Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Me, Sabrina and Heather

This past Saturday we celebrated my nephews Birthday at a local amusement park. It was the perfect day to be outside for a party. We all had a great time riding rides and walking around the park. And after 3 Excedrin Migraine I was headache free for the day.

Enjoying the rides!

After nine hours at the park I realized how much I have changed over the past year. Not just physically but mentally. I realized that while we walked around the park for nine hours I didn't crave every food item I smelled. I didn't feel that need to eat everything in site. Last year I remember how hard it was not to eat all of the wonderful food that I normally ate. This year it didn't even cross my mind. I ate one and a half pieces of pizza, half of a tri tater and a third of a banana split that I split with my hubby.

May 2009

May 2010

Honestly I had so much fun with my girls, family and friends that I didn't even think about the food until it was dinner time. I watched my girls ride rides and also rode some with them. It was so much fun! It felt really great to not fight the urge to eat all day. I hope this is a permanent change and I will be able to visit parks all of the time without binging.

This picture I love for several reasons. The first reason is because the kids had so much fun riding together in the car. They loved beeping the horn. The second reason I love this picture is because the woman standing off to the side of the ride in the blue shirt is ME! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this picture. I didn't even recognize myself. It is funny how my mind still hasn't adjusted to my size. I was so excited to see that this is what I look like. Now I just need to get my brain to catch up with things. I want to feel like I look like that. I hope that makes sense. :)

Here's to Change!!!


Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

I just wanted to clarify. That was not the only food I ate for the day. I had lunch at the party when we first arrived. I ate a cheeseburger, veggie pizza and 6 Mondu (small Korean egg rolls. I just didn't want anyone to think that was all I ate in one day. :)

NorCalMom said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you all had a great time and you enjoyed yourself instead of being controlled by the food there. I know how difficult this is and you are doing a great job.

You have inspired me and I enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Encouraging post - you look great! I love your new hair cut. (Well, at least it's new to me since I stopped reading my usual blogs for the past month or so.) I love what you said about not having to wrestle with the temptation to eat bad for you things all day. That achievement is really better than all that weight loss, which is wonderful too. I'm really hoping to get to that point where I'm not constantly fighting with myself to not eat sweets.

Angela said...

Wow, Jessica, this is great! The photos from last May and then this May are really amazing. I hope that this will give you that incentive to keep "fighting" that battle that we all have to fight. You are doing so very AWESOME!!!!

Jessica said...

You look Hott! in that blue top! Glad you had a fun day!

Anonymous said...

you look great! I have fallen off the wagon in a big way so I'm hoping that I can catch up someday!

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