Friday, September 3, 2010

Nervous Breakdown and Waffle Cone Ice Cream

The past few days have been really tough for me. Between Money being tight, the kids misbehaving and it being that time of the month, I feel like my head is going to explode.

Yesterday started out as a really nice day. I was up early felt great and spent the day at my sisters. Unfortunately I forgot to have my just potty trained two year old go to the bathroom before our hour drive home. I'm sure you know what is coming next. It went from her peeing in the car seat to peeing on the bathroom floor and then while I was cleaning up the mess I put her in her crib. What did she do? She peed in her crib!

It just went downhill from there. My five year old's fish died and she was so upset because she got it at her 4th Birthday party almost 2 years ago. Then my dog ran into the gate as I opened it and caught my food underneath. Leaving me with a sore foot and a nice little bruise. Oh yeah, It gets worse. My 2 pound puppy somehow got one of her back claws caught in between the metal ring hanging from her collar. It took me about 1o minutes to get it out. She was in horrible pain and I just wanted to cry.

I then had about 10 minutes to feed my kids spaghetti for dinner before going to a friends house and watching her kids. My girls of course didn't like it and wouldn't touch it. I gave them peanut butter sandwiches and made them eat in the car on the way.

At this point I was ready to have a nervous breakdown. How can all of these things happen in less then 2 hours? I'm not made to handle this type of stress and my hormones are going crazy. I seriously just wanted to lay on the floor and cry and have a nice little pity party.

What did I do instead? I grabbed a container of Carmel waffle cone ice cream out of the freezer and finished it off. I think it was half full when I started. Did it make me feel better? Of course not. I don't know why I thought binging was the answer.

Even 50 pounds lighter I still have my emotional breakdowns where I go to food. It definitely happens less often but I can't say that it is gone completely. I hate that I still do this and I always feel so horrible once I am done.

I can tell you one thing that has helped me stop "Stress Binging", as often, is to not have the unhealthy food in the house. Usually, my house does not have any junk food in it. The worst thing I can binge on normally is Pirate's Booty or Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding w/ Peanut butter. When I feel that need to "stress eat" I normally grab my pudding and peanut butter and enjoy. If I really need to I will eat two of them. It really works for me.

The only time this fails is when I have something more fattening in the house. My husband buys me whatever I ask for when he goes to the grocery store for me. Last week I asked him for ice cream. Not the healthy kind. I told him I wanted something with nuts and marshmallow and all the good stuff. He came home with Breyer's Reese's peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie dough, Carmel waffle cone and Oreo. They were on sale. How do I resist that. The worst part is that the Oreo one is still in my freezer just calling my name. I need to stop asking him to get me stuff like that when I am stressed. It's not his fault. He is just being sweet.

Do you binge when you are stressed?
How do you try to control it?

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Pamela said...

They say that nothing tastes as good as thin feels but when I'm stressed and headed for a binge, all I can say to that is "Yeah, whatever!". I have to agree with you that the only way to get away from a stress binge is to not have those trigger foods in the house. When it came time to plan for my daughter's bag lunches for school, she would suggest something I knew was a trigger food for me so I suggested something else that I knew she liked that I didn't! My standby right now is water - I don't want to drink it, I'd much rather have a candy bar, but I make myself drink the water because I know that I have come this far (25.5 pounds) and I am not going back.

I have never been one to take naps but I find great relief when I'm having a tough day in just lying down on my bed and turning on some praise and worship music. It works every time. I know that might be tough for you with little ones but take them with you and all of you have a nice calming lie down. I hope your bedroom is far away from your kitchen!

Don't give in, Jessica, you are are a great inspiration to many, many people fighting a battle with their weight. Your little glitches along the way remind us that we're all human and sometimes we blow it...but we get right back on the wagon.

Brown Family Blog said...

sounds like we do things the same too. I try to keep the bad stuff out but every once in awhile my guard is down and it enters the house. I dont know why when I am feeling lousy I say I just dont care and dig in and feel even more lousy. Sigh!

BTW- crazy that your puppy should do that. I have had my dogs 8years (one for a little more) and the younger one came flopping into the kitchen with the same problem two evenings ago! The only problem is that the fear and pain of being stuck sent her into a seizure (something that happens when she gets freaked out). She was fine once it supsided. Later I saw her scratching her neck with her back paw and her collar was spinning around as she did it. I figured that is how it must have just got stuck on one of her nails as it was spinning around.

workout mommy said...

yikes, that sounds like a very stressful day!

I'm such a stress binger too and lately i have been giving in to it all. I don't feel better after and even though i KNOW i'm going to do it, I do nothing to stop it. :(

I need to stop!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I totally stress eat too. It is so hard to break out of.

Auntie Mandy said...

I really can't stress eat without getting really sick. I am allergic to most animal products, so I find if I indulge in an apple fritter, or pizza, or ice cream, I am so sick and worthless for about a week.

I DO however stress shop. I have found the library the best place to do this as it is free, but it is not open as much as I like.

I think you and I are exactly the same weight! Anyway, you are doing great!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

thank you so much for the encouraging words! Also, congrats on the 25 pounds lost. :)

Brown Family,
I can't believe this happened to your dog too. Only yours sounds a 100 times worse. The seziure things sounds horrible.

Mandy, I do love the idea of stress shopping. If I had the money I would be really good at it! :) The library is a good idea but my kids don't behave long enough to take them unless we are in the kids section.

Christina said...

I nominated you for a blog award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

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