Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Greatest Weekend!

On Saturday, Maddie had her 1st soccer game of the 2010 season. She scored her first goal ever and was so excited. I actually cheered so loud that my throat hurt for the rest of the day. It was wonderful to see her so proud of herself. Last season (her first season) she wanted to score so bad but didn't. So this season she was determined to do it. She didn't just score 1 goal but she scored 2! She is awesome! I am so proud of her!

After Maddie's soccer game she had her 1st "girls" party. She wanted to have a few girls over and have a picnic and make ice cream sundaes and edible jewelry. The girls had so much fun! Here are some pics of the little cuties making me an ice cream sundae.

Maddie started with the magic shell and lots of it!

Liberty added some butterfly sprinkles

Anna added the cherry

Justianna thought it was hysterical to add a gummy worm :)

Jaycee put on tons of chocolate syrup

Megan added some delicious strawberries
and Maddie finished it off with some kit kat's

It was the best ice cream sundae I have ever had because it was made by six of the sweetest little girls I know.

It was such a wonderful weekend! I spent time with my family, great friends and a great bunch of little girls. Those little girls made me laugh and smile so much. I really can't wait to have another party for them.

Now onto the weight loss front. I can't say it was as enjoyable as the rest of my weekend. On Friday I was down to 170 pounds but after the last two days of fun I don't even want to know my weight. I think I need to do a little running tomorrow. I still need to learn how to control myself a little more when there is chocolate in front of me.

I need to go to the grocery store this week and pick up some low carb foods. I wanted to do low carb this week but I didn't make it to the store to pick up a nice supply. I really do want to try the low carb thing again. It seemed to work well the last time I tried it.

Have you ever gone low carb before? What foods would you suggest?

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