Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Giveaways, Spiders, Spaghetti Sauce and More!

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This morning I woke up in horrible pain but I was expecting it after yesterday's Bootcamp workout. Getting out of bed was the worst part but it usually is when you have Fibromyalgia. After I got a shower and got the kids dressed and Maddie off to school I was feeling much better. It seems like the more I sit, the more I hurt. After I finish this post I think I may take MJ for a bike ride. She hasn't been in the pull behind trailer since the "Spider incident" last summer. Because of it Maddie has a fear of spiders like I have never seen before. I can't blame her after being covered in spiders while riding in an enclosed trailer.

On my way home from dropping Maddie off I spotted the farmer's market. I only had $7 on me but I decided to stop anyway. I was able to get a big basket of Yellow (I don't remember the name) apples for $4. MJ and I both ate one on the way home. They are wonderful! It made a great breakfast. I also bought a huge box of tomato seconds for $3. I'm going to use my vitamix and make spaghetti sauce. I can't wait! I am going to go back on Thursday to pick up some apples and try a recipe I found on Vita-Mix's recipe Facebook page. It looks yummy and you don't even have to cook the apples. It seems so simple but it got great reviews. I will let you know how it turns out. I will also put the recipe below because I know several of you have a Vita-Mix and may want to try it out.

Marc, my Bootcamp coach, told me that today I need to get some exercise in even though I hurt. He said doing some cardio will alleviate some pain. It is really cool because Marc, from Fuel Fitness, has a plan set up for me each week that I will be doing on my off days. I am hoping this works and the pain gets a little better so that I can go to Bootcamp again in the morning. Any tips on alleviating pain after a workout would be greatly appreciated. :)

How long do you usually hurt after a tough workout?


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Jenn said...

I've found that swimming really helps after a painful workout. They say it takes three days for the pain to subside. The second day is always the worst!

Good luck!

Christina said...

Well besides taking a relaxing bath I have found the only thing that works is just pushing through the pain and making yourself workout anyways. Maybe some walking or something would help. It will help to stretch those muscles that are sore I would think. Hope you get over this soreness soon. Good luck at bootcamp tomorrow sounds like quite a workout.


Kristin said...

I put Asiago cheese (Aldi)in my spaghetti sauce. It was time consuming making it, but it was soooooo good!

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