Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Finally Did It!

I finally got back on the treadmill. The worst part was making myself get on. The best part was the feeling when I was done! The in between wasn't so bad either. I actually enjoyed the thirty minutes to myself. I listened to some Christian music on Pandora and the time passed really quickly.

Isn't it always that making yourself actually exercise is far worse then the exercise itself? Why do we make it so difficult on ourselves?

I feel much more confident with exercising now that I got my first day of exercising behind me. It wasn't that bad and I feel much better right now then before I exercised. I feel more awake and like I have more energy. I also don't feel as miserable as I did the past few hours. I think the rainy weather today was not helping my mood. I even took a little nap this afternoon and it didn't help.

Now if only I can remember how good I feel at this moment the next time I don't feel like exercising. :)


It's almost time for dinner. Boneless pork chops in homemade (healthy - 0pt) sweet BBQ sauce, jasmine rice, and green beans. I've never had jasmine rice before so I am excited to try it. It smells so sweet.

What's on your menu for dinner tonight?

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Journo June aka MamaBear said...

Wow, we are so on the same plane! I also got back on the treadmill and then said "Why did I stop doing this? I feel SO GOOD afterward and have so much energy all day long."

Here's to us! :-D

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