Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eating Healthy On A Budget

I'm sure a lot of you know how hard it is to eat healthy on a budget. Now that I have my motivation back I am finding it just as hard as it used to be to stay on my budget and still eat healthy. It's hard to remember many of the little things I used to do to eat healthy inexpensively. I plan to go back to some of my older posts and find some ideas that will help me out. Maybe I should check out some of my old recipes.

I have noticed a few things that have been helpful the past few weeks. When I go to the grocery store I buy mostly meat, fruit and veggies. It definitely saves money when you stick with the basics. I try to buy meat that is marked down or on sale that week and the same with the fruit and veggies. This covers me for dinner and some snacks and sometimes even breakfast if we are in the mood for fruit.

Then I find things for lunches. My husband eats leftovers for lunch, my oldest eats at school and my little one eats sandwiches, hot dogs, mac and cheese or whatever I am eating. It all depends on her mood. :) I mostly just focus on myself for lunches. What I have been doing to save money and eat healthy is make sandwiches for lunch. I buy high fiber hamburger rolls (this week I found Fiber One buns on sale). Then I choose two to three different types of things to put on the sandwiches. I like tuna with light mayo, egg salad with light mayo, chicken with light mayo, or even lean ham and 2% cheese. I also eat fresh veggies (usually cucumbers and carrots) and light ranch dip and fresh fruit (usually watermelon or strawberries). And that is what keeps me going for the week for lunch. Sometimes I mix it up with a little Pirate's Booty!

Breakfasts are of course smoothies and sometimes egg beaters (store brand) and mushrooms. I am not a breakfast person unless it is donuts, cupcakes or pizza so I don't really have much that I feel like eating in the mornings. For some (absolutely wonderful) reason I am able to do the healthy smoothie thing in the mornings. I am very grateful that I found something that works and something that I love.

This is how I have been sticking to my budget. I hope it makes sense and maybe even helps some of you. :)

I would love to hear some of your budget friendly tips!


wannabe former fatgirl said...

Thanks for the tips Jessica, you know what has been my favorite way to cut my costs lately is joining couponing websites, you can print off coupons and save a bundle.

Diandra said...

Eating healthy on a budget sucks! I've started buying frozen or maybe even canned vegetables instead of fresh ones, since they are cheaper here. Frozen vegetables are not that bad, in many cases they contain more vitamins than "fresh" vegetable, but canned... I keep telling myself it's better than no vegetables at all.

Anonymous said...

Since I am no longer overeating we have leftovers after dinner. I take the leftovers for lunch. They sometimes don't "match" but it makes our grocery bill less and the savings gets me excited.

Gordon Drago said...

Try to grow your own food. Consider how much you are saving in medical bills when you improve your health and prevent alot of future problems.

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