Saturday, January 9, 2010

What A Great Workout!

Just had to share with my about my 3 Mile Run today. I actually ran three whole miles. I ran two miles, then walked for two minutes and then ran 1 more mile. It was so hard. I just wanted to give up that last mile but I didn't. I made myself keep going.

I am so surprised that I went from a non-runner last week to being able to run three miles at a time. That seems like such a drastic change for one week but I guess that is what I am going to need if I plan to run this 1/2 marathon in April.

Half Marathon Training Update:

Time: 42.00 (not including warm up or cool down
Distance: 3.2 Miles
Calories Burned: 485


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great job. It must feel great to run the whole 3 miles.

Bowmanh23 said...

My side hurts just thinking about it! Great job!

Mimi said...

Amazing. I couldn't even run for 5 minutes straight. Great job!

Susan said...

Yay, Jessica! How's the new meds treating you?
I am still doing the treadmill but took a break yesterday. I plan on getting back on again today though. I didn't do so good on the weight loss this week. I might have lost 1lb. I need to get my digital scale on the Wii going.

Have a great day!

Foodie Girl said...

Great job!

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