Friday, April 8, 2011

Cake, Cake and Much More Cake!

What a difference it can make when you actually get good sleep! I have been taking two Tylenol pm every night for the past two weeks and I can't even tell you how great I feel.

I felt so tired for so long that I didn't even realize how bad it had actually become. One Tylenol pm just didn't seem to cut it anymore and I was shocked that two Tylenol pm doesn't make me drowsy in the morning.

It has made such a huge difference in my day to day life. I can now get up, bathe, get dressed, get my hair and make-up done all before taking my daughter to school. For the past few months I was seriously so tired from lack of sleep that I would take her to school in my sweats. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this but it just isn't me.

I am so, so incredibly happy to feel like me again. Now that I am sleeping again I am happier, my house is cleaner and I have so much more energy to focus on the things that I need to. I have noticed that I have been binging so much less then I did the last few months. Thank you Tylenol pm for turning my life around. :)

This week has been great! I celebrated my 31st Birthday last Friday and it was wonderful. My parents bought me a $100 gift card to Fashion Bug. I was so excited! I bought myself several shirts, a dress and a pair of capri's with the gift card. I bought them online since they were all on clearance and they had free shipping. I should get them on Monday. So exciting! My oldest sister bought me Chai Latte and Glazed Chocolate donut K-cups, some Pampered Chef goodies and this:

She pre-ordered it for me. I love it! I can't wait to share with you some of the great recipes. I have been working my way through it and making notes on which recipes I want to make. It is her best cookbook so far. I love all of her cookbooks but this one actually has 300 recipes. You won't believe how big this cookbook is. I still haven't gotten through all of the recipes but the ones I have looked at are amazing. They are such good and easy ideas. I can't wait to try them!

I also got a beautiful new shirt from my Aunt. She has the best taste and always gets me beautiful clothes for my Birthday. :) My in-laws sent me money and I was able to use it to take my whole family out for lunch after Church on Sunday and to the movies to see the movie "Hop". It was such a cute movie. I can't wait until it comes out in the stores. I would definitely like to watch it with the girls again.

Did I mention that two of my best friends took me for a pedicure and manicure at the "Polished" nail salon. It was wonderful. We spent over three hours just relaxing and having some girl time. I really needed it. I can't wait to do it again!

I look drugged in this picture. Maybe it was from relaxing in a massage chair for about two hours. :)

My beautiful manicure!

My girls and my hubby got me these beautiful flowers and also the cutest wind chime that I hung on my porch.

And my favorite present of all was my Birthday cake from my Dad. He picked it out himself and I couldn't have done it better myself. It was the best cake I have ever had in my life. It was from Giant and it was a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and then a little hard chocolate drizzle around the edges. It was amazing! My dad knows me well. :)


I'm sure you can tell by looking at this cake that I ate way too much of it. I ate about six large pieces. It was incredible! I hope I never have the temptation of this kind of cake until my next Birthday. ;)

Other then eating too much homemade pizza, that my girls made for me (with fresh mushrooms!), and too much cake I had a good week. I will write more later today to tell you all about the new foods and new ideas I have come up with. Check back later today and I hope you also had a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Ok, two things:
1. That cake was amazing!!! Good job Dad!
2. I'm definitely not liking being called your 'oldest sister.' You are only a year behind me. hahaha


Anonymous said...

I have a present for you too! Ill send it over with mom for you.

Your youngest sister....

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

You guys are so funny! :)

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