Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Did I Do That?

Do you ever find yourself thinking this after a binge? That was me yesterday. I found myself feeling very disappointed after eating three big pieces of Cherry Cheese Pie that my Mother-in-law made and two large pieces of yellow cake with chocolate icing. I just kept thinking "Why did I do that?" and "Why couldn't I stop eating?".

The Cherry Cheese Pie was awesome! My Mother-In-Law makes the best pie I have ever tasted. I usually only allow myself a bite or two but yesterday I ate three pieces and didn't even feel full. I was a little shocked by this because I haven't eaten like this in a long time but as soon as I stood up it hit me. Then I realized what I had done. I felt awful for the rest of the night. My stomach felt like it was so bloated and going to explode. I forgot how nasty that feeling can be.

You would think that the stomach ache would have stopped me from doing any more damage but of course it can't be that easy. I'm telling you that "all or nothing" thinking just never truly goes away. Last night was proof that I am always going to have to fight it. Since I ate tons of pie I should have just started my day over by having a light dinner and letting it go. What did I do? I ate a light dinner and two big pieces of yellow cake with chocolate icing. I figured that I had ruined the day already so why not. I hate when I allow myself to think like that.

Now you know why I can not allow cakes, cookies or any other pastry in my house. I loose all self control. It is an awful feeling. Since today is my husband's Birthday I had to allow it but that doesn't mean that I had to eat it.

I've decided that today is a new day and I am going to get back on track. Which means I will not touch the leftover cake on my counter. Would it be mean to throw it away? What should I do with it so that I don't eat it? It will take my husband a week to finish it off and I will be lucky if I can resist it for one day with it sitting in the middle of my counter. What can I do with it so that my husband can still enjoy it but I won't be tempted to eat it?


I am SO HAPPY to announce that tomorrow is the last day of the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge"! I can't believe how fast these 30 days have gone by. I am so proud of all of you who have participated and I can't wait to figure out who will be the winner of these awesome prizes!!!

In-town (or willing to travel):

1st Place - A "Makeover" at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA). This includes a Cut, Color, Wax and Makeup Application. plus,
A Gift Pack worth over $75 in Tupperware from Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

2nd Place - A Cut and Makeup Application or Wax at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA).

Out-of town:

1st Place
- A Gift Basket of my favorite weight loss foods and products.

2nd Place - $1.00 in Tupperware E-Gift Certificates for every pound lost during the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge (minimum of $10.00). Given by Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

I can't wait to see every one's results. Please email me your final weight on Wed., March 3rd along with your updated pictures. Then I can start figuring out the points and the WINNERS!!! I hope you are all as excited as I am. :) Good luck finishing the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge"!



Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Today is a new day and a new month. Forget about the pie and cake. That was last month. You can work off any extra calories and be just fine. That's the beauty of new beginnings. No guilt!!

If it were me and my hubby had some birthday goodies that I couldn't resist (say a large cheesecake brownie) I would cut it up into servings and put them in plastic storage container and put his name on a piece of paper and tape it to each one. I wouldn't "steal" food from my hubby but I would take a piece if it were meant for all. Does that make sense? It will be HIS cake, not yours. Put an expiration date on there and if it's not eaten by a certain date then it goes in the garbage. Don't display it in a prominent place either. Send a piece with him to work each day as a treat. Get it moving. LOL

If you think about eating a piece, brush your teeth first. Cake with toothpaste tastes nasty!

Scuttleboose said...

Have you thought about giving your husband one drawer or cabinet where he can put his "sweet stuff" but where you don't have to see it?

In my old house, my husband had a cabinet and I put the trash can in front of it (and it was on the lowest shelf, but the highest might also work).

Another solution might be to make yourself some "guilt free" snacks so that everytime you want to eat something sweet, you have a healthy alternative.

If you find the solution, please share!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I've done this too.Sometimes I think I should stop as I'm eating but don't.It takes time to make changes to behavior. I think you are doing the right thing by starting over today.

Marc, Sarah, Luke, and Kate said...

When we have that situation, I divide out the cake into single servings and freeze them singly (I hope that makes sense). Then, when I do want just one (or my husband wants one), we just pull it out of the freezer as needed. It works for me, anyways -- just a suggestion. I understand your dilemma, though. I do the same thing. It's an ongoing struggle. So, I totally "get" what you're talking about. Hang in there, Jessica. You're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I used to do that too - if I ate one "bad thing" then I just said screw it - but my screw it mentality lasted for weeks before getting back on track.

Maybe he could take the cake to work to still enjoy??


Anonymous said...

I think Kelly has the right idea. I was thinking that too. Just cut like 5 or 6 more pieces of the cake, put them in baggies and put them for him somewhere. Then throw the rest of them out.


Kat said...

I usually feel bad about a binge. All you can do is just pick yourself up and get going again. There is no need to beat yourself up over it. No one is infallable. It only means you're human.

Carla said...

I agree with Kelly. It's not only a new day, but a new month. We all have a bad day here and there. What counts is getting back on track and accepting that one slip up does not mean total failure.

I was feeling the same way a couple weeks ago when I ate four pieces of birthday cake STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PAN! I couldn't stop myself.

I agree with everyone who suggested cutting the cake up into individual portions, or putting it in a cabinet just for hubby. Good luck avoiding the rest of it. :o)

Kelly said...

Ugh. I am the same way and its a terrible feeling, you're right. Is there any way your hubby can take it to work? Out of sight, out of mind. Or save 2 pieces for him and put it in the fridge so you don't have to see it!

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