Friday, August 6, 2010

The Binge Moster Returns and It's All My Sister's Fault!

I spent the afternoon watching my sister's kids and this is what I found on her kitchen counter! Yikes!

Did I mention that she just found out that she is pregnant? She is due in March and she is enjoying being able to eat what she wants without feeling guilty. Unfortunately I spent all afternoon at her house surrounded by this mound of goodies. If that isn't temptation then I don't know what is.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I have no will power when it comes to this kind of stuff. It must run in the family. :) Let's just say that not enough sleep and tons of snacks in front of my face are not a good idea.

I got up very early to take my daughter and her friends to the last day of Vacation Bible School and then spent the next 3 hours chasing my youngest around the park. Everyone had a really good time but I was really worn out by noon.

I was so tired by the time we got back to my sister's house that I ate way too many cupcakes just to stay awake. I think I ate at least 4 jumbo Oatmeal Cream Pies, 2 packs of Krimpets, 1 and a 1/2 chocolate covered honey buns, a dozen Doritos and 1 pack of Tandy Cakes. It's been a while since I binged like that. My stomach is killing me right now. Yet for some reason I am still thinking about pizza. Something is really wrong with me!

I am realizing now that no matter how much weight I lose I am still going to struggle with the temptations of certain foods. Luckily by this point I have learned which foods I struggle with and then make sure they never make it into my house. That is one of the major reasons I have been successful on this weight loss journey. Out of sight out of mind! For the most part. It is hard to get used to at first but now I am so used to it that when my daughters have friends over I need to go out just to buy a few snacks for them to enjoy. We really just do without them. Now the girls go for cheese sticks, fruit or Go-Gurts when they are hungry instead of cookies and chips. The best part is that they don't even know any different.

Weight loss is a big learning experience. Even after over a year and a half of my weight loss journey I am still learning new things about the way I react to food. Note to self: Stay far, far away from Heather's house. :) jk. Next time I need to bring my own snacks and some will power. At least until she has the baby and starts eating healthy with me again. It's all part of my journey and slowly but surely I will learn how to defeat the wicked binge monster!


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see that I am not the only one who does this. I AM NORMAL....or maybe not. :)


Kelly The Queen said...

I am in the same boat as you and it is so hard when you go somewhere else besides your own "safe" environment and are faced with temptation. I don't have enough willpower's so frustrating sometimes but good that we are aware of it

Heather said...

In my defense, I don't normally keep food like this,in such great quantities, in the house. So now that I'm pregnant I may have gone a little bit overboard at the grocery store this week. I'll put them all away before you come over next....

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