Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spinach? Really???

It's about 10:34pm and I am just about ready to go to bed. After I write this post of course. :) My two year old has Pneumonia now and my husband is finally starting to recover from his Pneumonia. I got the same virus the rest of the family has but I don't think it has turned to Pneumonia yet. Please pray that it doesn't. I don't know what I will do if I get Pneumonia and have to take of a very sick two year old. It is hard enough doing it with this virus. It is miserable. The worst part is the coughing all night long and the headaches all day long. I just can't win. I really need my family to well very quickly or I might go insane. :)

I actually woke up feeling slightly better then the day before which is a good thing. Yesterday I thought I was going to die and still had to get out of the house to take my sick baby to the Doctor's. I had no idea that she had Pneumonia. I felt like a horrible mother for not knowing. Today was my oldest daughter's Kindergarten Orientation. I felt fine when we got there but after a few minutes of sitting on a miniature (child sized) lunch type picnic table I started to sweat profusely. I felt horrible but made it through. It only lasted a little over an hour and my daughter had such a good time.

I came home to a sink full of dishes and toys all over the floor. Not to mention the mountain of laundry building in the doorway to the basement. Wow, it is tough being sick and taking care of sick kids. Of course it has to be the week I am featured in a national magazine and the front page of our local paper. I had such plans to enjoy all of this. Now I am just stuck at home trying to keep my house from looking like a tornado has gone through. I was able to clean my down stairs minus the laundry and make a great dinner. I had chicken that needed to be cooked so I just made myself do it.

In the picture to the left are the veggies I cut up to cook with our dinner. I actually sauteed potatoes, squash and zucchini together with a little EVOO and my new favorite ingredient 98% fat free chicken broth. I also added some garlic powder, onion powder and salt. They turned out yummy. Then I used the chicken to make my favorite chicken sandwiches. I like to call them my better then McDonald's chicken sandwiches. They really are that good. My hubby loved them so much he ate two!

I almost forgot to tell you that my daughter and I started out day off with a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie. Only this time I added 1 whole cup (packed) of Spinach to two cups of Almond Breeze. It was pureed so fine you couldn't even tell it was there. I will share my little secret about that tomorrow!

I have a horrible headache right now so I am heading off to bed. I will try to write more tomorrow morning. I will share my great secret and I also have many great giveaways coming up! Be sure to check back soon!


Twix said...

Spinach sounds good, :D

Get to feeling better soon!

Unknown said...

I have a green smoothie made with spinach every morning - I love it! My favorite is banana-peanut butter-chocolate which tastes like a milkshake if you freeze the bananas first. So YUM!

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