Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And The Number Is .... Yikes....Week 91 Weigh In

This is a first! I gained 8 pounds in the last four weeks. Wow, how does this happen? I thought it was more like 5 pounds but this morning I stepped on the scale and it said 174 pounds. It's scary that I let myself gain 8 pounds back without even caring. I did notice my pants fitting a little tighter then usual. I guess 8 pounds will do that to you.

It stinks that I have to lose those 8 pounds again after already losing them but that is part of weight loss. We have our ups and we have our downs. Right now I really need to focus on getting these 8 pounds back off before the Holidays.

Week 91 Weigh In:

My Week In Review

1. Exercise: None at all.

2. Water: No

3. Late night eating: Almost every night for the past week (except last night!)

4. Snacking: cake, dips and everything else we had leftover from Maddie's B-Day party.

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I didn't do well with either this past week.

What I need to work on this week:
My fridge is fully restocked with healthy meats, veggies and anything else I may need for the next two weeks. I spent $150 at the store yesterday and it should last me for two weeks. I am pretty happy with that!

I need to get back to bootcamp. Tonight will be my first night back. I can't say that I am really looking forward to it. I love the way I feel after but making myself get there is the problem.

I also started meal planning again. I planned out my meals and snacks for the next few days. I am excited about not having the stress of what to eat.

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