Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1/2 Marathon Training Update

It's been a while since I updated you on my 1/2 Marathon training. That is because I really hadn't been training much the past two weeks. I was still waiting for my body to adjust to the new meds. for my Fibromyalgia. On Saturday I woke up feeling great for the first time in a while and I decided to run. I only made it for 1.8 miles and then I thought I was going to die so I stopped. After not running for a while I didn't think it was bad.

Yesterday I started my full dose of medicine but before I could feel the side effects I went to the gym and ran for three miles. It was hard and I hated it but when I was done I felt awesome. I told my husband that I felt bipolar while I was running. I was having a conversation with myself in my head. One second I'm telling myself to stop running because there is no way I can run a half marathon and the next second I'm telling myself that I really want to do this and I need to keep going. Did I mention that I really hate running. I'm really wondering why I signed up to run a half marathon in the first place. I think I did it to challenge myself to do something that I think can't do. I know it sounds crazy but I really do enjoy a challenge. Unfortunately at the time I didn't realize how much I hate running. :)

I know I just confessed that I really hate running but this is does not mean that I am giving up. I still have three months to train and I am going to work my hardest until the end. Maybe I can do it or maybe I can't but how will I know if I give up now and don't even try. I know that I hate running and that it is so hard and it seems impossible right now for me to ever run more then three miles at a time but I am not ready to give up. I love that I can actually run three miles at a time and honestly that is such an improvement for me. I went from only being able to run six minutes at a time to being able to run 40 minutes at a time. I know it doesn't seem like much compared to a half marathon but for me it is a huge accomplishment and for that I am proud of myself.

So for anyone reading this that can't run at all. Don't give up. It really is possible for you to run more then just a few minutes at a time. I know I am not a big time runner but if it is possible for someone like me who has never run before to run three miles at a time. Then anyone can do it. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of determination but the more you practice the better you will get.

1/2 Marathon Training Stats:

Sat. 1/30/10
1.82 Miles
23 Minutes
291 Calories

Tues. 2/2/10
3 Miles (48 Laps around the gym)


Anonymous said...

jess- hang in there! I just started running/(crawling) with my friend and its such a good feeling! you just do your best and the rest will follow:)

Anonymous said...

Great job! Running 1.8 miles and then 3 after not running for a while is a wonderful accomplishment. I feel you on hating running though. I've made several efforts at becoming someone who loves running with the little success. I read a quote on a running one time that really sums up how I feel about it, "I love thinking about running. I love getting ready to run. I love reading about running. I love finishing my run. I hate running." I've done a couple half marathons, and I think throughout my running there were a few bright spots where I actually enjoyed it.

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