Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guess What I Did Yesterday

Yesterday was my Dad's Birthday. To celebrate my family went to my sisters house for dinner. My sister and brother-in-law ordered a huge ham and pineapple pizza, a huge Stromboli and tons of wings (my dad's fav!). My Mom also brought our favorite (JC's) Chinese food. Have you figured out what I did yesterday?

I PIGGED OUT!!! Yikes! I ate two small slices or Stromboli, 1/3 slice of pizza, 5 huge wings and a very small amount of chicken and shrimp in garlic sauce and white rice. Did I mention that we also had a special dessert planned? My other sister thought it would be a good idea to make ice cream stormers for dessert instead of Birthday cake. So we got ice cream made with Splenda and every topping you could possible imagine (I'm not kidding!). My stormer was made of Chocolate Ice cream, Carmel sauce and pecans. It was awesome! It tasted more fattening then the wings. :) You know that can't be a good thing.

So that's how I spent my night last night and I don't regret any of it. Last year at this time I would have been so mad at myself for doing this but yesterday was different. Honestly I haven't eaten like that in weeks. I have done so well the past few weeks and I really do feel that it is ok every once in a while to eat more then you normally would. I will just be extra cautious the next few days and everything will even itself out. I do not believe that you have to deprive yourself to lose weight. You just have to know your body and make the right choices. I know that if I eat healthy all week and then eat more then I would one day that it is not going to stop me from losing weight that week. But I have also learned that if I do that more then once a week most likely I am not going to lose weight that week. If I do it more then three times in one week I am going to gain that week. It's funny the way you can figure out your body though out your weight loss journey.

I think the reason I have been able to lose the weight I have and keep it off is because I really am figuring out my body. I know what I can eat and how much I can eat in order to lose weight. I also know the amount that I can't eat if I don't want to gain weight. It is just really cool to finally understand what my body needs compared to what I think I need. Honestly this has been fun part of my weight loss journey. Really figuring things out and knowing that I can do this and that this is my new way of thinking and my new way of life. There is never a second that I don't think about what I put in my mouth. This isn't a bad thing. I don't sit there and think about it for ten minutes before I eat my meals. It is more of an automatic way of thinking. It's my new life and just the way my mind works now. It's kind of cool now that I think about the way I have changed over the last 14 months. Now when I sit down to a meal I think ok if I eat this I can only have two of these but if I eat this I can have a lot more.

When I first started my weight loss journey I used Weight Watchers online to help me think about my choices and figure out what I could and couldn't eat. I definitely give a lot of credit to that system. This is how I figured out how my body works and what I can and can't eat if I want to lose weight. A little over a year later I don't pay to use Weight Watchers online anymore but it is ingrained in my mind. I don't count my points on paper anymore but I do count them in my head. I don't figure out points with a points calculator anymore but I do figure them out in my head. I might not figure them out perfectly but I am almost always right if not very close (my mom and sister us WW Points so I talk to them about it a lot).

This journey really is becoming what I wanted it to be. I wanted this to be a new way of life not just a diet and over a year later I really feel like it is ingrained in my head and it is my new way of life. It is my automatic way of thinking and I like that. I'm not saying that I don't fall back into my old ways at times because like everyone else I do. But when I do fall back into my old habits I know that I am doing it and I feel guilty the entire time until I get myself back on track. The new way of thinking definitely helps to keep my weight gain to a minimum.

I don't mean for this post to sound like I have learned it all and now I am perfect and have figured out the secret to being skinny. I am not perfect and never will be but I am learning so much though out my weight loss journey. I am realizing the more I learn about myself and weight loss the easier it gets to lose weight. Notice I said easier. It is never easy to lose weight but the longer you do it the more your brain gets used to the new way of healthy thinking and you have less struggles along the way.

It's funny that when I look back at my old posts about binging it brings back so many memories. Binging was one of my hardest habits to get past but over a year later I almost never binge. I just don't think about it anymore but believe me I did struggle with it a lot in the past. Click here if you are interested in reading about some of my binging issues. This is just one of my many bad habits that I have been able to overcome. I'm sure I still have many more to go. Like fighting with myself to exercise everyday. :) Now if only that would come naturally.

