Monday, April 12, 2010

A Size 4?

Did you ever wonder what you will look like when you reach a smaller size? Probably the smallest size I ever pictured was a 10. I think because that is the size that I have never reached. Last night I was reading a Biggest Loser book and they have pictures of the contestants with their weight and height before and after. That is when I noticed a woman who is 5 foot 2 inches and weighed 130. She said she is wearing a size 4. I thought you had to weigh more like 100 pounds to wear a 4. :)

Then I started thinking about what I would look like in a size 4. It almost sounds sick to think that. I can't even picture it. I don't even know if it is possible. Does anyone else feel this way? I almost feel that I would be sickly skinny at that size. The girl in the book wasn't. She looked awesome but it does make me wonder. Would I look that good?

So of course now I am thinking "I wonder if I can get to this size.". Now I keep picturing myself at that size. It is really hard to picture because I can't picture what my face would look like. I just see a big head, and big bones and stretched skin. Boy, I hope I am off on that one. :)

Do you think that it is sick that I am thinking about that? I think it is just that it is becoming closer to being possible right now and the girl in the book looked so strong. That is what I want to look like. Strong, healthy and happy. I have the happy down. I am still working on the healthy but I really need to work on the strong. I know I am 10 times stronger then I was a year ago but I really want to define my muscles. I really can't wait to share with all of you how I started to do this. I am hoping to share it later in the week. I think you are all going to be so excited. Not only because it is a great product but because I am giving one away and it is super awesome!!! I will try to write the review later this week so that you don't have to wait to long to find out what I am talking about.


Syl said...

the problem is that now a days the sizes are so distorted. They make small sizes that are called vaniety sizing. The actual size is not what it is suppose to be but rather they put the number on there to make us feel better.
I am 5 4 weigh 147 pounds and wear a 4. That's two inches taller and alot heavier. Funny isn't it.

Either way I get what you mean, when I was a size 18 I never thought I would be in single digits. It was a big day when I bought a size 9.

But now it's more about a feeling then a number.

Unknown said...

I've never really thought about what size I wanted to be. Mainly because sizes are different in every store, and I just want to feel good in my own skin, no matter what size that may be.

Nikki Bond said...

I totally understand the size thing, but I think what Syl said is right- it's a lot about how that store wants to make you feel! I have never ever worn a size small before but I bought a size small at macy's last week! I was astonished. But the thing is, a size small in this brand and a size small in another can be completely different things! Either way, I think it's cool to think about and definitely a great motivator too! I hope someday soon I can wear a single digit in pants size! I never remember wearing a single digit, so it will be interesting to see!

Susan said...

I am 5'6" and weigh 148. I am a size 10. Sure, some things have a 6 printed on them and some things have a 14. But I know I am a 10. I want to wear a roomy 8 which means losing 10-13 lbs. That's my goal. I've been a size 3 and weighed 112 lbs. I looked way too skinny and I am small boned. 135 lbs. is SO my size! :) I don't usually join contests but may just try to win this one!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I think about my "future" size alot, mostly when I go to races and see very thin fast runners. I want to be both, thin and fast. Not sure if that's possible. But sizing is so odd from store to store. At Walmart I can be a L in their workout pants, at Target I am XL if I am lucky. So hence I have more Walmart stuff. LOL. But I feel ya.

Anonymous said...

sizes are seriously distorted. i'm 5'2" and my lowest that i can remember was 145 and i wore an 8. now my freind from college used to weigh 170ish (not sure how tall she is...maybe 5'7?). she is down to 135 now and wears a 0-2. i don't quite understand this either....but i saw it for myself. i don't stress about sizes or weights but rather how a certain item if it used to fit and now it does not or used to be tight and now it's baggy...

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