Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daily "Lose It" Post

As you can see yesterday was n0t a great day for me. I did great until I didn't have time to eat dinner before a Lia Sophia. My friend, Sabrina, always makes the best party food! I was so hungry by 8pm that I overindulged a bit. :)

I probably overestimated my calories a bit from the party but I would rather that then underestimate. That and some of the foods I ate I couldn't find on the calorie counter so I just found something similar.

I am happy to say that I woke up this morning weighing exactly the same as I did yesterday morning! That's 195.6. 2.4 pounds less then when I started on Monday!

I also won a really cute pair of earrings at the party! :)

Food Calories 2,275
Exercise Calories 127
Net Calories 2,148
+/- Calories 783
Weight 195.6

Daily Log
Breakfast 297
Banana, Fresh, Sml, 6" To 6 7/8" Long ½ Each 45
Cherries, Sweet, Fresh 1 Cup 97
Yogurt, Plain, Nonfat 6 Ounces 80
Creamer, Cinnamon Van Creme, Liquid, Fat Free 3 Tablespoons 75
Lunch 443
Chicken, Sweet & Spicy Ginger, Market Creations 1 Container 290
Nuts, Almonds, Slivered ⅛ Cup 78
Creamer, Cinnamon Van Creme, Liquid, Fat Free 3 Tablespoons 75
Dinner 1,415
Stromboli, Chicken Broccoli Cheddar 1 Box 360
Crackers, Ritz 9 Pieces 144
Dip, Cheese, Original 4 Tablespoons 180
Soda, Cola 12 Fluid ounces 136
Dessert, Apple Crisp W/ Caramel 1 Each 595
Snacks 120
Chips, Veggie, Tstd 1 Ounce 120
Exercise 127
Walking 35 min 127




AngieG2000 said...

Cute earrings!!

Anonymous said...

I love to see your transformation! AWESOME! & the earrings are great. Very pretty.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks, Dawn and Angie! I do love the earrings too! I think I might just wear them forever! :) They actually seem to go with everything which makes me pretty excited!

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