes book "Why We Get Fat and what to do About It" and it described me perfectly. After years of counting calories I weighed over 200 lbs! I gave up, started watching carbs, and I am dropping weight slow but sure...25 pounds in three months. I track my food but not my calories.
Hope you are feeling better. I like your blog!

Bethany said...

I use myfitnesspal and I love it because I can scan the bar codes on packages and it comes up with the nutritional information!

AngieG2000 said...

I use the Weight Watchers app, but I heard Lose It is really good, too.

MB said...

I've never been able to count points or calories and I'm terrible about keeping a food journal. I know these are great reliable tools but I can't seem to make them work for me. I like the idea of getting reminder emails. I'll have to check this app out. Thanks! Uu

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Bethany, that app sounds great! I'm not sure my phone can scan anything.

AngieG2000, I used the WW app and it is great. I stopped doing WW a month or so ago because I wasn't using it and I hated to pay for it when I wasn't really using it.

MB, You really should check it out. The reminders and emails are awesome!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I hate counting calories. But I totally need to do it. I will check this app out.

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