Thursday, August 19, 2010

My little secret! - Vitamix

I woke up this morning feeling much better then last night. I still have a little headache but I am going to head out in a little while to get myself some Excedrin Migraine. For some reason I am completely out of Tylenol, Excedrin Migraine and Midol(which I use for my headaches).

This morning Maddie and I are drinking our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Smoothies with a little twist. Yep, I did it again! I added Spinach to it. It sounds nasty but honestly you can't even taste it. Today I didn't tell Maddie that I added spinach to the smoothie. After she sucked the entire thing down I asked her what she thought. She said "It's the best one yet!". She is so funny. When I told her that I added spinach she said " Mommy, you didn't tell me you added spinach.". She had no clue. That's how good it tastes even with the spinach.

You are probably wondering what my little secret is. This is it!

The great people at Vita-Mix Corporation sent me a brand new Vitamix to review. I have had it for a little over a week and have used it several times each day just to test it out. Okay, maybe I was just using it everyday this week because it is AWESOME!!!!

Seriously, I can not say enough good about this piece of kitchen equipment. It is the most amazing Kitchen appliance that I own. I know I have only owned it for a little over a week but let me just tell you what I was able to make with it.

Some of you may have noticed that I stopped posting my Pudget Plateau Busting Formula. Now I can share my secret and start posting what I am eating again.

Every day since I got the Vitamix I have made myself and my girls a morning breakfast shake. We have tried the following smoothies:

1. Banana Bounce Smoothie (Vitamix cookbook)
2. Cabbage Peach and Carrot Smoothie (Vitamix cookbook)
3. Strawberry and Greens Smoothie (Vitamix Cookbook)
4. Peachy Green Smoothie (Vitamix Cookbook)
5. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie
6. Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Smoothie
8. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie with Spinach
9. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Smoothie with Spinach

What I can say about the Vitamix after trying these recipes is that this thing is amazing. You can put anything in this machine and it can puree it so fine that you don't even know it is there. Every single smoothie I have listed above has been perfect. I love that I can put spinach in my smoothies and not have chunks of green spinach in it. I tried making green smoothies once before by my blender just doesn't puree the way this thing does. It made it a weird thick consistency that was awful to drink. The Vitamix is so different. The way it purees is seriously amazing.

More things that I cooked this week with the Vitamix:

1. Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake (From the Vitamix cookbook)
2. Peach Sorbet (from Vitamix Cookbook)
3. Brownie Bites (from Vitamix Cookbook)
4. Peanutty Chocolate Granola Treats (from Vitamix Cookbook)
5. Alfredo Sauce (from Vitamix Cookbook)

I loved all of the recipes except the Brownie Bites. They are okay but not great. The other recipes are amazing. I am in love with the Vitamix Whole Foods Cookbook. It comes with the Vitamix when you purchase it. My family went nuts over every recipe we tried (except the brownies).

The Vitamix is so versatile. The fact that you can make breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same machine just amazes me. Honestly when I first got the machine I of course was skeptical. I thought "how can this one little machine make all of the food in this 300+ page cookbook?". I think that is why I tested so many recipes before I wrote the review. I had to make sure this machine really does everything the company claims.

I have to give them credit. This machine does everything they said and so much more. I love the recipes in the cookbook but I also love that I can be creative with it and make my own recipes. The more familiar I get with the machine the more ideas I have. It's great!

I wish I would have had the Vitamix at the beginning of my weight loss journey. This machine has changed my world. My weight loss journey would have been so much easier if I would have had the Vitamix. I would have had quick, easy, healthy meals without even giving it a second thought. It would have been so much less stressful.

Not only does the Vitamix make my life easier but it is also going to save me a ton of money and make my food so much healthier and more natural. I can now make my own low-fat Alfredo sauce (Vitamix recipe) that is amazing, my own homemade peanut butter, Salsa, salad dressings, Marinades, sorbets, powdered sugar, sauces and so much more. I actually made Peanutty Chocolate Granola Treats (kind of like a no bake cookie) completely in the Vitamix. It actually even melted the chocolate. So cool! I really wasn't kidding when I said that this thing is amazing!

I could go on and on about this product. It is worth every penny you spend on it. I truly believe that it is one of those products that you will save your self so much money in the lifetime of the appliance that it will pay for itself in the long run. That and the convenience put together makes this purchase a no brainer. If you are trying to lose weight or even just eat healthier, and have the money to purchase the Vitamix, I am convinced that you won't be disappointed.

I am so excited because the Vitamix is not only going to help me lose weight because of its convenience and versatility but it is also going to help my family live a healthier lifestyle.

You can click here to visit the Vitamix website.


brinalauren said...

Jealous! Lol

money-savingmommy said...

You know, your poor, sick, pregnant sister would probably love to try some of that stuff. Especially the Peanutty chocolate granola treats. I bet she would love that! Poor girl. Sitting at home, husband away until Friday night.....she could use some yummy cheer up food!

Crystal said...

I love my vitamix! It is the only small kitchen appliance I use almost daily and I have had it for about a year. You can put flax seeds in it and they will be totally blended.

Kim said...

I love my Vitamix too!! I can't wait to see what else you make with it - I am always looking for new things to use it for. And about the green smoothies - you can change up the greens you use too - Kale is great for you and you can't taste it at all either. :)

The McIntyre Family said...

We have had our vitamix for a couple of years now and love it!!! You can make soup in it that is piping hot and then turn around and make ice cram in it and it be frozen...unbeleible the versatility in it. Also the things that it will chop up in it is incredible...vegetable parts that you would normally cut off and throw away you add because it chops it up and actually those parts are actually the best parts for you and we use to always throw them away. Also, I love the fact that you can add frozen fruit and it will blend it right thawing or big chunks.
You will defiantely love it even more when you experiment with it more. My husband and I are dieting right now and every morning we get up and make our smoothies in the vitamix!

Kat said...

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! I was a little nervous about how much it cost, but I have to say it is sooo worth every penny. I even posted about it

and then added some of the smoothies I was having over the summer - but I never tried adding spinach. I will have to try that one.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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