Sunday, July 4, 2010

Choosing Step 5!!!!

Please take the time to read and vote on all of our wonderful recommendations for Step 5 to The Pudget Busting Plateau Formula. We really are going to have a hard time just choosing just one to win.

Please email the number (1-14) that you are voting for to . One vote per person. Voting will end Tuesday July 7, 2010 at 11:59pm. The winning recommendation will be announced on Wednesday July 8th.


1. Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetable a day.

2. Look for inspiration each day. For me, it might mean going online to check my favorite weight loss blogs, or maybe going to a WW meeting. Or sometimes, it is enjoying my activity with my kids, knowing that they are building the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. I think this step is important because it is what keeps you motivated for the other steps, even when it gets hard!!

3. Build some kind of treat into each day so you don't feel deprived.

4. What about something FUN?!
-5 minutes of Summer Fun Activity! For 5 minutes or more do an activity you would have done during the summer as a kid..
Hoola Hoop
Jump Rope
Run through the Sprinkler

5. Go the course of the challenge, without giving into your biggest weakness. Even when you're counting your calories, you can still manage to sneak those things in ;). For me, it's fast food. I probably eat out 2-3 times a week. I try to make healthy choices, like going to chick-fil-a and getting something low calorie, but it's probably not helping me get past my plateau. For someone else, it might be staying away from soda or sweets.

6. Get in all your fruits and vegetables.

7. Try one new thing every week, whether it's a new "diet" recipe, a new low cal snack, a new exercise.......

8. Plan out daily meals for a week, and do as much prep work as possible. I take a packed lunch with me to work everyday and find it is easier if I make/prepare as much as possible before hand so all I have to do is grab it in the morning.

9. Find and try a new recipe or new food each week - I tend t get stuck in a rut with the same meals, and it would be nice to find some new dishes.

10. Plan your menus ahead of time and to have a stocked pantry! I always do much better with salads, low calorie meals and healthy snacks on hand to eat. It's a lot better than wondering around in the "what can I eat wilderness" and then making the wrong decision in the end due to being too hungry.

11. Buy an outfit (or borrow one or use one that is from a long time ago) that is too tight or doesn't fit quite as nice as you'd like. Try it on twice a week and watch how it fits differently as you exercise and keep strict track of your weight and what you eat.

12. My step # 5 is to take time each day to care for yourself. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you'll have a better chance to achieve steps 1-4 daily.

13. eat an apple or a pear before he eats lunch and dinner. The idea is that he is filling up his stomach with a low calorie, high fiber food and then will need less on his lunch/dinner plate.

14. Wait 1/2 an hour after eating a meal or snack before even considering having more. So often when I get hungry I eat to contentment, consuming easily 600-1000 calories when really if I just had 400 calories and allowed those calories to enter my bloodstream and do their "thing" I would realize that I'm not hungry anymore. So my thought is to slow down when eating, savor every bite and allow more time for the calories to work...instead of wolfing down way to many calories way too quickly.

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