Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unexpected Accomplishment

Ok, I have to say this is kind of a silly accomplishment but an accomplishment just the same. This morning as I was getting dressed for church I pulled out an old dress and put it on. My selection of clothing is lacking at the time being because I am now down to a 12 but want to be in a 10 soon. So I really have been putting off buying 12's and hoping that I can get by for a few more weeks.

When I was walking out of the house I realized that I was wearing the same dress that I wore to my High School graduation almost exactly 12 years ago. It was so funny!

Sorry about the look on my face. I was in the middle of talking when my

husband snapped the picture. :)

In some ways I was excited because it fit and in others embarrassed that I kept a dress for that long. It definitely made me think about what size I am. I didn't realize that I am wearing the exact same size that I wore my Senior year of High School. It is kind of weird to think about.

I also realized that I may wear the same size that I wore in High School but I am definitely not built the same as I was 12 years ago. I can't wait to go through my old pictures and find one of me wearing this dress. It will be fun (and maybe slightly depressing) to compare. :)

Have you ever had an unexpected accomplishment?


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome accomplishment! I still have the dress I wore to my high school graduation 8 years ago. I'm still too big for it, though. If you find the picture of you wearing it at your graduation, you will definitely have to post it!

Unknown said...

I think thats GREAT! I keep an old pair of jeans around (probably older than your It's a major ego boost to fit into them! :-) Good job!

Anonymous said...

i still have the dress i wore to the honors dinner our senior year! it's the exact same cut as your dress, and it's blue and white. must have been popular in 98! Sad thing is....I distinctly remember weighing 138 going to college and thinking i was 'so fat'. i would love to be 138 now!

Susan said...

You are doing great! Congratulations. I'm struggling to get started. I have a good day, then a bad one and can't seem to get any momentum going. Are you following the points method every day? I get hungry and can't seem to get full sometimes. I would love any advise you can give. I'm really impressed with what you have been able to accomplish. You've inspired me.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Tiff, I actually weighed about 145 in high school but was built so differently then I am now after having two kids. Things seemed to move around a bit and somehow I can wear the same dress at 170 pounds. I can't complain.

Susan, I used to pay to do Weight Watchers online but now I really can't afford it so I still count points in my head just not as strict as when I started.

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