Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's Eats

Lunch: 3 slices of a medium Domino's Pizza

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Salad (4oz)chicken, 2 tbsp light ranch dressing

Snack: 3 HUGE Reduced Fat brownies :)

Exercise: 3+ hours swimming in the pool

Water: 56 oz


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Today I had 1275 calories, drank 6 glasses of water, and went on a 30 min walk.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Kelly The Queen said...

I stayed within my calories today and tracked it on spark people. Drank 56 oz of water and did no exercise

Carla said...

Friday wasn't a bad start for me. I stayed within my WW points for the day and did get a little bit of exercise in despite having to go back to work that night. Totally sucked at drinking enough water though.
I did go to the grocery and stocked my pantry with some healthy alternatives to the usual junk and bought a ton of fresh fruit. Meal planning is going to be a hard one for me. I work 12 hr night shifts and my husband does most of the cooking. I generally don't know what I'm having for dinner until I show up in the kitchen after sleeping all day. :op I'm just going to try to stick to my WW points regardless of what he makes.
Starting out at 173, 8 pounds heavier than my last "official" dieting weigh in. Been slacking for awhile now.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

You guys are doing awesome!

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