Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fuel Fitness, "Lose To Win" Weight Loss Challenge - Day 1

Monday marked Day 1 of the Fuel Fitness,
"Lose To Win" 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge.

Here are two pictures of my "Pudget" team on Day 1 of the challenge!

We are competing with several other teams to see which team can lose the largest percentage of body weight. I am so excited because with this challenge we got a large book of information on meal plans and exercising, plus we get a membership to the gym for 6 weeks and a t-shirt.

After looking at myself (in my way too small jeans - only ones clean :( ) in this picture I have even more incentive to lose. My jeans are too tight and I may never wear them again. :).

I weighed in on Monday at 174 pounds. I had my measurements taken but I didn't copy them down. Maybe next time I can get them and share them with you. It will be exciting to see what a difference we can make in 6 weeks!

We get weighed and measured every Monday so I will be able to give you an update on my team each week. The girls are very motivated and I think we are going to do great.

I will be sharing weight loss tips and recipes with my team throughout the contest. I will also share them with all of you. Please feel free to join in on this 6 week loss challenge and see how much of a difference you can make in just 6 weeks.

You can weigh and measure yourself each week along with us and even leave updates on my posts as week go. I would love for all of you to get involved! It's going to be a great 6 weeks!!!

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brinalauren said...

Good luck, ladies!! I look forward to hearing those recipes, and of course, your stories of victory!!!

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