Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Back!!!

After what seems like months (but probably only weeks) of not having much motivation, I am finally back! I have kind of been in a slump the past few weeks with being overwhelmed with our finances, throwing birthday parties, having sicknesses go around our house, and trying to keep up with the normal things in life such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. I guess I just lost my motivation in all of it and really just didn't care.

I am finally feel like I have some time to myself to focus on my weight loss, exercise and eating. It felt great to go to the grocery store and restock my fridge with healthy foods today. For some reason that always seems to motivate me. I actually was able to sit down last night and make out a full menu of what I am going to eat this week and make a grocery list. It felt great to do something for me again. Sometimes life gets so crazy that you don't even realize that you are forgetting to take care of yourself.

As of today I am taking some time for myself because I need it to stay sane. :) I am back to watching what I eat, exercising regularly (Bootcamp at Fuel Fitness), and just taking a little time to relax. The last few weeks I have been so busy, stressed and not sleeping well that I threw my Fibromyalgia into a nasty flare up. I am finally feeling a little better and I am making a promise to myself to take care of my body because if I don't I can't take care of my family. They need me and I really need to do this for them and myself. What good are we if we are so burnt out that we can't even take care of ourselves let alone our children and husband.

Today is a fresh start. I have gained approximately five pounds from my lowest weight of 166. I will give you a more accurate weigh in tomorrow. Of course I am a little upset that I have to lose that weight all over again but I have learned that this is a part of life. We all have our ups and downs and sometimes this is going to happen. As long as we get ourselves back on track that is what really matters.

I am excited about getting back into losing weight again. I just want to find a really good motivator. Something that will keep me excited and on track. Something to look forward to. It is hard for me because I can't look forward to a cruise in the middle of winter or a trip to New York City for the day. I don't even have enough money to pay my bills at this point so extras are definitely out of the picture. I guess I have to be a little more creative.

Any suggestions???


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Congrats on wanting to get back into the swing of things. Keep on doing what you know will leave you feeling good and taking care of yourself. You can do it!

Shannon Thomas said...

I have been stressed too. My fibro is really bad right now and I just found out that one of my medications is not covered by the insurance and would cost us 900.00 for three months. Stress is not good for my fibro...it just messes me all up. I know how you are feeling and what you are going through regarding money issues. Hang in there...eventually things will start to look up! (I hope!)


kailey m. said...

Ugghh. I know JUST how you feel. Now that it's midterms I frequently find myself up late at night eating things I shouldn't be or too tired to work out. Good for you for restocking things the right way and dedicating yourself to getting back on track. Hopefully I
lll be able to follow your lead once all these tests are done!!! By the way-who won the Vitalicious Giveaway? The suspense is driving me crazy :)!

Kailey M.


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