Saturday, July 24, 2010

Guess What I Did Today!

I had a wonderful day shopping with my Mom. She is the only one that I can get to go on my marathon shopping trips with me. :)

Okay, I will give you a hint to what I did today. Here it is!

Just kidding. This is just the outfit that I wore to go shopping today. :)

I was actually shopping for a suit! I am so excited. I have an interview on Monday! It felt absolutely wonderful to put my business clothes back on. I am really ready to be back in the working world.

It will be so nice to only have to pay for daycare for one child and in a few years we won't have to pay for daycare at all. I love my children more then anything but I am ready to be part of the Working Mom's Club again. It does help that my husband's company has an on-site daycare for my youngest and before and after school care for my oldest. It makes me feel much better about this transition.

Here is the suit that I chose. Picking out the suit was the easy part. Finding a shirt to go under the suit was not so easy.

While we were shopping my Mom decided to have me try on an awesome dress that I fell in love with but can't afford. I told her that it was mean. :) The picture doesn't do it justice. It was so beautiful and made of beautiful little tags.

Okay, she didn't make me try this one on. This is just one that I fell in love with on the rack. It was $50.00 and another $70.00 for the beautiful coral colored half sweater to go over top. It was so hard to not buy it. My Mom actually pried it from my fingers and hung it back on the rack for me. I so loved it!

I loved the color of this one but now that I look at it in the pictures I don't love it as much. Still cute but not my favorite.

Another one of my favorites. I love anything yellow. I'm sure it would look better without a black bra under it. I actually tried this one on with the suit and I looked like a bumble bee. It was so funny!

This one is supposed to be a tummy tucker shirt or something like that but it didn't seem to do much for me.

Finally, this is what I ended up with. One black suit (which I love), 2 shirts (one purple and one pink), and a beautiful pair of black shoes with a little heal. I really had trouble finding a shirt to go under the suit. These where the two best that I could find. I think I like the pink one the best.
Which do you like better?



Please keep me in your prayers as I prepare for my interview and also have my interview. I am very excited about this position. It seems like the perfect fit for me. Please pray for God's Will with this job. I only want what he wants for me even if sometimes it's not what I want. God knows best!
Please cast your vote! Pink or Purple???


Unknown said...

Lovin' the pink. Younger, more hip...yup, that's the one I like. Good luck!

The Stilwells said...

pink...brightens your face more

Angela said...

I like the pink, too!

Angela said...

Okay, I was just looking through all of the outfits again, and when I got back up to the top photo (the one of you in the red top and denim skirt), I happened to notice that your "Day 1" photo was almost right beside it. You need to look at the two photos side by side. You should be very proud! You look beautiful!

enquizitiv1 said...

Like the pink. Purple is pretty too but I don't love the higher neckline on the purple. Go pink!

Anonymous said...

They are both beautiful. I would be excited to see them without the suit top over them. Both are beautiful colors, but the pink contrasts well with the black. Good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

Carla said...

Pink! Good luck on your interview.

Scuttleboose said...

Also love the pink! :) Good luck on your interview, and wear whichever one makes you feel more confident

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm gonna be the difficult one here and say the purple. I love the neckline on the purple one.

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