Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 2 Low Carb and A Wonderful Miracle

Yesterday started out to be a great day with my low carb plan but I soon figured out it wasn't going to be so easy on a day like that.

Before I tell you why I want to show you what I ate for dinner on Tuesday night (Day 1 - low carb). I made a pork tenderloin in the crock pot and shredded it. Then I put the pulled pork into a piece of leaf lettuce with some pickle slices and Slammin' Slaw and this is what I ended up with. They were so good I ate 4 or 5 of them.

leaf lettuce pulled pork wraps

Hungry Girl's Slammin' Slaw

When I woke up Wed. morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost 1.6 pounds since the day before. You may think it was because I didn't eat much but that really is not what happened. The low carb thing really worked.

This is what I ate on Tuesday (day 1):

SF choc. pudding cup w/ 2 tsp. of peanut butter

4 oz sirlion steak

3 cups spring mix

3 tbsp light blue cheese dressing (very, very low carb)

SF choc. pudding cup w/ 2 tsp. of peanut butter

4 pieces of leaf lettuce

approx. 1 cup of pulled pork

approx. 3/4 cup of Slammin' Slaw

6 pickle slices

SF Pudding Cup w/ 2 tsp. of peanut butter
7 slices of 98% fat free turkey w/ 1 light laughing cow cheese wedge

2 Kraft 2% cheese (individual cheese blocks)

20 raw almonds

4 light string cheese

Yes, I really did eat all of that. As you can see I didn't real even the least bit deprived but still lost 1.6 pounds. Awesome!!!

Tuesday started out great! I ate scrambled eggs with spinach, peppers and onions and appox. 3oz of steak.

I ate all of the steak but only about 2/3 of the eggs.

I had my friend Elizabeth over for lunch and she is also trying low carb for the week. This is what I made. I said that the salad should actually be named "To Die For Salad". It was that good! The best salad that I have ever tasted. The burger was great too. I ate it in between two pieces of leaf lettuce, pickles and ketchup. It turned out to be a little messy. So I recommend cutting it up and eating it. It was the best lunch and really, really filling. Highly recommended!

Hungry Girl's Lucky Four-Leaf Salad with feta and apples

Hungry Girls's Outside In Cheeseburger Patties

After that I ate a few snacks before taking the girls to soccer.

-SF Pudding cup w/ 2 tsp of peanut butter

-7 slices of 98% fat free turkey w/ 1 light laughing cow cheese wedge

That's when things got crazy! I ended up going out to dinner with my Mom because of the reason that I will list below. I did great! This is what I ate. I'm sure the pickled eggs had a few carbs from the sugar but not to many. I can't believe I resisted all of the bread and muffins on the salad bar. It was a great salad with tons of meat. I need my protein. :)

My huge salad

pickled eggs and beats

the leftovers

Then my sister and brother-in-law gave me an awesome gift!

A Beautiful New Nephew!!!

My Nephew and I

I spent 9 and 1/2 hours between driving and sitting at the hospital waiting for him. He was well worth the weight. He was 4 weeks early so he is only 5 pounds but absolutely perfect! I can't wait to buy him some preemie clothes. :)

The only problem with waiting is that I was so tired and at 11pm I ate 2 slices of pepperoni pizza and a snickers bar. I know I messed up my low carbs for the day but I let stress and lack of sleep get the best of me.

On an up note, I woke up this morning and weighed exactly the same as yesterday.

I have to say that I am really loving the low carbs!!!

How are all of you doing with the low carb eating? If you have any food suggestions I would love to hear them.


Tricia said...

Girl! let's be friends! Hi, I am Tricia and I am on a 2010 Weightloss journey as well. I have lost 81 lbs thanks to Weight Watchers, Wii Active and walking. I found your blog by accident. .yes I said that. I am also blogging and can be found at as of today I am following and a big fan.. I also btw covet the ground the Hungry girl walks on. just sayin'

rachael said...

I love doing low thing that I find super easy is to make up an egg casserole and then breakfast is ready and I don't have to make my eggs every morning! Here's the recipe I use:
18 eggs scrambled
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 pound cooked sausage
1 can cream of mushroom soup.
Mix it all up and pour in 9x13 greased pan...bake at 350 til eggs are done in the center (probably about 45 minutes...I never set a timer!) There are carbs in the mushroom soup, but not many if you factor it out per slice! Just an idea... =) Good luck!

Carla said...

Congrats on your new nephew! He is a cutie.

I actually missed your Monday post about going low carb. Funny thing is, I am too. LOL My brother's wedding is Saturday, so I'm trying to get a jump start. I've been stuck at the same weight since October so obviously needed a change. I did Atkins several years ago and lost about 16 pounds in a couple months. Then I got pg and ruined it. ;o]
I've been munching on string cheese, SF jello, and bites of PB. For breakfast, it's been scrambled egg beaters and omelettes with turkey sausage or bacon. Salads and green veggies are always great options for low carb. I've been using Ken's steakhouse Ranch which is only 1 g of carbs per serving. It looks like you had french dressing on your salad. How does that fare in your carb count?

Good luck with the low carb week. Looks like you're doing great so far.

Pubsgal said...

Delurking to say congratulations on your new nephew! He's adorable! And you're looking great, too!

I tend to eat lower carb, and it works pretty well for me. I haven't done super low carb in awhile, though. My husband did Atkins about 5 years ago, lost quite a lot of weight, but he regained and is working on losing again. (We share the same struggle with portion's more the "how much" we eat than the "what".)

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Tricia, Congrats on the 81 pound loss! That is awesome. I am so glad you found me. I can't wait to check out your blog. I am going to add it to my google reader now and check it out more tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Your recipe sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try it. I love mushrooms so I think I will love this. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...


I am so glad you are doing low carb right now too. It is nice to get new ideas.
To tell you the truth I am not sure about the French dressing. It was light and the only light dressing that I liked. I may have been better off carb wise going with regular ranch. I'm not sure. I will have to look it up. Have fun at your brother's wedding!

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

Pubsgal, Thanks for the congrats. I think I could do the low carb thing more often. The only thing I miss is ice cream when my kids have been eating it but other then that I haven't craved anything yet.
After this week I think I will try to stick to lower carb but not as low as I have been doing.

The one thing I am really enjoying is the amount of food i can eat when I don't eat carbs and still lose weight. It's rediculous.

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