Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Food Find!

My hubby and I got pizza tonight for dinner. It was so nice to not have to cook. The pizza was awesome. I have been craving pizza for about two weeks and I finally couldn't hold out any longer. I had to have pizza tonight.

I also ordered a salad for my husband and I to split. Grilled chicken of course. I love OIP's grilled chicken salads. Unfortunately I forgot that when you order a salad you also get a loaf of homemade bread. When my husband got home with the pizza, salad and bread I was starving. I grabbed the warm loaf of bread and the big container of Ranch salad dressing and started dipping. If you have never eaten warm bread and Ranch dressing you really need to try it. Maybe I shouldn't word it that way. You should probably stay away from it. :)

I ended up eating 1 piece of pizza, 1/4 of the salad and almost the whole loaf of bread. I take that back. My husband just informed me that I ate the whole loaf of bread. Yikes! I ate the whole loaf and I didn't even realize it. Honestly I don't even care. Not that I don't care about the calories but my husband and I stood out in our little kitchen talking and eating while the girls ate in the other room. It was just so nice to have a little time to ourselves to talk that I'm not even mad that I ate that much. We really enjoyed our dinner together and right now that's what matters most to me.

I will be back on track tomorrow and honestly I didn't eat much today just because I was so busy. I doubt the loaf of bread is even going to affect my weight.

I did eat something healthy today. I went to the farmer's market early this morning and bought apples, peaches, plums and a Watermelon. Kesseler's has the best fruit! I love their Gala apples and after tasting their peaches today I can say they have awesome peaches too. The peach that I ate today tasted like it came right off of my Grandfather's Peach tree before the Orchard burned. I miss those days.

I can't wait until I can eat another peach tomorrow. They are that good! maybe I can put one in my breakfast smoothie. Maybe a peach and some granola. I think that would be awesome! I will let you know if I come up with a new recipe tomorrow. :)

I actually discovered that Jello Brand now sells Sugar Free Banana Pudding. Of course I picked some up as soon as I saw it. I am like the Jello pudding Smoothie Freak. I put it in this morning's breakfast smoothie and it was amazing! It's definitely right up their with chocolate. I can't wait to do Peanut butter and banana together. Yum!!! I have so many new idea going through my head. I think I may have some new Smoothie recipes coming soon!

What is your favorite Smoothie?


Lanie said...

The pudding sounds good.

Hope the bread wasn't too salty. Drink lots and lots of water just in case! Sounds YUMMY!

Ranch is really good on McDonald's (and other) French Fries, too. Well not GOOD - but awfully yummy. Don't try it!

Unknown said...

LOVE Ranch dressing!

Never thought of putting pudding in my smoothies. I'm going to have to try this now! YUM!

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