Pretty much the point I am trying to get to is that it does get easier. It didn't start out easy for me. It was so, so hard. But almost 14 months later I can really see a difference. I can see how I don't have to make myself think about all of the things you really need to think about when you first start trying to lose weight. A lot of it comes naturally now. I still fight the urges to overeat but is just an easier fight. So to all of you that are in the early stages of your weight loss journey I want to tell you that it does get easier. It isn't always so hard and it isn't always so disappointing when you make a mistake. So don't get mad a yourself if you make a mistake or you don't lose every week. It is a slow journey and a slow process and just remember that the mental and physical changes do not happen overnight. It takes a while before you start to notice these changes but if you stick with it you will see them and they will be SO WORTH IT!


What Positive changes have you noticed along your weight loss journey and what challenges did you/do you find the hardest to overcome?



Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

I will start us off. My hardest challenge was nighttime/middle of the night binging. How did I conquer this? I made my husband keep tastycakes and chocolate out of the housefor many months. I still don't allow him to keep tastykakes in the house. :) I also took many suggestions from my readers. I ate snacks before bed like pears and light cheese or light cheese and low fat crackers. The light snacks really seemed to help and then the more I figured my body out and allowed myself to eat enough during the day the less likely I was to want to binge at night. I honestly think it was a really bad habit and unfortunately habits are so hard to break.

I can't wait to hear about your challenges and how you face them.

Anonymous said...

Great question. My most difficult challenges are the all-or-nothing mentality and way-too-frequent snacking, nibbling, or grazing. How have I overcome those challenges? Well, the short answer is: I haven't. I'm still (after a year and half on this journey) struggling with them a lot. I do feel that I have made some improvement in the all-or-nothing mentality. It used to be I was completely eating healthy and exercising or I was not at all. I would never exercise on a day when I went way over my calories or something like that. Now I will keep up my exercise even when I eat poorly. Or I will still eat well even when I can't exercise. And I keep getting back on the wagon a little more quickly when I fall off. However, on the snacking side, there have been periods of time where I have seen improvement, but overall I don't feel that I've made serious, permanent strides there.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

My greatest challenge was putting down the chocolate! It was seriously hard for me to not eat a brownie everyday! It DEFINITELY has gotten easier!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

My challenge is snacking too much. Being home with the kids I eat snacks too much. I'm trying to eat healthy snacks and drink tea more.

WWSuzi said...

My challenge is to eat less processed foods. To make time to exercise and to enjoy the journey :)

Katie said...

My challenge is eating after dinner/night time snacking. While studying/watching tv, I just want something for comfort. I started keeping apples around-something sweet and small. It has helped so far (this week) but we'll see where we are next week!

Julie said...

My challenge has been to stop snacking when I'm bored. I now read blogs like yours to fill in the void rather than eating. So, thanks :)

Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

I can relate to all of your challenges. I have either been through them or still deal with them.

Brittany, Chocolate is still a big problem when it is in the house. Now I just keep chocolate teddy grahams in the house because they are that bad for you and give me my chocolate fix when I need it.

Snacking when I am bored is a really hard one for me. Julie, I try to do the same thing as you. Read other people's blogs or write on my own. It definitely helps.

Katie, I had the same problem and eat light cheese with my apple, pair or light crackers before bed. Try the light laughing cow cheese, light cabot cheese or cheese head light string cheese. They are all good and really seemed to help me. They are pricey so look for coupons or sales.

Spunkysuzi, I don't eat many processed foods but I do love fat free hot dogs. They are one of my weaknesses. I try to limit myself because they are so high in sodium.

Secret Mom Thoughts, I used to do the snacking thing with the kids to. Actually, whenever my baby would cry I would throw chocolate in my mouth to get me through the tantrum. It's so sad now that I think about it. Anyway, I got the chocolate out of the house and only buy my kids mostly healthy snacks, pudding, teddy grahams, vanilla wafers, fruit, ect. This way I know I won't binge on that stuff but if I eat a few it won't hurt me. I do allow them special treats like Yogi bites or gushers somoetimes but I don't like them so I don't have to worry about that.

Laurajane, I think you have definitely made improvements. The all or nothing mantality is a hard thing to get past. It seemed to take me forever. If you are past that one it is definitely an accomplishment. It is all so hard and kind of feels like a mind game. Give it more time and keep working on it. You are doing great and you are going to notice new changes in the way you think every day.

Anonymous said...

I have recently started my weighloss journey with a starting body size and weight much like yours. I'm glad to hear that things will get easier as I get the hang of it. I really struggle with emotional eating...I too cram food in my mouth to help deal with my kids (age 2 and 6 mths) tantrums. I am working on least I have recognized the problem. Did you/do you struggle with emtional eating? If so how do u deal with it?

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