Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paying But Not Using!

I'm sitting here thinking about the fact that I am paying for Weight Watchers online and not using it. Why? I'm not quite sure. Of course I know that I should be using it but I honestly haven't touched it in weeks.

I'm not ready to cancel it because that would be like giving up to me. I know I still need to lose this extra weight I gained this winter. An extra 20 pounds makes a huge difference in the way I feel. For one thing I don't want to buy a whole new summer wardrobe in size 14's.

What am I going to do about it? That's what I keep asking myself. I really need to get myself back on track. I am at 188 pounds right now and seem to be holding steady at that weight. My body must like it. I realize that all I have to do is make an effort in the area of exercise and the weight will come off easily. Why is it to difficult to get started?

I wake up early every morning full of energy but by the end of the day I feel so exhausted. I have felt like this for awhile so yesterday I decided to cut back on one of my meds. My doctor doubled it last Aug. or Sept. and I really haven't felt the same since. I am wondering if it is just a bit too much and it is causing me too much fatigue. Not only does it cause fatigue but it also causes an increased appetite. It's not a fun combination but I don't. I am hoping that half of the dose will work the same on me with less side effects.

Today is a new day
. I woke up at 7am feeling very energized. I can't wait to get outside and get a little exercise. I will probably let my 3 year old take out her new motor scooter. It was her birthday present and she loves it. We got it at Walmart and you can't beat the price for a motorized scooter. She rode and I walked around town for almost and hour and a half one day last week. It doesn't go very fast but it is still nice exercise for me.

I also need to get my eating under control. Ever since the stomach bug I have only wanted to eat carbs. Sweets and breads to be more specific. My stomach just doesn't seem to have bounced back to normal. Maybe it is more in my head then anything. I may just need to force myself to start eating more veggies and fruits again.

I really want to lose 10 pounds in the next four weeks or so. I know it is possible if I really work hard. I just need to keep my energy up. Probably if I start eating more protein and veggies I will have more energy. I have a lot to work on this week. Now that I have it all in writing it should be easier for me to do it.

I will try to keep you updated throughout the week on my progress. Have a great day!!!


safire said...

Best of luck! Sometimes we just need to take a physical and mental break from constantly losing and just practicing maintenance! I think that's as important as losing too because we're (hopefully) going to be spending more time maintaining our weight in the long run!

Good luck being back on track! I find myself reflecting and refocusing on why I embarked on this journey in the first place to inspire some motivation and dedication!

Diandra said...

Do you have any opportunity to incorporate tiny breaks in your daily schedule? I have found that if I sneak a few minutes to relax, sip a cup of tea or read a page in a book (only 5 minutes, really!) I do have more energy for the remaining tasks and may, in fact, get more done than if I had just plowed through with it.

Anonymous said...

Read "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst

Do it all for the glory of God!! It changes everything!

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