Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Interview is Tomorrow!!!!

I have spent the entire weekend preparing for my interview. I am very excited but I want to be prepared in every aspect of this interview. It helps me feel more relaxed when I know what the position is, where it is and what type of work is done by the company. I also like to review my resume and remind myself of everything I have done in my past. I think this is an important step because it would not be good to show up for an interview and not remember what you have done and how you did it. I am also working on a list of questions to ask during my interview. Also, a very important step. I want to know as much about the position as possible before I leave my interview. Mainly I want to be as prepared as possible.

Tomorrow is the big day. Please say a prayer for me. I am so excited because this job is very similar to the job I preformed before I got sick during my pregnancy and had to be hospitalized and put on bed rest. I loved that job! I learned so much from so many people. It was an awesome experience and I really never loved a job as much as I did that one. It would be awesome to be back working in the same kind of work. It was stressful, hectic, crazy and there was always something to be done. I think that is why I liked it. There was never a boring moment and there was never any room for error. It kept me on my toes and made every day exciting. I know it sounds kind of nuts but I loved it and I learned so many skills from this job that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. I am very grateful for the experience I had and I am really looking forward to using these skills in the future.

I will let all of you know tomorrow how my interview went. If I remember I will have my hubby take a picture of me in my full attire. A big thanks to everyone that voted on the color shirt I should wear. It looks like pink won. I'm so glad. It is more me then the purple shirt. I can't wait to try the shoes on with the suit. I love the shoes. :) I am also so thankful that my husband has a flexible job and can take a the afternoon off so that I can go to my interview. He is a great guy!




Lunch: 4 slices of full fat American Cheese - upset stomach

Dinner: 2 bagel thin grilled cheese sandwiches w/ 1 slice of Weight Watchers Monterrey Jack Cheese on each and several grape tomatoes inside.
1 cup of Tomato Soup


Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie

Olive Garden - 2 bread sticks, 2 small salads, approximately two cups of soup. Both cups of soup where fattening kinds. I don't remember the names.

1 1/2 med. baked potatoes with 2 slices of Weight Watchers Monterrey Jack Cheese and grape and cherry tomatoes from the garden with salt on top.

This was seriously one of the best meals. I actually want to have it again for dinner tonight but I don't have any potatoes. The tomatoes really made the meal.

Snack: 8 walmart brand oreo's


Kristin said...

I like the pink. Cute. Remember it's okay to unbutton your suit coat when you sit down. Then everyone can see the pretty pink shirt. haha

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Good luck!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good luck with the interview. The dinner looks good. I have to try tomatoes and potatoes.

Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped by in ages - good luck on your interview!!!

Kelly The Queen said...

Good luck with your interview..I hope you get the job! I had an awesome relaxing weekend at the beach, with no computer so I didn't enter my food on spark people. I did drink my water and took long walks on the beach on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! And I weighed myself this morning I didn't lose but I also didn't gain which is a good thing when you go on vacation

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