Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keep On Shredding!

I will be away for a few days. I will fill you in and hopefully have lots of fun pictures to show you when I get back.

For everyone doing the Pudget 30 Day Challenge. Keep on Shredding and sending me your emails. I will write back next week when I return. You are all doing Awesome! Don't forget about these great prizes you are working so hard for.

In-town (or willing to travel):

1st Place - A "Makeover" at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA). This includes a Cut, Color, Wax and Makeup Application. plus,
A Gift Pack worth over $75 in Tupperware from Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

2nd Place - A Cut and Makeup Application or Wax at All About You Hair Salon By Joy (Bloomsburg, PA).

Out-of town:

1st Place - A Gift Basket of my favorite weight loss foods and products.

2nd Place - $1.00 in Tupperware E-Gift Certificates for every pound lost during the "Pudget 30 Day Challenge (minimum of $10.00). Given by Nyky Crabb, Tupperware Manager.

Talk to you all soon. Have a great Weekend!!!

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