Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Gained A Pound

I really had not planned on going to Weight Watchers last night because I knew that I had gained this week. I know this was not the right frame of mind to have but you know how it is when you convince yourself of things like this. I finally realized that when I lost 50 pounds when I started this blog that it did not all come off at once. I had weeks where I lost a lot, weeks where I didn't lose at all and weeks where I gained a pound or two. I came to the conclusion that I did all of these things at one time or another yet I still lost 50 pounds. So it is possible to lose 50 pounds even if you have a bad week and gain a little weight.

I am really glad I went to the meeting. I did find out that I gained a pound and now weigh 187 3/4 but I also was encouraged by all of the other people who lost this week. The meeting was so motivating. It brought back many ideas of things that I have done in the past to help me lose weight.

We talked about motivation and what you use to help yourself stay motivated. The conversation helped me remember so many things that helped me stay motivated in the past. My "every 10 pound" pictures that I so love to post, looking forward to swim suit season, picturing myself looking great on vacation, and so many others. I really needed the meeting last night. It boosted my enthusiasm for the week and I am really ready to lose.

The point of my post is that even though I gained a pound I really should not think of myself as a failure. It is one week and that is only one week of the many more to come. I need to be looking at the big picture not just what is right in front of my face. It may seem horrible for a few days but when I look back at the year and a half that it took me to lose 50 pounds a week seems like nothing. I know sometimes it is hard to see the big picture but I am here to tell you from experience that having a bad week should not discourage you from moving forward and making next week a good week.

Remember, it's all about the big picture!


Lynda with a Y said...

Thank you for saying this. I haven't been to a WW meeting in a while. Partly due to snow, but mostly because I know I've gained. Thanks for putting it in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Great advice! It's hard to look at the big picture sometimes but I agree it's so important!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I forgot to congratulate you for your mention in The Better Homes and Gardens My Weight loss magazine. Hopefully you were as pleasantly surprised as I was :)

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

You are very welcome, Lynda! It is so hard to see the bigger picture but if we don't then it is hard to move forward.

Thank you again for letting me know about Better HOmes and Gardens. :)

Unknown said...

Great post! I often get so discouraged by the little gains- but it's the big picture that counts!

Jen said...

Thank you. I have had a really rough week, and I ended up gaining a few pounds in the past 10 days. Reading your post really gave me some encouragement that I desperately needed. Thanks again!

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