Sunday, January 9, 2011

Excited About Weigh In

I have been trying to find time to post all week and just have been so busy that it wasn't possible. Now I am exhausted and laying on the couch because that's about all I can do right now.

I have made it halfway through my first week since my Weight Watcher's meeting. I have to say that it is going pretty well. I have used all of my Points every day and have used almost half of my extra points for the week. Not bad I guess. Of course I would like to not eat any of my extra points but that just isn't going to happen right now.

I have had an easier time adjusting to the new PointsPlus program then I thought I would. It is slightly different but it hasn't been an overwhelming change. I have seen a few changes in points that I'm not necessarily happy with. Bagel thins have gone up quite a bit which is a big one for me. I can now eat two pieces of light bread for the same amount of points as a bagel thin.

On a brighter note I am really excited that fruits and non-starchy veggies don't have any points. This means that I can add banana to my smoothies and not worry about the points. This morning I had a smoothie with 1 cup of Almond Breeze, 2 cups of spinach, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of Splenda, 2 tsp. of peanut butter and 2 tbsp of fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding mix. It was a great start to my crazy morning for just a few points. It's the perfect breakfast.

I have been eating pretty much the same way I used to when I lost my first 50 pounds. I have eaten lots of chicken. I love chicken and it was on sale last week so it all worked out. I pounded it out and then sprinkled different seasonings on each breast and grilled them. They all turned out so good. My family couldn't decide which one we liked best. We also had sweet potatoes, chicken sausage, lots of veggies, hot roast beef sandwiches and my new favorite, grape salad.

I have been snacking on almonds, yogurt, watermelon, grapes, and wheat thin sticks. I am having a problem finding low point snacks. I think I have always had this problem. Healthy snacks can be so expensive sometimes. It has been hard to because I need convenient snacks because I have been working so much lately. Any suggestions?

I hope I can just get through this week without going over my points. I think the first two weeks are always the hardest. I need to focus on drinking enough water and getting in some more exercise. I'm excited about this Wedneday's weigh in. I know that once I see a loss on the scale it will keep me motivated to keep losing.

4 comments: said...

Since I started eating healthy 18 weeks ago I made the decision that I was not going to be eating any processed snacks. So I dont buy any crackers or 100 calorie packs etc. So when it comes to snacks it is pretty simple..FRUIT,VEGGIES,and at night I will have no sugar added ice cream. If I still have the calories I will have a piece of toast with 1 Tbs of penaut butter and SF jam. It is also cheaper to not buy all the snacky stuff..yah know? So I don't know if that helps. It is just what I started with and it stuck.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good luck. It is hard. I'm tracking calories and it is challenging to stick to it. So far so good.

Anonymous said...

i had to do a double take. did your smoothie recipe above actually have a 1/2 CUP of splenda in it?????

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Yep! It was approx. 1/2 cup. I didn't actually measure it. I like my stuff sweet. :)

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