Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Can't Stop Eating!

This is seriously ridiculous. I haven't stopped eating like a pig in days. I don't know if the low carb messed me up or if it is just that time of the month. Either way I need it to stop.

Maybe I have just been to busy to properly plan my meals. Yesterday was my daughter's 2nd birthday. We had a small party for her at the house. It was so nice!

Mimi brought candy!

Unfortunately I was able to relax so much that I ate way to much food. I made this wonderful dip with 2% Velveeta cheese, salsa and lean hamburger. You microwave, stir and then eat it with Tostitoes. It was so, so good. I think I ate half of the bowl myself. I wish my body would just tell me when to stop or should I say that I would listen to my body when it tells me when to stop.

It gets worse. I then had cake and ice cream. My friend made Makayla this absolutely adorable cake. I love how bright it is and it tasted as good as it looked. It tasted so good that I woke up this morning and ate it for breakfast. :( I think I am just sabotaging myself. I think some good sleep would really help this binge. As soon as I am done typing this post I am going right up to bed. I am exhausted from this week.

The cake that Nyky made.

Grandpa, Makayla, Mommy and Madelyn

I did do well part of today. My daughter's school had a Mother's Tea and of course they had tons of cookies and muffins. I ate one mini lemon poppy seed muffin and one very small peanut butter cookie. I probably didn't eat them much because I'm sure I was still full from breakfast (cake). I did have a wonderful time watching my daughter act like a big girl with the rest of her Pre-Kindergarten class. She did a great job and had so much fun showing me everything she has learned.

Maddie and her Pre-K friends

Maddie and Luke

We then spent the afternoon at a friends house having a little cookout/play date. It was so much fun but I got a little sun burned. At least I remembered to put sunscreen on the kids.

My friend made me the best burgers for lunch. They were Don Lee Farms Veggie Patties that she found at Costco. They were huge and only 3 or 4 WW P's. The best part was that they tasted like a giant potato pancake. So, so good. I wish I had a Cosco around here. If you have one near you I would highly recommend trying them out.

After the play date we went to my daughter's soccer game and then home for leftovers. I had a veggie burger, a hot dog, broccoli salad, pasta salad, and macaroni salad. I need to stay away from that stuff. I know it is all way to fattening.

Tomorrow I am going to make the effort to watch what I eat, drink a lot of water and even get in some exercise. No more excuses!

Do you ever have busy weeks when you just can't get your act together and eat healthy? How do you get yourself back on track?


girlsmama said...

That time of the month always does it for me. I've been eating non-stop the last two days. I hate it! I need to learn a better strategy to deal with the hormones...

Elizabeth said...

I went low carb for a few days... and I'm eating the same way now! Ugh!! And I just broke down another decade and was feeling really proud of that... and now... ugh.

Kimberlea said...

Jessica, I first wanna say that you're very inspiring. I'm so happy I found your blog. As for your problem right now, keep this in mind. YOU ARE HUMAN lol. You have good days & bad days, or make that weeks sometimes. I'm sure you already know that it's not an easy journey to stay on when you're losing weight. You've come so far, and you'll get past this speed bump just like you have before. We're not on the Biggest Loser ranch where all we have to do is focus on eating right & exercising 6 hours a day. Life gets in the way of even the strongest will power. Your path to weight loss hasn't gone anywhere. It's still waiting right where you left it, and as soon as you re-focus & get some much needed rest, you can re-start it. Sorry for the long post. Have a great weekend. By the way, I'm glad your daughter had a wonderful birthday, and remember, if you had deprived yourself of that cake, it probably would've hurt you more. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yup, I have those days/weeks. I do well and then BAM I'm off on a binge. Like the poster above said, you are only human. At least you recognize your mistakes and you can move on. Tomorrow or next week is a fresh start!

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your progress and your struggles - we all have them.

Just an observation about your day though - not much protein to be found. That may be why you couldn't seem to get satisfied. Have you ever taken a quiz to see what type of oxidizer you are? I know Jillian has this in one of her books and the program I'm on now uses a similar thing but calls them "protein type" and "carb type". I found out I am a protein type and so my meals consist of way more protein than carbs. It's not "low-carb" because I can still have carbs - but the extra protein helps me feel full and not eat as much. Just a thought - that all that sugar and carbs today made you want more.

I was a self-proclaimed sugar-aholic and I haven't had any for almost 2 weeks now. It is so true that the more you have the more you want. :)

Feel free to email me if you want more details.

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Thanks so much for all of the support. It really means so much to me to know that you are all chearing me on.

Kimberlea - Thank you so much for taking the time to write everything you did. You are so sweet and gave me the motivation I need to keep moving forward. :)


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