Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Need Some Sleep

Last night my friends and I went to the Drive-In and didn't get home until 3am. I am blessed to have an awesome husband that let me sleep in until 10:30am. Unfortunately after a day like yesterday I think I still needed a few more hours to sleep.

I had such a crazy day I will be lucky if I can remember what I ate. We started the day off with a picnic at the park with my Mom's group and after realizing it was to hot we moved to my friends pool for the afternoon. Then in the evening my husband, girls and I went to a friends house for dinner. They made us a wonderful meal of barbecued steak, rice, and green beans from their garden. They also had fresh cucumbers and watermelon. It was such a great tasting and healthy meal.

After dinner I left for the drive-in. Even though I was stuffed I still found room for cheese fries. Why do I do this to myself. I wasn't even hungry for them. Did I mention I also ate a jumbo size Butterfinger bar. Yeah, not a good food night.

Does anyone else feel like they eat more when they are out with friends? It seems that whenever I leave my kids and go out with my girl friends I always seem to overeat. I wish I could figure out why I do this.

Swimming at Becky's

Me and my girls!

Maddie swimming without swimmies

Yesterday's Eats:


1 serving of lean turkey, 1 slice or 2% cheese, lettuce and mustard on bagel thin.
1 serving of pringles
1/2 cup of watermelon


1 slice of vanilla birthday cake ( Happy Birthday Hazel!)


1/2 cup rice
4 oz round steak w/ bbq sauce
1/4 of a cucumber
1/4 cup of watermelon


Cheese Fries - Probably 30 shoestring fries and 1/16 cup of cheese
2 nachos w/ cheese (Thanks Sabrina!)
2 bites of funnel cake (Thanks Heather!)
Huge Butterfinger Candy Bar

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Kelly The Queen said...

I too struggle with the eating more when out with friends problem. On friday night I went to a monthly scrapbook/craft night that I go to and everyone brings food to share. I always try to bring something more healthy, like cut up veggies etc but there are always other goodies that I don't need or shouldn't have. It's a hard temptation when everyone else is standing around eating it and it also seems to be calling my name...and saying eat me! When I know I am going to attend this event I try not to eat as much during the day so I have some extra calories to spare, but always seem to eat more than I should.

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