Friday, July 2, 2010

And The Number Is ... Week 78 Weigh In

This week has been a very different type of week for me. My husband has been home on vacation all week and we didn't go away. We just did a few day trips. It has been great and has saved us a ton of money. It is just really hard to adjust to having him home for a week for the first time since we were married. Usually when he is on vacation we go away somewhere. It was really nice having him home but I really didn't get much done around the house and I haven't cooked much either.

Last week when I knew we where doing day trips I stocked up on fruit (blueberries and watermelon, pretzels, wheat thins and Sour Cream and onion Ritz chips, and lunch meat, bagel thins and bread. This made my life so much easier this week. We had lots of sandwiches and they were really good. No one seemed to mind. Several nights we ate left over chicken bbq and hot dogs from our Church picnic and two nights ago I put a chicken in the crockpot while we where at the lake swimming and when we got home we took the chicken to a friends house and she made the potatoes, veggies and some sugar free chocolate ice cream. Yesterday we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. I had two bread sticks and two pieces of pizza. It is so hard to stop a just two. Then after the park we went for ice cream. I wasn't thinking and had two scoops and then ended up skipping dinner because I wasn't hungry less then two hours later when I went for Chinese with some friends. We went to see Eclipse and loved it!

My biggest downfall for the week was that we had ice cream four time during the week. I had a small twist with sprinkles at May's, A sugar free ice cream diet float at Kneobles, A double dip of Sugar free chocolate ice cream at Nyky and Bobs and last night a huge double dip at The Chill in Bloomsburg. It was one dip of Chocolate Explosion? and one dip of something awesome with fudge and coconut. I'm not usually and ice cream eater but I really enjoyed it this week. We almost never go out for ice cream but it was kind of our special thing since we didn't eat out every day.

And the moment you have been waiting for. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 172. That is up 1.4 since last week. I almost think my weigh in last week was off because I weighed myself the next day and weighed 174 point something. It was weird but I slowly worked myself back down this week. So for that reason I am not upset with myself. It looks like a 1.4 gain but I am pretty sure it is more of a loss because I have seen it drop slowly every day on the scale. Still not happy about being at 172 but it just gives me more reason to work harder for next week.

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: We went swimming and to the park several times this week. I got tons of exercise swimming with my water bugs in the deep end of the pool and at the Lake Jean and also chasing them around the parks. I could tell I was burning lots of calories.

2. Water: I started the week off good with water but then I had my husband pick up a 24 pack of diet coke at Walmart and that messed me up. Now I am trying to get back on track.

3. Late night eating: Last night after the Eclipse movie I had a piece of Chocolate peanut butter explosion pie that tasted sinful and some Cheeseburger chips. Not the greatest choices I could have made.

4. Snacking: Ice Cream

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: Need to eat more veggies.

What I need to work on this week:

I really need to get back to the gym. Also, I need to be a lot stricter if I want to get past this plateau of mine. No more after movie desserts.


:Deliciously Healthy said...

May I just say that the 170's suck?! I've read so many blogs of people who are stuck between 170-172!! Me included! We'll get past it! ;D

Have a great weekend!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

:Deliciously Healthy - You are so right! It is awful to be stuck here. I can't wait to be able to keep myself in the 160's. We can do it!

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