Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Number Is...Week 61 Weigh In

I know I am a little late on this post but it has been a busy week at my house. I was feeling so good this past week that I decided to organize, rearrange and scrub down my entire house. I think I can officially say that my Fibromyalgia Medicine (Cymbalta) is working. Yeah!!! I have energy again.

It was a rough 6 weeks on the meds before the nasty side effect went away but it was worth sticking it out. I thank God that my head is clear again, my energy is back, the nausea is gone, my pain is definitely better and I feel like myself again. It is just a wonderful feeling to have energy again. You don't realize how nice it is to be able to clean your house until you are to tired to do it.

Now you can see why it took me almost a week to get everything scrubbed down, organized and get my life back in order. I am thrilled with the results. I feel so organized and I feel like the stress of having a cluttered house has just disappeared. It felt great to get rid of all of the baby stuff and everything else we don't use. That and no more toys in my living room or dining room. All toys are now in the girls bedroom and playroom upstairs. The new rule is that we fill a small cloth tote every morning and they can bring what they can fit in it down stairs to play with. Whey they want something else they take the old back up and get new. At the end of the night we take everything back upstairs and put it away before bed. It feels wonderful to have my living room back. It feel so big again. It has been almost 6 years since it has looked like this.

Now that I am done telling you about all of my reorganizing I can tell you about this weeks weigh in. On Thursday when I weighed my weight was 171. I was up 1.6 pounds. To be honest I was kind of happy. I ate so much birthday cake and party food that I thought I should have gained 5-7 pounds. Thank goodness I was wrong. So now you can see why I am not very upset about the 1.6 gain. I hope to have it all back off by Thursday. :)

My Week In Review:

1. Exercise: no gym, shred or running.

2. Water: Yes

3. Late night eating: way to much cake.

4. Snacking: cake again

5. Eating more fruits and veggies: I ate lots of fruits and veggies this week.

What do I need to work on for next week:

I got the ok to run again. I'm not so sure how excited I am about that. It has been nice not to have to find the time to run but I do miss it a little. A very little. :) I definitely need to start exercising again. I think that if I don't I am going to have trouble keeping my weight down.

Make sure to check back later today when I announce the winners of the Pudget 30 Day Shred Contest!!!!


Vagabonds Mercantile said...

I think the rule about the toys is a good one. I have similar rules but they seam to forget.

Meg said...

So glad you are feeling good again! I think that's a great idea about the toys too!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad you are feeling better. I need that rule about toys.

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