Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Love The Gym!!!

I actually made it to the gym today and it felt so good! I forgot how good it feels to work out with no kids around. I really forgot how much I enjoyed going to the gym.

I went on the elliptical for 30 minutes doing the Weight Loss program and cool-down. I think I burned 265 calories doing it. I have to tell you that it was so awful during the first 10-12 minutes that I just wanted to cry and give up. Luckily I had my sister along with me so we just laughed it off and encouraged each other to keep going. I'm sure if she wasn't there I would have never lasted as long as I did. It's funny because by the end I actually could have kept going.

After the elliptical we went on the Cybex (spelling?) machine. I almost wet myself (sorry :)) because my sister had it going so fast that she couldn't stop it and she looked like she was going to fall off. I still can't stop laughing thinking about it. She actually was going so fast with no resistance that she thought the machine was making it go by itself and she didn't know how to stop because her arms were going with the handles and of course I couldn't stop laughing long enough to push the stop button. Not that it would of helped since we figured out that she was actually just making it go to fast herself. It was so funny! We only lasted 5 minutes and about 30 calories on this machine. It was tiring. It was really cool because it felt like a combination of skiing and running at the same time. I might try this one before the elliptical next time.

Then we made our way to the bikes. We rode them for about 15 minutes and only burned maybe 40 calories and decided it was a waste of our time. :) So that was the workout for the day. I am definitely going back tomorrow. It should be fun!


Kristin said...

hahaha... Oh, Heather!
Glad you guys are working out again. You both look great!

Heather said...

What can I say? It was a blonde moment! Haha.

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