Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting The Year Off Right

The veggie tray I cut up today. I bought everything at Aldi except the dip. I usually buy fat free but my husband picked up light.

I'm sure many of you have done the same as I did at the start of 2010. Go to the grocery store in hopes of finding some kind of new healthy, low fat food to start the year off right.

I did my shopping a few days ago and these are a few of the things I got. Our budget is really tight right now (still trying to catch up after Christmas) so I am making sure to spend my money very wisely. You ask how I am doing that. I made a list of everything I needed and wanted. Then pretty much scratched off everything I wanted. This left me with a nice sized list. I went through that list and figured out everything I could get at Aldi and marked it on my list along with items that I might be able to get there. I stopped at Aldi first and got everything I could off of my list plus a few extras. I spent about $60.00. This included food for two Holiday Parties. I then went to Giant (our grocery store) and purchased everything else on my list. I spent about $25.00. I don't normally spend this much money on food each week but I was living out of my cupboards the month before Christmas so I really needed to restock. Plus the food for both parties accounted for $25-$30 worth of food. The price of food adds up way to quickly.

I do feel like I got some really great deals on most of the food I bought. Here are a few pictures of some thing I bought to start my year off right.

Egg are one of the healthiest, least expensive foods you can buy. You can do so much with them. The Egg Beaters (store brand) I purchased on sale to make a recipe called Hula Scramble.

A head of lettuce that cost me just over a dollar from Aldi. I cut it, washed it and put it in my new Tupperware Fridge Smart Container. My friend Nyky at The Crazy Crabb gave it to me when I cleaned my fridge out and I have been dieing to try it. I will let you all know how it works.

6 big Apples, 6 big Oranges and 12 Tangerines. I got them all at Aldi for $7.00. What a steal.

Salad Mix that my husband picked up at Weis Markets for $2.00. I put it in my awesome Tupperware Vent and Serve bowl that I got for free when I had a book party. I use this bowl for everything.

Carmel and Vanilla pudding. I needed sugar free vanilla but my store doesn't carry it so I went with this instead. I am going to use it to make Pina Coloda Cupcakes. I will share the recipe and pictures later. They were on sale 2 for $5.00. I still think that is expensive but I really needed it for the recipe.


What kind of food did you get to "Start The Year Off Right"?



Tamzin said...

Love teh food porn. I like your tupperware as well. I need to get my paws on some more! :)

I have yet to go shopping in 2010~ but that will be happening on monday night. More veggies, and we have a list system too. As well as a meal plan so that we know what will be made all week for dinners! So no daily stops to get that 1 thing, which leads to more.


Jessica @ Pudget: Losing Weight On A Budget said...

You will never regret getting Tupperware. I love every single piece of mine. They get used more then anything else in my house. Definitely money well spent. Actually most of mine I got for free. You really should have a book/online party. You can get so much free Tupperware for very little work. If you click on the link in my post it will take you to the woman who I do my parties with. She is great and she will do her best to get you tons of free stuff.

Foodie Girl said...

I am a Tupperware fanatic, as well as a coupon clipper. I only shop at Krogers. period.

I know where every single item is located, when everything goes on sale and when items get discounted. I love love love saving money when I grocery shop.

You have done an excellent job with staying with a budget. Have you tried to make your own SF FF pudding from a mix? It is actually cheaper to do it that way.

Have fun at your parties!

Syl said...

definately fruits and veggies, keeps me from snacking on not so good foods.
I love to freeze that flavour pudding and eat it frozen, it's almost like ice cream but so many fewer calories :)

Anonymous said...

It's great to have your kitchen stocked with healthy food. I, too, went to the stores (Aldi first, then Giant Eagle) and stocked up. I also spent a couple days baking healthy things to put in the freezer for when I don't have extra time to cook. It really helps.

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