Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Am Tough, I Am Strong!

That's what got me through today's session of the 30 Day Shred anyway. I really didn't want to do it today so I put it off until about 2pm. Then when I started it seemed really easy and my moves felt so strong. So I just kept telling myself "I can do this. I am tough and I am strong.". It seemed to help get me through today and I really did feel strong by the end.

I am really noticing a difference with my walk out push ups and plank jacks. They seem to not be so hard and they feel so smooth. Does that mean it's time to move on to Level 3? I hope not. I still don't think I am ready for that. I think I will enjoy level 2 a little bit longer.


What is your favorite exercise on the 30 Day Shred?



Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

My favorite exercise on the 30 Day Shred are the Walk-Out Push-ups.

tammyyarbrough said...

I am so proud of you! I just bought a size 12 and my chin hit the floor!!! It's been a long time coming!! By the way, I like the bicycle crunches in some sort of morbid way. I can really feel those the most!!

Amanda said...

I'm with Tammy - the bicycle crunches feel amazing to me!

Anonymous said...

I like the double crunches....I think that is what they are called. And I have a thick waist, so I like the oblique twists too.


Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Good job!!!

My favorite exercise on the Shred is the cooldown. :P

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I like the traveling pushups in level 3. Good job today..

Kat said...

I am not doing the 30 day shred but I absolutely love biking - my exercise bike is my friend all winter :)

Carla said...

I'm really liking the skaters. Anything in a plank.... not too fond of. When I started level 1, I absolutely hated jumping jacks. Birthing 5 kids will do that to you. LOL But now they feel so easy.

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